Guys’s q7b721 resin game 18mm black substitute watchband

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  • compatible with casio recreation models with 18mm case lugs
  • black resin watch band
  • buckle clasp
  • band width: 18. 00mm

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8 reviews for Guys’s q7b721 resin game 18mm black substitute watchband

  1. J. King

    They’ve apparently changed the mounting on the latest edition of this watch. The mounting part of the band is narrow by a couple mm from the older one and now has little “shoulders” that are wide enough to prevent the band from fitting properly between the lugs. This made it much harder to complete what is already a pain-in-the-neck install until I used a razor knife to trim them off! Why we are still fighting with those little spring pins to mount a watchband in the 21st Century is baffling! Can’t somebody figure out a way to make this simpler or are they just too lazy?Read more

  2. Stephen A.

    I originally gave this product 4 stars in part because I couldn’t rate its durability based on a couple weeks of use. Now, after just 1 year the band has split across the adjustment holes and is no longer wearable. My expectation was for 3-4 years of wear. I have reduced my rating accordingly.Read more

  3. Donald J. Carroll

    This was a replacement for the band on my Timex Expedition watch (about 4 years old). It works well, pretty sturdy, and plain black. Getting the band onto the watch was quite a battle without having the proper tools. I was able to get the first end on fairly easily, but he other side was quite a chore. I finally took the advice of another reviewer and shaved some of the width off the band to get it to connect.Read more

  4. A S

    5 watches, all different styles and bandwidths. one perfect match. I tried expensive “OEM” Gshocks, but this is the best. REALLY!!I collect watches and love to wear special ones. I have old Casio’s from highschool, Gshocks from my army time and pathfinders, I got Seikos and Citizens. after a while I started having a pile of watches for which I cannot match a band.Unbelievable but this cheap band is a perfect! just trim slightly and it will sit beautifully on almost any watch. it has button support that makes it look like an extension of the watch, nice quality rubber and a nice metal buckle (you can place you old one as well).Tips: its not shiny which can be an issue with some stainless shiny watches. solution : rub Vaseline on it and let it sit . wipe. repeat a few times and it will remain shiny.This is nice quality rubber so eventually it will take the shape of your wrist like leather, but more durable.careful with the treaming, be patient and remove a little at a time. you will be happy that you did.Read more

  5. ungrecco

    I bought these as a cheaper alternative replacement for an inexpensive watch. Honestly, the bands probably cost more than the watch, but the upgraded watch looks great. These were a little beefier than the original, so the watch looks even better now! If you wear these often, esp in heat or heavy work, don’t expect a infinite lifetime, but for the money, it’s a great option!Read more

  6. KennyG

    I really like this watchband. It does exactly what I want it to do, and is more durable than the leather band it replaces. I am very happy with purchase. The only issue, and I think this is unavoidable, is that the band/watch slips around on my wrist. The leather never did; that seems to be the only drawback, and it’s a small one.Great product; excellent price; fast delivery!Read more

  7. TDW

    This 18mm band fit my casio ws-300 watch perfectly. The strap itself is a bit stiff. It used to be when I bought this type of band they were as supple as rubber for the first year or so then they would stiffen up with use and exposure. The last two I bought one from Walmart and this one are a good deal stiffer. The stiffer band tends to cause the my watch to shift to the side of my wristRead more

  8. spitfireNM

    This band is a replacement for an old digital Timex watch who’s original rubber watchband cracked and split after 40+ years of use. I could not find an original replacement and this one was the closest in fit and material to the original. I assume it will last at least ten years so I will consider it a bargain and in terms of durability I’ll gave it four stars.Read more

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