Guys’s pressure multipack overall performance paintings team socks

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  • 98% polyester, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • system wash
  • smooth & secure: light-weight, absolutely cushioned men’s crew paintings socks hold your ft cool and secure all day
  • speedy-dry generation: deliver advanced sweat-wicking movement to quickly transport sweat and hold your ft dry
  • fights scent: proprietary odor-neutralizing era continues your ft smelling sparkling in any conditions
  • breathable: mesh cooling channels enhance airflow and breathability; heel and toe reinforcement provide introduced protection in excessive-effect areas
  • mythical craftsmanship: proudly american made and built to last as long as your boots; machine washable; men’s crew athletic socks available in a variety of colors
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hold your feet dry and comfortable all day with carhartt force performance guys’s team paintings socks. Constructed with fast-drying technology, these cushioned boot socks for guys supply superior wicking action that speedy transports sweat away so your toes live dry–even whilst you’re running up a sweat. Mesh cooling channels enhance airflow and breathability, so that you can at ease from sunup to sundown. You gained’t ought to fear about scent, either: those rugged group athletic socks feature special odor-fighting homes to maintain your ft smelling fresh under any situations.

best for folks that spend all day operating out of doors on their ft, carhartt pressure performance team socks for guys are engineered for great sturdiness and strength. Strategic cushioning presents brought effect resistance in high-effect regions, at the same time as a compression arch and ankle brace offer the entire-motion guide and stability you want to maintain acting. Those carhartt guys’s socks are machine washable and proudly american made.


Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 11-15


Black, Charcoal Heather, White, Black (6 Pack)

8 reviews for Guys’s pressure multipack overall performance paintings team socks

  1. Fabian R

    Ordered 2pks of these socks to replace 6 pairs that I had purchased a year and a half ago. I wear size 13 shoes and am 6′,3″ tall, they go over the calf. These aren’t quitters. Not too tight either. I wear them for work with boots for about 12 hrs. a day, 6 days a week, sometimes 7. If I went outta my way to write a review, TRUST ME, they’re good socks. Read more

  2. Darren Beebe

    Well, I should’ve listened to the other similar comments when it came to describing the tops of these socks. You know what? I love the feel of these socks on my feet, but after a 12 hour shift, you can see the results below the knee, and they hurt a bit, where the indentations are. And you can see I don’t have massive calves or anything like that. I’ve worn compression socks, and even compression socks aren’t this tight at the top of the socks. I’m a loyal Carhartt customer, but sadly, I have to let these socks go. I almost bought two packs right off the bat too! Luckily I didn’t! If anyone has any suggestions on whom has similar socks, but not as tight at the tops, please share and let me know. I’m a bit stuck here, as I live in Canada, but purchased these from US Amazon. Not really worth a run to the border to get a refund, so I’ll try selling the remaining untouched four pairs. Hope this review helps you in your decision. Good luck! Read more

  3. Brandy

    If you have ANY sort of calf muscle, STAY AWAY from these socks! I have large calf muscles for a woman, but I’m on my feet lifting heavy back-lights (back windshields for cars) for 8 1/2 hours a day. The cushioning on the feet is wonderful! It’s like little clouds of heaven on your feet….but the rest of the sock is like a tourniquet of death! I tried pulling them all the way up (At 5’4″ the go up to my knees!) but that just left my entire leg deprived of blood flow! So now I fold them over my work boots, which looks ridiculous but hey, my shoes don’t come untied anymore! I’ll keep using them because I love the extra padding on the soles and just hope I can wear out the neck of the sock enough so I can pull them up without amputating both my legs. Read more

  4. RP

    In my quest for a sock that actually fits a size 13 foot, I thought I would give these a try (supposed to fit size 11-15). First, I could barely get them past my heal, after working hard my foot was finally in the sock. I COULD NOT get them to go over my calf muscle, granted I do have large calf muscles but still frustrating. I’m pretty certain wearing these any longer would result in blood loss to my feet. I am not overweight or diabetic, but I’m forced to wear diabetic socks because I cannot find a sock meant for a large foot and these socks are the worst I’ve tried to date! Why do shoes come in the correct size but not socks!! Read more

  5. riverguy

    I wear size 13 shoes. I’m 6′ 2″, 190 pounds. Normal size calves and ankles. I could not get these socks onto my foot past my arch. Now way around my heel. The top of the socks are so small and stupid tight that if I could have gotten them on they would have made effective tourniquets. I love Carhartt clothing products; have lots, unbeatable. That’s why I bought these, plus many of the reviewers had an entirely different experience. I ordered and received their supposed size 11-15 socks. Maybe they were miss-labled size 8’s? Thank you Amazon for letting me return them, and Carhartt, shame on you guys. Read more

  6. Vince L. Falcone

    I had initially liked the feel and texture of these socks upon opening the package. I tried getting them on my feet, but they were ridiculously tight, and difficult to get on. I wore them for roughly an hour before having to remove them because they were so painfully tight my calves were beginning to hurt. I tried pushing them down my calf to ease the tension, but they were still too tight!!! After removing them, there were compression marks left around my legs for quite a while, and my legs hurt like Hell! I cannot honestly recommend these socks to anyone, as they had to be perhaps the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever worn – except maybe for a pair of handcuffs. Read more

  7. Scot

    I am unable to wear these as they are way too tight. I read comments and order a size up just in case. The foot part is actually about right, to a little too big, which is fine. The leg part, which is nice and high, is so tight they are uncomfortable to wear. Possible dangerously tight. I threw them away. If you have very skinny, nonathletic legs, they may work for you. The quality is nice. Read more

  8. Kelvin

    Great for fighter pilots. The quality is excellent, if you are looking for a sock which keeps the blood forced back up through your body as is needed in a fighter jet. These socks are for you. They will absolutely not move but VERY, VERY, VERY tight, even after washing. They are kinda like a girdle for your calf’s. The material is very nice though, thick great quality. Just too tight. Read more

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