Hanes men’s final 6-% x-temp cooling with freshiq crew socks

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  • forty nine% cotton, 38% polyester, 8% rayon, three% rubber, 1% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • system wash
  • x-temp generation speeds and slows cooling to hold you comfortable all day
  • consolation toe seam
  • cushioned foot backside soothes your sole
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hanes final x-temp socks utilize progressive cooling technology designed to evolve to your temperature and activity. Get equipped to sense cool and cozy all day – no matter what existence throws at you.


Shoe Size: 6-12


Black, Gray, White/Gray Heel Toe

8 reviews for Hanes men’s final 6-% x-temp cooling with freshiq crew socks

  1. Beau Steward

    These socks are meant to breath well. When not stretched, they look a bit small, and if you look at the reviews, you see people complain about the small size. They stretch well and are comfortable, and definitely breath well. In terms of fit and comfort, I like them. However, within weeks of purchasing them, I started getting holes in the toes. I’ve had to throw out socks here and there as they tear, and I’ve probably thrown out about 1/3 of a pack so far. Thankfully I bought 2 packs so I have plenty. But at this rate, I’ll need to buy more socks by the end of the year. I’ve worn Hanes socks for decades. I’ve had pairs last for years. Having socks fail so quickly after buying is quite disconcerting, and makes me wonder why I’m not considering any of the cheaper brands now available on Amazon. I prefer buying quality so that I don’t have to replace so frequently. But if this is where Hanes is at in their quality, now, there’s no reason to pay extra for them. Update: I bought these December of 2019. It’s now September 2020 and I’ve literally had to toss half the socks I’ve purchased (2 packs). I’m now back to shopping for socks as I’m running so low. Read more

  2. swat4hire

    I know these are men socks but I bought them for myself and I am a female. I was hoping these would be more Thick on the bottom to cushion the heel and the fall of the foot but the way they snuggle my feet I have to say they’re really really comfortable! But if you’re looking for socks that are heavier to keep them from taking after standing all day these are not the socks I want. There a cross between a thick hiking sock and a nylon. I have to say they are absolutely cozy but they don’t have the thickness for people that stand on their feet all day. Other than that they’re amazing Read more

  3. Stephen W. Smith

    These are a lot thinner and less comfortable than the older white Hanes with the gray heel and toe and red stripe across the toe seam. They feel like a much cheaper material and less of it so a shade tight for a size 11 wide. Not bad enough to return but certainly won’t be buying anymore. Wish Hanes would bring the old ones back !! Read more

  4. William L.

    Really poor durability, very surprised. I bought these 6 weeks ago, do not wear them every day and do not participate in sports or do anything that keeps me on my feet for long periods of time. I have already worn holes in 3 socks. I have never used this variety of Hanes sock, but have worn other Hanes crew socks, and have never experienced them wearing out so quickly. For the record, this is the sock I’m talking about: Hanes Ultimate Men’s 6-Pack X-Temp Crew Socks, white/gray Heel toe, 10-13 (Shoe size 6-12) Read more

  5. Roger Lodge

    I am very surprised to find that these are uncomfortable to me. Everything on the actual foot is fine but from the ankle up it’s really bothering me. It’s too tight and the material is irritating my skin. I’ve never had socks do this before. Now I regret buying them, and I bought 2 packages. Oh well. Read more

  6. robert

    Soft yes but thin, there’s really NO cushion. There smaller than most Hanes. At first I thought they were socks for boys but I did get my size 12 foot in it ok they just feel to thin. But in the end you get what you pay for, 7 dollars and some change for 6 pair sounds good but I would trade three pair just to have three pair that are thick and a little bigger. Read more

  7. veichler

    Very disappointed with the quality of these socks. I have bought similar socks from Hanes before and they lasted years. After just about a month, one had a hole in it. A week later, another one. And a couple of weeks later, a third one! That’s 50% failure, not even wearing them every day… The socks I alternate with are my old Hanes socks I’ve had for years, and I am yet to see a hole in those… Read more

  8. Gumball Bunny

    I purchased four six packs of these. two for my brother and two for myself. So far they’re pretty good they’re not the thicker socks in the world but not the thinnest either. pretty comfortable have a nice gray cushion by the toes & heel. I might update this review in a couple of weeks as I wear them more often doing different activities. But overall they’re pretty good Read more

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