Guys’s massive and tall 6 p. C. Heavy responsibility bolstered cushion complete team socks, white shoe size: 12-16

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  • eighty two% cotton, sixteen% polyester, 1% lycra spandex, 1% other fibers
  • made within the united states and imported
  • pull on closure
  • system wash
  • these are the fine heavy responsibility socks made to wear with any type of boot – metal toe, trekking, hunting or athletic
  • extra reinforcement is constructed into high effect regions for long lasting socks and introduced consolation
  • these are not your basic paintings socks for guys – those are overall performance socks that combat scent, wick moisture
  • paintings gear socks are designed to be all-season. They’re breathable socks for whilst it’s warm however thick enough for while it is bloodless at some stage in the winter.
  • we offer a full delight guarantee on each pair we sell! With fruit of the loom, it is usually a stress loose purchase. When you have any troubles, all you have to do is get in touch, and we’re going to make it right, guaranteed!

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from the manufacturer

fruit of the loom socks

pass toe to toe with consolation.

product features and advantages

extra strengthened heel and toe provides an awful lot-wanted safety in excessive put on areas.

antimicrobial properties face up to the toughest odors to hold socks feeling fresh.

extra cushioning makes this an appropriate group sock for paintings footwear or boots.

stretch fabric is knitted at some stage in the sock for a streamline overall performance match.

about our emblem

for generations, households have purchased the fruit of the loom label with self assurance. The collections feature classic and current styling with comfortable cotton fabrics and carefree cotton blends. We stand proudly behind the fruit of the loom logo and our merchandise, and we assure your delight!

from cozy, but elegant socks for mothers and fathers to long lasting and dependable styles for the kids, fruit of the loom socks deliver a promise you can anticipate.

product description

the fruit of the loom men’s socks are built for comfort and durability.

8 reviews for Guys’s massive and tall 6 p. C. Heavy responsibility bolstered cushion complete team socks, white shoe size: 12-16

  1. Counterfeit Cop

    This is a fraud. I wear a perfect size 12 shoe and was surely expecting these to NOT FIT TIGHT. After washing they are very tight and take effort to pull on. I jog a lot and they are uncomfortable. Can’t wear them for extended periods of time, total waste of money, a fraud. Read more

  2. Critt

    I just ordered a set of these the other day and they arrived this afternoon. When I put them on I couldn’t believe how good they felt and they fit my 13EEEE feet. Yeah, 13 quad E and the fit is excellent. Plenty of sock as they fit like socks used to be made; they don’t just come maybe 4 or 5 inches above your ankle, they come just a little over halfway up your calf and the heel of the sock is exactly where it should be and the toe of the sock is still roomy, you know, not tight against your toes. As soon as I had them on I sat down here at my computer and ordered three more sets of these before the price would be raised on them. I’m sure they would fit those with feet larger than mine although I realize that they may not be right for everyone but I am definitely a happy camper with these! Fruit of the Loom Men’s Big-Tall 6 Pair Big & Tall Full Cushion Work Gear Crew Sock Sockshosiery, -white, Shoe size 12-16 Read more

  3. Retired guy

    Nope, these socks wouldn’t make the cut for my feet (or my dryer)! I ordered the XL socks for my size 13 foot. But the socks seemed close to dissipating after I washed them one time upon receipt! Just like I always do, right after I got them, I washed all pairs of socks on hot cycle and afterwards dried them in the dryer. I sincerely wish I had taken a picture of the sock residue that COMPLETELY clogged my dryer filter! It was awful and I had to do some maintenance work to get all of the pieces of lint and sock fragments out of the filter and the dryer line to the outside. Quickly threw these socks in the trash! I really do not like to give negative reviews, but verily these socks do not meet my standards for acceptance! Read more

  4. Andrew Wang

    I’m very particular about the comfort / texture / quality of the sock I wear on the day-to-day. For a 6 pack of socks, this is excellent value; in fact, I don’t think it gets better than this. If you are looking for a set of socks without compression and not too much elasticity in the fabric, this is literally the one product I recommend. I personally find compression socks very uncomfortable, and it’s very rare (incredibly rare) to find non-compression socks with spandex (which is the only upgrade possible on this sock, in my opinion) – to be clear, these socks do not have much elasticity. What these socks do have is reasonably thick / good quality fabric. There is a sufficient cushioned sole and reinforcement material from the ankle to the toes; the heel pocket is also pretty decent and an improvement over the standard socks that Fruit of the Loom has come with in the past. Bottom line is – once more, for a compression-less non-elastic fabric sock, this product is excellent, and this is coming from someone who has really gone through and legitimately purchased a number of socks / tried them out before settling on this product. My favorite pair of everyday socks will always be a discontinued Bodyglove product (compress-less elastic fabric), but I value this product above any of the Nike/Adidas everyday socks I’ve tried. Read more

  5. Motate from Moline

    I had purchased the Hanes brand which appears nearly identical. Since I wear a 12&1/2 or 13 shoe/boot, I got tired of the standard crew socks being just a bit too tight. Very pleased with the Hanes I bought. Many months go by, decided to buy extras since I was happy last time. Accidentally got these and noticed after the initial washing that the top seams that were folded over had stitching coming apart. The material isn’t nearly as soft as Hanes either. My bad, just ate it, lived and learned, went back to the quality brand!!! Read more

  6. Ray Tilton

    So far, this is one of the best of the very many socks that I have bought and tried since COSTCO discontinued their world famous Crew Socks that everybody I know in sixteen states deeply regret the loss of. I am well pleased with the comfort of these in spite of the tight fit. (Shoe sizes are deceptive since the Europeans and Chinese have changed all of the size categories —- However, my shoe size from 1960 until 1980 was always between 9 – 1/2 and 10 – 1/2…. Now it seems that I cannot fit into any shoe size smaller than between 15 and 18 and I am perpetually perplexed over that!!!) It was nice when COSTCO sold their famous CREW SOCKS for sizes 10 thru 14 because myself and all other men I knew fit them perfectly. Now, to get equivalent socks, I have to go to outdoor specialty stores and sometimes find one pair for the same cost as a package of six used to cost at COSTCO. Having said all that, I like these Fruit of the Loom socks better than any other socks I have found sold in packages of six at reasonable prices. Like all the other men I know, we all wish that somebody would bring back those genuine Crew Socks that we used to get. The cotton texture and moisture soaking abilities beat all others with the socks we can no longer get except for onesy pairs at outdoor stores. Still searching for the great Crew Socks that COSTCO carried for thirty years but happy with these far more delicate Fruit of the Loom socks until the good ones come back. Read more

  7. James Scott Mills

    Great socks and at a great price too…and i didn’t have to go to Wally World either!!! Read more

  8. Ricky Cunningham

    OK so having big feet can be a real pain especially when you have to buy small socks. Most stores do not carry sizes for larger sized feet (16 1/2). so I decided to look online to see what I could find. The good news was I found these socks for a great price. With shipping I will be good for a long time. The packages came as posted with no rips, tears, or stains. The only issue I had was the socks had a weird sour smell almost like they had been sprayed in vinegar. I had to wash both packs before I was able to wear them which is not something that I had to worry about before. I am not sure if this is due to storage or something used to make the socks. Either way just keep that in mind when ordering these. Read more

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