Guys’s trekking strolling socks, feideer multi-percent wicking cushioned outdoor undertaking team socks

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  • imported
  • elastic closure
  • eighty five% cotton, 12% polyester fiber, 3% spandex. 5 pairs consistent with p. C.. Socks height about five. 12 in. One size fits for the most guys’s socks size 10-13 (us).
  • mesh region for breathability: the mesh ventilation quarter allows your toes to breath on this hiking socks, for you to hold your ft dry and sparkling the whole day.
  • cushion and at ease socks: cushioned foot-mattress enables absorb effect, guard your ankles, and ease friction effectively, so that you can perform all your activities extra easily and comfortably.
  • moisture management socks: walk all day lengthy and no want to worry about moisture, due to the fact the best quantity of advanced technical fibers wick any sweat away from your ft and the thickness helps with that as well.
  • fantastic energetic put on socks: feideer guys’s ankle socks are splendid for sports athletic activities, outside activities, mountaineering, hiking, camping…
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6.5-10.5, 10-13, 12.5-15


Black/Gray/Light Khaki, Black/Gray/Light Khaki/Coffee/Blue, Black/Light Gray/Dark Gray, Black/Light Gray/Dark Gray/Light Brown/Blue, Dark Black/Gray/Dark Gray, Dark Black/Light Gray/Gray/Dark Gray/Dark Blue

8 reviews for Guys’s trekking strolling socks, feideer multi-percent wicking cushioned outdoor undertaking team socks

  1. Geezers R Us!

    The socks are stated on Amazon to be of cotton 75% polyester 22%Spandex 3% . They arrived in a clear plastic bag with NO stated content, country of origin,, and a spandex certification. Spandex is much better ,, ,much better than rubber , therefore costs more to make.This is a legal maneuver to get around lawsuits,,and what if’s — The socks DO appear to have a quality ankle ring thats not too tight nor loose fits -perfect.! Content—?? Well ,,feels ok ,no allergies,,for the first week. Ventilation is right on,.,, patterns hold well when washed.Comfort —is very good .for a senior citizen,,,ventilation is great!..Can Not give the socks a 5 because of the non labeling. . Once Amazon get sued by a good law firm labels will be everywhere!! Will review again in a month,, Read more

  2. Spoon

    So I’m down 2 pair of socks after 8 months (3 pairs left!). The socks are in rotation, maybe every 2-3 weeks worn once. so maybe 16 total usages and washings? They are comfortable, and don’t slip down. They have a nice feel, but they are being outworn by my REI cheapie hiking socks ($6 on clearance a pair). The Feideer socks are about $3.50 a pair and last 8 months? BUT the REI cheapie socks are pushing 2 years now (@6 again and I own 6 pairs).. If the REI last 3+ times as long and cost less than 2x the price… maybe these Feindeer socks are not a great bargain. Comfort: They are comfortable Day Feel: At the end of the day they still feel good, comfort and fit are not the issues Longevity: The failure…. they just don’t last as long as I would hope. No more of these for me. Read more

  3. Bruce Guild

    Well made sock. Good materials. Seem like they will hold up well. Fit is very snug around shin. Seem to run small. I am 6ft and 185, and wear a 10.5 shoe , with medium build and these are constricting around my legs. Shame because I like the look and quality. Read more

  4. SES

    FEIDEER pack men’s hiking athletic socks are comfortable, keep my feet dry and warm. the size chart is Men’s socks size 6.5-10.5 (US), it is perfectly fit my feet. it is thick and well padded, no blister during hiking. but the thickness of the socks does not increase the temperature of the foot during hiking but warm my foot while sleeping in a tent at night.(if you do not like thick hiking socks during summer, it would be perfect in cold days) This socks breathe enough so, keep my feet dry. the 5 different of colors is nice, so can choose the socks with match your boots and pants. Colors do not bleed in washing, keep original color of the socks. the socks are the quality product. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    So far so good, I wear a 9-9.5 shoe size and these fit pretty good, maybe a little tight on the leg bands, but I am hoping they will stretch out a little with time. I got these so that I would have something warmer and higher to wear during winter, rather than my summertime ankle socks. They also seemed like they would be nice for hiking socks to use year round and wouldn’t get to hot or be too think. I like them a lot, the have a nice, soft confortable feel in the foot bed and nice contours around your foot shape. The toe seems have not bothered me and they are not so thick that I cannot wear them with sneakers. I am thinking of buying another package. I did notice that the reddish type color pair in the picture was actually a chocolate brown in person, not a big issue, but just not as expected from the picture, I can now see it as more of a brown in the pic. Read more

  6. Gian

    The socks are comfortable during hikes in cooler weather. Fit was as expected and the socks seem to be made well. But we’ll see how it holds up with use and washes. I used this recently in Yellowstone National Park at 36 degrees Fahrenheit and it kept my feet nice a warm. My feet did not get overly hot while hiking all day. Although, that will vary depending on how your body responds as well as the shoes that you use. I have not tried them in warmer climate so I have no comments about that. I will update my review with that information soon. UPDATE Used these socks in high heat (90-100 F) hike with hiking shoes and my feet did not overheat or even sweat. My feet were comfortable and have no complaints. In my experience, these socks CNA be used all year round. But as I mentioned before, that will vary with your own physiology and the shoes that you use. Read more

  7. Morrolan

    These are really good quality socks for the price. I’ve worn them for many weeks now, and they still look as good as new. They haven’t stretched, and material remains soft and new looking. I wear men’s 8-1/2 US and these fit perfectly. I think if you use more the a size 10, you would probably find these too small. They are a little heavier then a puma summer short sock, so they might make your shoe fit tighter if your shoes are fit for thin socks. Personally I like this heavier material, as I wear them mostly around the house and for mountain biking. Read more

  8. Raymond and Lisa

    I find these socks to be very comfortable. I’m funny about socks cause I have feet problems, but so far I have had no problems with these socks. I have been able to wear them with my flip flops and that’s a bonus for me. They hug my feet and that makes me feel good about them. They don’t stick to my skin like some socks due. They feel great, they are a cotton type, cause I hate nylon they are the worst for my feet. No problems with them slipping down while I been wearing them. I just love them. I like the different colors that came in my pack. I had no problems with the seller and would buy from them again. Very fast with the shipping and that’s a plus for me. Read more

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