Guys’s gobi ii m leather taking walks shoe

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  • one hundred% leather-based
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • thermal insole
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the unique barefoot desert boot keeps things easy. Made with naturally scarred, wild hyde leather-based and detachable thermal insoles, gobi is light, robust, long lasting and prepared for each adventure.


7.5-8, 8.5-9, 9 Wide, 10-10.5, 10.5-11, 11.5-12, 12-12.5, 13-13.5, 46 (US Men's 12) D – Medium US


Brown/Hyde, Black

8 reviews for Guys’s gobi ii m leather taking walks shoe

  1. Nicholas J. Siebenmorgen

    While I really like the fit and look of the leather there’s just too many discrepancies in the way the outsole is connected to the upper. I had one shoe that looks like it supposed to. The outsole walls stand vertical throughout the outer edge of the shoe. With the other shoe, the outsole wall bends out as it gets closer to the upper and makes it look wonky. For such a minimalist shoe these small details will make a difference in whether it is an elegant shoe or a clown shoe. I found these quality control variations with several pairs of the same model, so I know it’s not unique to my situation. Maybe you’ll be lucky and get a good pair. It shouldn’t be this way for $150 though. Read more

  2. Tim

    Love these shoes. I’ve tried lems, vivobarefoot, carets Co, xero, and even the klassy vivobarefoot handcut collection (looking at you porto and Lisbon). Nothing beats the Gobi ii in style and comfort. All the others are either too granola, look like velcro reeboks, or too classy to the point of discomfort. These can’t really be worn with a suit but for casual or a relaxed workplace they can’t be beat. Also tried the ra ii which are the same thing but low cut, and the Gobi ii beat them for style points. My only criticism is the quality of leather can vary greatly from pair to pair and I’ve had to return one or two until I received one that wasn’t ugly. I know leather is leather but sometimes the quality can vary so make sure you get one with free returns in case that happens to you! Read more

  3. Mel V.

    Long time “barefoot” shoe wearer, first time Vivobarefoot shoe buyer. Leather is soft and supple. The there are no 1/2 sizes so if your in between, go to larger size. No break-in period as the shoe is very flexible. Very light weight and looks rugged. The toe box is big, leaving lots of room for my toes to move around and splay out. I’m using this shoe for work so I’m hoping this will last me a couple years. If I remember, I’ll do a 3-month review. Read more

  4. Antoine RJ Wright

    Purchased these after too many months of going back and forth. A fan of Vibram Fivefingers, was looking for similar in shoes which are a bit more formal. Admittedly, these are more expensive than I would usually spring for, but I took a chance. I’m not disappointed. About the only real critique comes from my narrow feet. These are made for a more normal,width. But, can see how these would eventually conform a bit more to my feet. Like the FiveFingers, can feel the effects of walking barefoot after a day of wear. Am looking forward to moments in the colder weather where these feel as if they’d keep my feet warm because of how they are built, not because of extra sewn into the shoe. No comments from others yet. But, that’s also not a bad thing. Good items fall under the radar as they should; except to those who notice what they are looking for. Am considering a second pair to replace my casual/cycling shoes. It’s definitely a possibility. Read more

  5. Brian

    This is my first foray into barefoot type shoes. I’ve been looking at these for a while and finally decided to go for it. I’m hoping to harden my feet up for running and also lengthen my Achilles after years of wearing boots with heels. My first impression after a week of wear is these are great. I would definitely recommend sorta easing into these if you’ve spent your life in regular shoes. I take two walks a day at work of a mile each and for the time being, I’m still wearing regular shoes for those. These being my first barefoot type shoes my arches were a hair sore the first day of wearing these (I do average over 10k walking steps a day though). I’ll gradually move to wearing the gobi all day over the next few weeks. Build quality appears excellent, as you’d expect with a shoe at this price point. Look is great although I imagine that’s in the eye of the beholder. Overall my initial impression is overwhelmingly positive. Read more

  6. Brett hough

    I already had a pair of the RA II and loved wearing them, so I decided to get a pair of Gobi II. They are equally as great as the ra’s – amazing build quality, very comfortable for wide feet, and look great. I plan to replace all my shoes with vivo shoes over the next year. I like the look of Lems shoes, but the air injected rubber soles will prevent me from ever buying their shoes. Vivo shoes have a solid, thin, hard rubber sole that will last a very long time. Read more

  7. Nomadic

    I really like my Gobi II chukka boots. They are a well made shoe that looks good, and allows my feet to sit properly on the ground while maintaining style, although the toe box shape does look differently on second look than that of regular shoes. I wear these with both jeans and slacks equally. I also like that these compress nicely, making them a fantastic addition to an otherwise ever shrinking carry on during travels. My feet are between a 9.5-10 (manufacturer depending), and the size 10 was the way to go. I’ll probably buy a pair of ra II shoes to work into my more business-like wear as well. Read more

  8. Beebalmoo10

    I have been very pleased with these shoes. However, I have worn a neutral or negative heel type of shoe for several years so the “getting used to it” was very easy. These might be a bit of a challenge if you are used to an elevated heel. If you have back problems, posture issues or lower back pain you might give these a try. Be patient with them. Good Luck Read more

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