Guys’s membership c 85 casual everyday wear footwear, fashion shoes

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  • a hundred% leather-based
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-pinnacle” from arch
  • long lasting and lightweight material: these membership sneakers characteristic soft leather-based top this is supportive and relaxed; molded sockliner adds long lasting cushiony comfort
  • green foot help: those stylish trainers with die-cut eva midsole gives help which lasts many strolls and jogs
  • relaxed and robust layout: this shoes with low-reduce layout for an extended ankles mobility maintains you shifting all day lengthy; removable eva sockliner accommodates orthotics
  • excessive-performance casual shoes: high abrasion rubber outsole for sturdiness and traction; perfect for daily, informal and athleisure put on
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the vintage-faculty style of those leather footwear is made for taking walks. The low-reduce design elevates your sophistication score. And also you by no means should skimp on comfort with the eva midsole and detachable sockliner that incorporates orthotics. The stitched logo provides a touch of detail. Make this classic look last with the long lasting rubber outsole, due to the fact you’ll in no way want to take these off. Designed for-elevated fashion, casual put on, time-tested comfort


3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 14, 15


Black/Charcoal, White/Green, White/Navy, White/Royal-gum, Black/White Gum, White/Sheer Grey, White/Black/Pri Red, Black/White, Sand Stone/White Gum

4 reviews for Guys’s membership c 85 casual everyday wear footwear, fashion shoes

  1. TheTroupster

    Usually in the Black/Black or White/Navy there’s only a $5 to $6 difference between the Club C85 and the Club Memt . Though the shoes my look similar…they are NOT. There is a huge difference in the quality and wear. The C85 has a sewn/glued sole while the Memt has just a glued sole (look carefully at the top edge of the sole on both shoes). The C85 also has better ventilation. The C85 has good arch support for the average foot while the Memt has little to no arch support (If you have arch problems you may not like either style). I have been buying the Club C85 for +35 years…Because I was in a hurry (and their similar appearance) I made the mistake of getting the Club Memt at The Shoe Station in Florida and immediately returned them as soon as I put them on my feet. I almost made the same mistake here on Amazon. I’ve shown a couple of photos of my current C85’s…Both pair were purchased in 2012 for $54 each at The Shoe Station in Tallahassee FL. The White/Navy are my go to daily shoes after work and all day at least one day out of every weekend. I wear the Black pair 4 to 6 times a month…Hope this helps in making your purchase. Read more

  2. George Bako

    I’ve been wearing these Reebok Men’s Club C sneakers for almost 30 years, and they have been so comfortable so I stuck with them from my late teens well into my mid-40’s now. Obviously, as the years went by the shoes went up in price (they used to be $20 in 1990!) but the quality didn’t change too much up until just a few years ago, and now literally every year I buy another pair hoping they don’t get worse, they literally find ways to make them cheaper and cheaper. They have made the shoe thinner, a lot less cushion, worse fit, shorter shoe laces, lower and lower cut, and now the one I just got a few days ago, they even replaced the liner with a cheap FLAT liner which is (barely) glued to the shoe. So now the shoe has no arch support at all (I know this shoe never had great arch support, but now it’s completely flat) If costs/profits are the problem, then I don’t understand why they don’t just keep raising the damn price of the shoe and stop making the shoe itself cheaper. They are eventually going to lose all of the regular customers for this shoe because nobody is going to keep paying $50 – $75 for this shoe when it’s so cheap, it barely lasts a few months and is very uncomfortable to wear… Read more

  3. Loki

    I loved these back in the ’80s, and was excited to be able to get them again. I did my research and saw that, unlike the different types of Reebok tennis sneakers, these–with the GREEN lettering– were, indeed, like the ones I had in the 80s. They are different from the ones sold in Kohls (the ones they sell have a white lettering). They were THE most comfortable sneakers I had worn. I used to describe them as “gloves for my feet,” and bought a few pairs in that decade. The Bad news: Even though these look the same as the Reeboks I had in the ’80s (though they have a bit less terry cloth in the lining than I remember), they’re not. As the Coca Cola company messed around with the formula for Coke, giving us the much-maligned New Coke, it seems that Reebok, too, has messed with their Club C, i.e. the cut of the sneaker. I feel that, because of a more pronounced angle at which the sole of the sneaker is cut, my right foot being pushed to the left, thus causing my whole foot to shift left, with my big toe squishing into the side front of the sneaker. Buy a bigger size, you say. Well, if I did that it would be too big for my left foot. Like many people, one of my feet (probably my right) is a tad larger than the other, but I don’t think that’s the reason for this discomfort, as my Reebok Club in the 80s didn’t do this. Read more

  4. Joseph D’Agostino

    I have always been a size 10M. I’ve bought Reeboks before and have always been happy with them, especially their comfort. I bought this sneaker because of the color, price, and style. I needed a walking sneaker that looks like a black shoe because of my job. When I tried them on, the first thing I noticed was how narrow they felt. They almost immediately began irritating the small toes on both of my feet. Before I returned them, I decided to try wearing them around the house for a few days, thinking the leather might stretch. Fortunately they did stretch a bit. I tried wearing them to work yesterday and there was little to no irritation to my feet. Hopefully, they’ll continue to stretch and get more comfortable as time goes on. Conclusion: I liked everything about this sneaker except for how narrow the width was. I wish the manufacturers can agree on shoe sizes that are standard throughout the industry. Read more

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