Guys’s harrington team socks, 6 pairs

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  • 74% cotton, 17% polyester, 6% nylon, three% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • healthy shoe length 6 12. Five
  • aquafx moisture manipulate maintains you cool, dry and comfy
  • cushion foot for maximum consolation
  • made with top rate gentle cotton yarn
  • clean consolation toe seam and durable strengthened toe
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  • hi there! How far up the calf do the socks come? Lenth heal to pinnacle. Thanks
  • query: hiya! How a long way up the calf do the socks come? Lenth heal to pinnacle. Thanks answer: hello mark, thanks to your question! The harrington measures approximately eleven” from the lowest of the heel to the pinnacle of the sock, accomplishing simply beneath mid-calf. We hope you locate this helpful! By using simona d. Manufacturer on june 20, 2018 did not get answers. See extra answers (1) disintegrate all solutions

  • is there a legitimate cause why i can’t pick ‘sock colorings’ that healthy my garments?
  • query: is there a legitimate motive why i can’t select ‘sock shades’ that in shape my garments? Solution: tha is a query for mfr. I proportion your desire for mote colorings, olive, drk brown. By means of softball hitter on may also 2, 2020 crumble all answers

  • why 2 weeks it’s been $22 > bait & transfer!!
  • query: why 2 weeks it’s been $22 > bait & transfer!! Solution: no with the aid of m on february 18, 2021 disintegrate all solutions

  • are these too hot to put on inside the summer?
  • query: are those too warm to put on within the summer time? Answer: they’re mainly cotton, so they’ll soak up perspiration. They may be a extraordinary fit, and my husband likes them and wears them summer time, winter, spring, and fall. And as we stay in tucson, arizona summers are without a doubt warm! By using rosilyn simons on february 21, 2021 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (6) fall apart all solutions


    Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 6-13, Shoe Size: 12-16


    White, Brown/Grey/Blue/Black, Washed Blue/Light Grey/Navy/Oatmeal/Khaki Marl/Black, Off White/Glacier/Black/White/Blue/Marbled Navy, Black, Charcoal/Light Grey/Black, Denim, Taupe Marl/Khaki Marl/Brown

    8 reviews for Guys’s harrington team socks, 6 pairs

    1. LuckyFeather

      So disappointed how CHINA MADE socks now come so small they cut off the circulation. My husbands legs are avarage size and measure 12” around. The sock measures 6”, and stretches, at the most, to a tight 9”. All are different material and amount of stretch. Returning! Read more

    2. John Little

      These socks seem to be very well-made, but I can’t really see wearing them with street shoes. They are extremely thick, like a gym sock. And even though they are supposed to fit up to a shoe size 12, the elastic is very tight and leaves a crease on my calf… and I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe and I’m pretty small. I imagine they would cut off the circulation in a large person. I described the fit as too small, and it’s because of the elastic; otherwise the fit is fine. But they’re just SO thick! Read more

    3. Scott Veirs

      I have 9.5 sized shoes and these socks are not what I wanted. I have a great set of socks that I can not find anymore, so I bought new ones, called “Joy” but I could not find them when I wanted to buy more. So I bought by brand name. Gold Toe (who I go to for most of my dark dress socks) I figured would make some good tube socks, and they are quality. However ,they are tight as hell to put on after you wash them once (I wash everything in cold water and dry on low heat). I hate socks that are too tight to put on. After you get them on though, I can easily get used to it. I won’t buy them again because they are not soft like I usually like for white socks. I am overly sensitive to discomfort but most guys probably wont have a problem with these like I do. Thx for reading. Read more

    4. Carol

      Wow. I always count on reviews before making a purchase. I must have forgotten this time. I bought these socks as part of a birthday gift. Upon arrival, I thought they looked awfully long and narrow. My husband has thin legs so I asked him to try them on. He could barely get them on and responded that he would never wear any socks that long and that tight. Found Carhartt to be the same way. Sad that a customer cannot rely on name brands for quality. Read more

    5. Aptly Informed

      Very poor sizing! Ordered and received Size 12-16. Total waste of money. They don’t feel like there’s much if any absorbent cotton. The foot area fit well but the ankle and calf were so tight that they are really snug even on my average size wrist. Unfortunately I washed them and tried a pair on and then realized I wouldn’t be able to return them. A costly error but these will likely fit you if you under 100 pounds. These are nothing like the many many Gold Toe Socks I used to buy. Read more

    6. Brendan

      Made in China, like every other piece of garbage out there. The chart for Goldtoe says these are their thickest socks Well, I just bought a set of Goldtoes (not Harringtons) and they feel exactly the same in thickness. I will wear them a while before I review how they wear, but I will say that the 12-16 size gives you socks that go up a foot. I have a size 12 and socks are often too small. I bought these and they are great for the foot, but the leg part is gigantic. Come on! I want socks, not knee socks or stockings! I got the brown, light brown, and taupe. I like the colors. I didn’t buy the black because the same size was $22 (vs $16) and I figured I’d try the cheaper version. So why aren’t they all $16??? Anyway, I may add on to this review later. Read more

    7. Starlily

      Edited after opened/washed: This set of socks is NOT what we are used to receiving. Even though it is the exact same style and name as we’ve purchased in the past from Macy’s, the socks we purchased here from Amazon come up to just below the knee! My husband has been using these socks for years now, replacing them every few years. While he has mentioned that he feels they are not as durable as they might have been many years ago, he still prefers them to any other and finds them very comfortable. Read more

    8. RochHam

      Too many socks with holes so time for a new bunch. Have had luck with gold toe socks: usually longer lasting elastic, black goes with everything. I rarely wear socks in 4 warmer months going bare foot in mocs, boat shoes with short socs using tennis shoes. So I got these with a $6 coupon and hey, even XL size for 12-16 foot. They are VERY WARM and SOFT, ideal for midwest 5 mon winters. But despite the XL they are very tight around the calf; more than I’d expect, perhaps since they are so new? I tend to pull them down a bit towards the ankle. Big note: these are NOT typical gold toe dress socks. I sure wouldn’t wear them in summer but nice & warm for winter if you don’t mind the super elastic. Read more

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