Guys’s supportive going for walks footwear cushioned light-weight athletic footwear

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  • rubber and artificial sole
  • barely established engineered knit higher
  • functions a padded collar and lace up closure for a custom fit
  • the special patch at the higher prevents the laces from tearing
  • long lasting density foam midsole affords lightweight reaction and lasting durability. Rubber outsole help provide dependable traction
  • level platform layout features a lower heel-to-toe drop for a greater natural jogging role.
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bendy woven fabric offers exquisite freedom of movement,sturdiness,smooth,breathable and light-weight lace up closure for a custom suit the unique patch on the top prevents the laces from tearing high density foam midsole for lasting cushioning all day. Colorful rubber outsole for added durability and grip detachable insole to deal with a clinical orthotic. The athletic footwear in a modern layout and with tremendous functions may be used for jogging, fitness, visiting,gymnasium,workout, walking, walking, entertainment, and so forth.


6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13.5


A Blue, Red, All Black, Grey Green, Light Grey, 2_ Black Red, 2_ Grey Green, 2_ All Black, 2_ All White, 2_ Dark Grey, 2_ Green

8 reviews for Guys’s supportive going for walks footwear cushioned light-weight athletic footwear

  1. J.Adams

    My husband told me he needed a new pair of gym shoes. I’m tired of looking at boring gym shoes! I want him to be comfortable but I also want him to have great looking shoes! I found these on Amazon, and really liked them a lot. The reviews were good, so I ordered them. I have to say… His feet are looking really trendy and sporty! No more black or ugly shoes! He says he’s loving them, they’re very comfortable, fit really well, and he can wear them all day and his feet still feel great at the end of the day. They’re really lightweight and have mesh to allow his feet to breathe. That’s really important because if your feet can’t breathe (OR air out), you’re far more likely to get foot fungus. No one wants foot fungus. He said the support is good. My husband has a fairly high arch and he found these gymmers to be both supportive and comfortable. I’d guess any guy (or gal) who wants a great looking shoe that fits well and offers good support would appreciate these shoes. I know I certainly do!!! He normally wears a size 11 shoe and the fit on these shoes is spot on. He’s had them several weeks now and is really happy with them. Recommended by my discerning husband! LOL Read more

  2. Raymond

    I bought these for work, I am on my feet about 8 hours a day. Even after coming home from work I don’t mind wearing them or being on my feet again for a couple more hours with these on. I thought the soft comfort soles would flatten out and leave my feet feeling the concrete I stand on all day.. But the cushioning support has been constant. These blue ones are my 4th pair. Will get a 5th, 6th in a couple months. If supplies last. My first two, 6 and 8 month’s later are broken in still feel good not as good as new. Some of the comfort is from the many little knobs, on the bottom as they flatten out you will lose a little comfort. I have Nike running shoes with similar design but 3 of these for the price of 1 Nike is worth it. Read more

  3. Zachary Littrell

    First of all, they fit almost perfectly to my size (male 9.5). So that was a solid relief. And after an inaugural 6 mile walk, I had grown plenty accustom to them. They do need a little breaking in, however, and will punish the back of your foot if you have the chutzpah to wear short socks with them right off the bat — I made this mistake so you do not have to. Otherwise, I’ve grown fond of them and look forward to hitting more pavement with them. Read more

  4. Elijah Brown

    This is a deal! Great support if you have everted feet (weighted shifted to the inside of your feet) or need arch support. The TPU outsole provides more durability/tread while still being light to walk around in. The shoe really hugs your foot for a snug fit without the heel sliding up and down. As some others have said, I think it does run a tad small but after lacing them up they felt good. If I had to be nitpicky then the laces seem a little cheap but that’s an easy and cost effective fix. I spent 6 or so hours of my day training and working at a gym in them with complete comfort and support. I plan to buy the white ones as well and will update if they fall apart or something lol. From the look of it though, I think they will hold up just fine 👍🏾. Oh! And I dig the reflective accents that show when the light is on it (see last pic). Read more

  5. scotty

    they look and feel great everyone always ask about them they look exspensive everyone thinks they are rebock or New Balance. When I say Nope, they are joomra’s 40 on amazon they really what was the name again. Read more

  6. flyguy

    Not sure where Joomra comes in ad both picture and received shoes say Whitin on the tongue. They are comfortable and very light. Little shorter than most size 12 shoes that I have purchased but still room for my feet and good athletic socks. Time will tell how durable they are. Last two pairs (other brands) have developed torn linings at heel in short time. These are to be my walking shoes so check back after a month or so to see how they wear! Dec 27, ’20 Still holding up but must admit to limited use. Have been wearing them to ride my bicycle and around the house. Very limited use in walking but they will get their chance. They are very comfortable! Read more

  7. Tina L

    Nice fit Read more

  8. Christine K

    I like how lifht weight they are and comfortable with socks Read more

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