Guys’s g-surprise mtgm900da-8cr hard solar atomic stainless steel recreation watch

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  • multi-band atomic timekeeping, hard sun strength, shock resistant
  • 200m water-resistant, full vehicle el backlight with afterglow, world time
  • four each day alarms and 1 snooze alarm, hourly time sign, 1/a hundred second stopwatch, countdown timer, complete auto-calendar, 12/24 hour codecs, button operation tone on/off
  • battery energy indicator, strength saving characteristic, garage battery: solar rechargeable battery, approx. Battery life: 9 months on complete charge (without in addition exposure to light)

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the most long lasting virtual and analog-virtual watches inside the industry, relied on by using army personnel, law enforcement, surfers and out of doors fanatics round the world.

solar powered

casio solar-recharging device converts even faint mild from fluorescent lamps into enough strength to acquire stable operation of various excessive-load features.

pursuing absolute longevity

surprise-resistant production protects against all sorts of impact and vibration.

you may put on your g-shock in all styles of situations, from running with water in daily lifestyles and getting showered to participating in water sports along with swimming, browsing or jet skiing.

with the el backlight, you could see the watch face in any conditions without light.

our values

“necessity isn’t the mother of invention, invention is the mom of necessity.” those are the phrases of one among casio’s founders. The folks that created casio were decided to ‘invent necessity’- to create merchandise that met latent wishes with groundbreaking skills no one had ever visible earlier than. Ever due to the fact, casio has been doing simply that, bringing new discovery and satisfaction to humans around the sector. That is casio’s manner of constructing an excellent more wealthy, richly profitable world.

product description

the mtgm900 provides the capability to hook up with the radio transmitter in china to update the watchs’ time & date similarly to adding an extra 18 towns added to the world time mode, for a complete of forty eight-cities. The watch’s’ time memo characteristic has been replaced with a countdown timer. Silver stainless-steel band digital watch with impartial face. Module: 3406 multi-band atomic timekeeping (us, united kingdom, germany, japan, china) gets time calibration radio indicators which hold the displayed time accurate car receive function (up to six instances in keeping with day/up to 5 instances in step with day for china)

with the release of its first watch in november 1974, casio entered the wristwatch marketplace at a time while the watch industry had simply determined digital generation. As a organisation with present day electronic era evolved for pocket calculators, casio entered this area confident that it can broaden timepieces that could lead the market.

today, casio is focusing its efforts on sun-powered radio-controlled watches: the built-in solar battery gets rid of the nuisance of changing batteries, atomic timekeeping means the users never have to reset the time. Currently, casio released a series of bluetooth watches that sync to the customers mobile cellphone to automatically replace the time. Casio is constantly transferring time ahead.

new and stepped forward but at the equal low cost!!! This casio atomic hard solar recreation watch has all the bells and whistles. With a chrome steel case and matching bracelet with a fold over push button clasp to compliment the numerous functions. Consists of multi band 6 atomic timekeeping, full car el digital display with day, date and month indicators, 4 each day multifunction alarms and 1 snooze alarm, world time function (48 towns plus utc) , 1/100 2d stopwatch with (24 hr), 12 and 24 hour time formats and 24h countdown timer. Water-resistant to two hundred meters. One-12 months restricted producer assurance.

4 reviews for Guys’s g-surprise mtgm900da-8cr hard solar atomic stainless steel recreation watch

  1. DB

    I love this watch. I’ve had this watch for almost 9 years. I wear my watches everywhere except the shower or swimming. Otherwise, it never leaves my wrist. I’ve never had to change a strap or battery in the past 9 years. Overtime the paint has worn, and its started to crack at the plastic, and some of the buttons have become difficult to press, but I think I’ve gotten my moneys worth out of it. So much so to replace it, I bought the same exact model! I did a side by side of the 9 year old and the new one for comparison. The new one feels ever so slightly lighter, but according to my postage scale they weigh nearly the same. Read more

  2. Thomas frey

    I received this in the mail today from Amazon. I absolutely love it. I have over 3p gshock watches. This is my first Gshock with a stainless steel bracelet. Let me first say l wasn’t sure l would like a stainless steel band but l love the way it fits. I have a friend who works at a jewelry store. Who took out the links for me and it fits perfect. I have been wearing it all day and no discomfort at all. I have the Gwm500a.gshock that is similar to this watch. Which is a great watch. But no comparison to this watch in looKS . This watch has a large display. I have all kinds of Gshocks. The Rangeman the king Gxw56-1bjf gshock 4 Mudman gshocks 2 Gulfman gshocks. And way to many more to mention. I have been wearing gshocks for almost 34 years. I had the first one to hit the market in 1983. So take it from a gshock collector. This is a perfect watch for any occasion. The watch is for formal or Casual wear. I am so glad that I bought this watch. I can’t believe how cheap the price was on Amazon. I am a Prime Member 2 day delivery. Buy you will love it guaranteed. I Love all gshocks Big or small and this will look great on any size wrist. I have a 7 inch wrist size and fits perfect once you take some links out. Enjoy this watch or any other gshock watch you buy. Remember that the best watch is the one on your Wrist. Read more

  3. Smaug

    Update 2018-08-31: I’ve been wearing this watch for a couple weeks now, and it is as good as I remember. Buy this with confidence; the design has staying power. For a lower priced G-Shock that is also an excellent value, check out the G2900, which is not solar or atomic, but which has a 10 year battery and a handy e-DATA MEMORY mode to store internet passwords. It costs half as much and is the similar size and of course lighter, as it has a polyurethan resin (PUR) band and case guard. Update 2018-08-18: after a couple years, my tastes changed and I found myself not wearing this watch anymore. So, I sold it. Now, I am buying another one because I miss it so much. I still kept my G 2900, but as usual, it always bothers me when the tail of the band comes untucked and gets caught on everything. It’ll be nice to have this dressy G back in the collection again. Original review: I’ve been wearing this every day for a week. It is my 5th G-Shock. Here are my first impressions. I will update this review later, as I notice more things. (although I already notice a lot, as I’m a watch collector) + Bracelet doesn’t pull arm hairs. Center links are folded, outer edges are solid; I’m not sure how Casio does this! + Bracelet doesn’t have a “tail” that comes untucked, like most G-Shocks + Solar/Atomic + Big main display + Useless Time Memo function is replaced by a useful Countdown Timer on this latest model + Nice bold, contrasty LCD segments + Prominent “radar dish” display at the bottom, to show that the watch radio-sync’d with the atomic clock the previous night. + Light button is convenient and serves only that purpose; it is never mixed up with any other button. + Bracelet and silver/gray color them dresses up this G-Shock to the point that it can be worn with business casual dress. Finally, I can wear a G-Shock to work, without feeling like some punk kid. 😉 + Bracelet links are held in place with small spring bars, not friction pins like on most bracelets. This is very nice, as they will never accidentally loosen over time, and all that is needed to size the bracelet is a push pin or a small flat head jeweler’s screwdriver. (just take care to trap the open end, so you don’t fire it across the room or into your eye) – Time of day is only displayed on the home screen and alarm screen. It should also be displayed in the bottom of the display for World Time, Stopwatch, and Timer screens, IMO. – Champaign-colored parts that connect the watch head to the bracelet don’t match either part. This is weird, but not a deal-killer for me. – ‘ADJUST’ button requires a VERY hard, continued push to work. – I would like to see the ‘return to home’ functionality re-introduced into Casio’s modern digital watches. The old one, such as the CA53W calculator watch, and the 5600C G-Shock had this feature. How it works is that if one makes a change or uses one of the sub-features (for example, starting the stopwatch) then the next press of the MODE button takes me back to the home screen. This saves a lot of button-pushing! Casio should update the firmware to implement this and the time-of-day feature in future production. Read more

  4. Hoot

    I’ve worn Casio watches just about since they started sales in the States. I wear them until they essentially fall apart which is years and they are always keeping great time even then. This watch was at least my 2nd atomic watch. This is a very nice looking watch, much better than any of my previous watches. Feature set was well beyond my needs which are for very accurate time, day/date, water resistance to at least 1 atmosphere and a preference for solar power with a minimum need for light to keep running. First problem I had was getting the stainless steel band to fit. I needed remove 2 links and apparently this band is unique in its construction. The pins can’t be pushed through from the outside. No shop could remove the links. I ordered some tool which wasn’t quite the proper tool either and spent Hours to get the band resized. Once I got it resized the band worked flawlessly. Never once released unexpectedly. The fatal blow comes when it is 28 months old and suddenly won’t hold a charge. I sent it to a certified repair shop and the repair is $10 less than a new watch. Disappointed with a Casio watch for the first time. Read more

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