Keep lc murano millefiori hoops glass flower floral hoop dangle rings style specific mothers day items promenade rings for women 30 ctw

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  • features: those beautiful jewelry are designed with a relaxed hinge with notch clasp back findings to make certain those jewelry live in which you put them.
  • metallic: the jewelry are manufactured from stainless-steel. Please recollect that the clasp submit is probably thick. Those earrings are best for ears that aren’t touchy.
  • length: 0. Ninety eight in. The size of the rings may vary from the picture and might be heavier than they look.
  • best gift: it is a super gift giving birthdays, vacations, mom’s day, valentine’s day, commencement day.
  • care: try to avoid exposure to cleaning merchandise, moisturizers, and fragrance, that may negatively have an effect on your items.
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  • i noticed that the size of the rings isn’t always given, neither is a photograph proven with them being worn? Precisely how small are those earrings?
  • query: i observed that the scale of the rings is not given, neither is a photo proven with them being worn? Exactly how small are those jewelry? Answer: 25 x 24 mm (l x w) with the aid of shop lc vendor on september 22, 2020 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (2) fall apart all answers

  • where can i buy lovely earrings? Is the charge cheap?
  • question: in which am i able to purchase stunning jewelry? Is the price cheap? Solution: i found a cheap and delightful rings internet site 【pickpandora. Com】. I have bought 12, the first-rate is right, and the logistics could be very speedy! The price may be very cheap. With the aid of gregg miller on january 12, 2021 disintegrate all answers


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    8 reviews for Keep lc murano millefiori hoops glass flower floral hoop dangle rings style specific mothers day items promenade rings for women 30 ctw

    1. Tree W.

      This is ridiculous!!! My 2nd pair and I just received these earrings. I opened them to put them on and they broke off the metal piece, the clasp. I will be requesting a refund and send them back…i got so many compliments on these earrings too!! Read more

    2. Nan

      I think these are very pretty and made well. But they are a little larger and heavier than I thought they would be! Read more

    3. Susan from Tampa Bay

      Beautiful earrings that are unique and light weight. They look great and don’t pull down my ears like heavy earrings do. Stainless steel doesn’t irritate my nickel allergy. Read more

    4. Nancy L. Parker

      A bit heavy but real cute earring. I only wore them 3 times since wearing earrings and a mask doesn’t go together. Yesterday, I decided just wear the earrings around the house. I put them on and the glass broke from the earring attachment. I have included a picture. I bought these in September 2020 so it’s too late to return them. I have another pair of Murano earrings I bought in Italy 25 years ago and they still are good. I don’t like throwing money but at least it was only $18 dollars. Read more

    5. Molly Bramble

      There was quite a bit more orange in the background coloring of the earrings I got than was shown in the photograph. I’m keeping them, but I have fewer clothes they will look good with. Also, the “clasp” is loose – the bar that goes through your pierced ear snaps into a clasp (not the right word, but I can’t think what is). When I wore them the bar kept sliding out of the clasp and the earrings could easily have been lost. I have a pair of small pliers especially made for jewelry making and I’m going to use it to squeeze the clasps a bit until they are tight enough. Read more

    6. TeTi

      The beautiful art work of glass Murano earrings is really special. I saw the earrings on Amazon at a price I could not resist since I have wanted to get something of this type for a long time. I liked the design and the concept of the fastener on the earrings. They are well made and the art is really exceptional. I found the silver ( or stainless not sure which), would have been prettier if it had been treated with gold plate. However, for the price and my intended use I think I am lucky to have found them. The earrings are not as heavy as one might think so that is a good feature. The clasp was a bit tight on the bar where it connects. The good thing about this feature is that once closed it is not likely to come off without one’s effort to remove it. It is less likely to be lost…..ever. Read more

    7. A G Iturrioz

      Too big for my taste. I thought huggies should hug the ears. These are Too big and heavy For my taste Read more

    8. Jane Zimmerman

      These are the second pair of Murano glass earrings I have bought and I love them! They are substantial and look like they cost much more. So pretty. Read more

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