Guys’s harrington team socks, 6 pairs

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  • seventy four% combed cotton, 17% polyester, 6% nylon, three% spandex
  • imported
  • device wash
  • cushioned foot
  • easy consolation toe seam
  • strengthened toe
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dedicated to style and excellent for almost a century, goldtoe makes use of industry expertise and understanding to knit top notch socks with modern consolation and lasting durability.

the unique goldtoe sock providing a reinforced gold toe became a innovative solution to difficult-running people’ want in a publish-international battle pre-remarkable melancholy technology.

to at the present time goldtoe maintains to provide clients around the globe with the maximum secure socks in an expansion of top rate get dressed, informal, and athletic patterns.

goldtoe guys’s harrington crew sock

gentle, durable cotton and a complete-cushion foot make the harrington via goldtoe best for work and enjoyment. Cautiously built with aquafx moisture manipulate technology and spandex for a really perfect in shape, these socks are engineered to maintain your toes cool and dry – no matter what is at the schedule. Designed with an real rib creation in a variety of marled yarns, the harrington enhances any outfit, at the same time as ensuring easy style and all day consolation.

  • knit with gentle, long lasting cotton for all day comfort
  • complete-cushion foot creation
  • iconic bolstered gold toe for lasting sturdiness
  • aquafx moisture manipulate technology keeps toes cool and dry
  • designed with certainly breathable fibers and spandex for a really perfect healthy
  • available in extra hues and extended sizes
  • product description

    gold toe has been the gold wellknown of great for generations. One look, one touch, one put on gives you all of the confidence you want that gold toe is the emblem for you. Cozy, regular, and durable. Gold toe is for folks that recognize who they’re and know what they like.


    Shoe Size: 6-12


    Black, Blue Wave/Navy/Grey/Forest/Brown/Khaki Marl, Charcoal/Light Grey/Black, Denim, Taupe Marl/Khaki Marl/Brown

    8 reviews for Guys’s harrington team socks, 6 pairs

    1. DXS

      I’ve been buying Gold Toe socks for 10 years. These are not Gold Toe socks. These are thicker and softer (nice) yet smaller and less stretchable than real Gold Toe socks. I ordered the exact size I’ve been using and they are so tight that they cut circulation off in my legs and leave marks on my legs. After wearing them for 2 months, hoping they would stretch out, I noticed the hair on my legs was thinning. A sure sign of lack of blood circulation. I’m getting tired receiving knock-offs of the real thing on Amazon. Read more

    2. Kindle Customer

      As soon as I wore these socks, i noticed little black fuzzballs everywhere (on feet, on floor, in shoe, etc.). After about 3 uses, there are now holes developing up near the toe (not right at the gold toe tip, but on the fabric side of the foot). Not just one sock, multiple socks. Ridiculous. I have several pairs of gold toe dress socks that i bought almost 25 years ago, that show almost no signs of wear. Have worn them my entire career and have loved their durability. These Harrington crew socks are nowhere near gold-toe standards of yesterday. I am embarassed for gold toe for having released this product. Obviously, i can’t return worn socks, so i will just wear them a few more times until they must be thrown out. Lesson learned. Read more

    3. Kindle Customer

      I’ve been buying Gold Toe socks for years and loved them. Always found them to be of good quality and last for a long time. I wear a size 12 shoe so the sock says it fits up to size 12.5, which has always been the case in the past. I purchase both the black socks for winter and the white socks for summer, but my last purchase of both were noticeably smaller in size and the fit was very very tight. I thought washing them might help, but it didn’t. My feet have not grown, so the socks must be getting smaller. Less material, less cost to make? Too bad, I will have to find another brand that fits. Read more

    4. Justin N Kensinger

      These are straight knock off socks I received. Not thinking anything about getting Gold Toe socks, I opened the package threw them in the laundry and put them away for my first wear. As soon as I put them on my feet I knew something was wrong. On my left foot the gold stitching went about two thirds the way up to the seam where actual Gold Toe socks normally would. On my right foot there is a small stripe of gold stitching on the underside. This is one of the most blatant knock off/rip off’s I have been witness too. I would expect such a thing shopping black market goods as this is exactly what I received. The Gilden Corporation who manufactures and sells the Gold Toe Brand should be very upset that Amazon is letting this happen. I did take the time to call the Amazon who claimed they would allow me to return the item to have them replaced. I am just not going to go to the effort of digging back through my sock drawer to identify these and packaging them back up myself to return the items. Please see the attached photos of the first pair I wore. I’m excited to find out what the rest look like. I have tried to attach photos but Amazon keeps giving me an error in processing your file. Read more

    5. bvn

      I don’t think there is any cotton in these socks, they must be 100 polyester. I have been buying Gold Toe Socks for long time and normally love them, but these are the poorest quality socks I have ever purchased. They sag and bunch up inside my shoes. Read more

    6. Asdrubal Rodriguez

      I have kinda skinny legs, and these are pretty tight. The length was longer than expected, I was expecting about mid calf but it is almost knee high. And the actual gold toe part barely covers the toes, which I can for see these wearing out quicker then my old pairs,that I have for about 6 or more years. I added pictures of length,and toe of new ones. The 3rd picture shows my old Gold Toes which cover more of my toe and length is right under my calf and not so tight, to wear they cut my circulation.i want my old Gold Toes but new! *Update after a few months: I stopped wearing them, there was to tight, I’m 165lbs my 9yr old fits tight on him as well. Read more

    7. Go Pack Go

      Excellent socks! I am always looking for a better sock that I can wear with jeans or dress pants and these are the best ones I’ve found. I can finally stop looking. Besides being comfortable and a nice medium weight, one of the best things about these is that they don’t shed like some other brands. My previous favorites were Polo brand crew socks but I couldn’t stand that every night when taking them off I’d have sock lint caked between my toes. It used to drive my ex crazy when I’d take off my socks and walk across the carpet and there’d be a string of black fuzz! Hmmm…. I wonder if that’s why it didn’t work out. On second thought, thanks Polo! The only downside to these is the gold toe. Frankly, it’s an ugly design. Yes, I know that’s the name of the brand and why the do it but it’s literally the worst feature of this brand. I’ll live with it because the quality is good and the price is fair. Read more

    8. Mim

      These are not 78% cotton. I have been buying gold toe socks for years for my husband. These feel like a good percentage of acrylic fiber. If there is any cotton in them, I don’t know where it is. They washed up nice, but not sure they will be absorbent. Cotton has a certain feel of body to it, these socks are flimsy. They are not quite as thick as gold toe cotton socks but not thin like most men’s acrylic socks. If you need the comfort of cotton, these are not for you. I chalk it up to a knock off company trying to pass off their product for a real gold toe sock with knock off cotton made of plastic.. Read more

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