Guys’s seeley sneaker

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  • cloth
  • made in u. S. A. Or imported
  • rubber sole
  • adidas originals male sneaker
  • skate-fashion sneakers
  • lace closure
  • we’re creators, makers and doers
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designed so they’re geared up-to-trip and not using a wear-in time, those shoes draw on adidas historical past and reimagine it specifically for skateboarding. An abrasion-resistant artificial suede top holds as much as day by day park classes, while a fabric lining continues your feet comfy on or off the board. Traditional three-stripes and a linear trefoil emblem provide those footwear low-key adidas fashion. Entworfen, damit sie sofort fahrbereit sind und keine abnutzungszeit haben. Diese schuhe basieren auf dem erbe von adidas und erstellen es speziell für skateboarding. Ein abriebfestes obermaterial aus synthetischem wildleder hält den täglichen parksitzungen stand, während ein textilfutter ihre füße bequem auf oder vom board hält. Klassische three-streifen und ein geradliniges trefoil-logo verleihen diesen schuhen einen dezenten adidas-stil. Projetados para que eles estejam prontos para passear sem pace de uso, estes sapatos desenham a herança da adidas e reimaginam especificamente para skate. Um cabedal de camurça sintética resistente à abrasão suporta sessões diárias de parque, enquanto um forro têxtil mantém seus pés confortáveis dentro ou fora do tabuleiro. As 3 listras clássicas e um logotipo de trevo linear dão a estes sapatos estilo adidas discreto. 专为方便骑行而设计,这款鞋子借鉴了 adidas 传统,重新想象了它专用于滑板运动。 耐磨合成绒面革鞋面,适合日常公园活动,而织物衬里让您的双脚在板上或离开时倍感舒适。 经典的 3 条纹和线性三叶草标志赋予这款低帮 adidas 阿迪达斯风格。 착용 시간 없이 바로 탈 수 있도록 디자인된 이 신발은 아디다스 헤리티지를 바탕으로 스케이트보드를 위해 특별히 재구성합니다. 마모 방지 합성 스웨이드 갑피는 일상적인 공원 세션까지 견딜 수 있으며, 직물 안감으로 보드에서 또는 밖에서 발을 편안하게 유지합니다. 클래식한 3줄과 선형 트레포일 로고가 신발에 눈에 띄지 않는 아디다스 스타일을 선사합니다.


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Solid Grey/Navy/White, Black/Black/Scarlet, Black/Black, Crew Navy/White/Cream White, Ash Grey/White/Black, Black/White Gum, Grey/White/Scarlet, Scarlet/Light Scarlet/Light Scarlet, Black/White/Black, Black/White/Gum, Core Black/Glory Red/Ftwr White, Solid Grey/Solid Grey/Solid Grey, Scarlet/White/Black, White/Blue Bird/White, Collegiate Royal/Collegiate Royal/Collegiate Royal, Black/Trace Khaki/White, Collegiate Navy/Collegiate Navy/Gum, Black/White/Gold Metallic, Black/White/Scarlet, Collegiate Burgundy/White/Gold Metallic, Trace Khaki/Black/White, Collegiate Burgundy/White/White, Grey Five/Collegiate Navy/White, Black/Black/Black, Collegiate Navy/White/Blue, Collegiate Navy/White/Gum, Burgundy/Ruby/White, Ch Solid Grey/Collegiate Navy/Ftwr White, White/Grey/White, Black/Craft Canvas/Gum, Black, Grey, Clear Brown/Core Black/Ftwr White, Black/Black/White

8 reviews for Guys’s seeley sneaker

  1. bjfield85

    I didn’t expect these to be this comfortable. Wow. Very nice. I usually wear size 13, but went up a half size with these based on previous reviews saying that these shoes are a bit narrow. They are snug, but I think I would have been fine with my normal size of 13. I bought these because I liked the look of them, I won’t be skateboarding in these as I’m a 30 something and don’t want to break my legs, with that said I don’t see these lasting that long scraping across grip tape all day as there really isn’t much extra padding where you would scrape your foot to do an Ollie. So I wouldn’t use these as your primary skate shoe. I could see walking in these all day with no problem. Read more

  2. Ashley

    I literally love these shoes. They are my new favorite but for some reason when I walk they still squeak. I figured it was because I didn’t wear them enough but they shouldn’t still be squeaky. Otherwise I like them Read more

  3. Ky Customer

    So this shoe is perfect in all departments minus durability. If it lasted longer than 1 day of skating I’d give it 5 stars, no doubt. Looks super stylish and is comfortable enough for the first wear. I feel like I’d have had these worn in after 2 or 3 more skate sessions, so comfort isn’t a foreseeable issue. The fit is as expected, maybe a tad more narrow than your average shoe. In short, this shoe is 5 out of 5 for a lifestyle shoe; HOWEVER, this is a SKATE SHOE! I skated for 3 hours and my shoe deteriorated worse than my years old NIKE SBs. I hate trashing this shoe, because I want to love it and did. Unfortunately, when the product just falls apart immediately you feel as if you were robbed or lied to in the advertising. Save your money if you want to skate with these, spend your money if you wish to just use them as the fresh kicks they are. Too bad my fresh kicks almost have a hole in them already. Read more

  4. Katie

    Bought these for my boyfriend, he likes them, except when the soles are wet they suction cup to the ground and make a suction “pop” sound when walking on smooth surfaces. Fit is perfect. Comfortable. Only request is that they add more suction for 90 degree incline. Lol. Read more

  5. patrick Graff

    I bought these for my teenager and they are so cool they remind me of the ones when I was in high school… he’s always wearing vans but they rip up so easy so I’m giving these a shot so far they are holding up nicely… and trust me this kid will put them through the test! Read more

  6. Mark C.

    Awright, so I like the look of these shoes, but they are not comfortable if you have to walk for an extended period of time. All other pairs of Adidas I bought in the past were super comfortable. They were so painful on the soles of my feet that I had to stop and buy some gel insoles on the way to my destination. Luckily I bought them a half size bigger, so they could accommodate the insoles. Also, the back of the shoe rubs on your achilles, so I had to buy some special cushion pads to protect the back of my feet. I’m giving them a few more days of wear to see how it goes. I’ll be returning them if they don’t feel better soon. Read more

  7. Sam Stedman

    I think these shoes are beautiful. I wear them almost everyday and they are very comfortable. They are stylish and go very well with khakis. My friend has these exact same shoes and he skateboards and says they are great for it. They are grippy to the board and to your feet. If you bought the right size (which by the the way these shoes should fit exactly to your shoe size) the soles grip your socks and hug your feet so they won’t slip off or anything while you are skating. Even if you don’t skate, these shoes are still 100% recommended as they just look very nice. One thing that is worth noting however, is that the insoles cannot be removed (at least not intentionally) so if you have orthopedic soles, you may want to steer clear of them. Luckily I do not, and honestly I think the soles in these shoes are comfortable as well. They are slightly firm but I’d assume that may have to do with skateboarding considering these shoes are made for that. Otherwise I love these shoes and would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants stylish shoes to go very well with khakis, or grippy shoes for skateboarding. Read more

  8. Matt

    I purchased the all black version. The camera makes it look as if it has a tint of blue to the shoe but that’s not true one bit. These shoes are dark, blacked out. Fits true to size but is a bit narrow/tight in middle to front of shoe.. probably because they need broken in tbh. Feels good on foot, needs better inserts like jell or foam imo. I already know my feet will hurt standing in these for hours without foam inserts like dr scholl’s. Something to consider. I might buy a second in a nice color because they are quite nice, casual friendly shoe. Reminds me slightly of nike’s skate shoes or vans. I rate this 4 stars. 5 if they add comfortable shoe inserts along with this style of shoe in the future. Read more

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