Guys’s freshiq scent safety with cushioned foot bottom ankle socks, 12-percent

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  • seventy nine% polyester, 18% cotton, 1% latex, 1% spandex, 1% nylon
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • gadget wash
  • freshiq superior scent safety generation attacks the smell-inflicting bacteria in your garb that causes your undies and socks to scent — so now you could experience clean all day
  • polyester blend for delivered durability and insulation
  • cushioned foot backside for all day comfort
  • comfort toe seaming, our most at ease seam ever
  • a exceptional fee in 12-pair packs
  • breathable and moisture wicking sock to maintain your socks dry, cozy, and fresh
  • heavy duty heel and toe strengthened to keep your socks usually feeling and searching tremendous
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product description

hanes double difficult b&t 12-p. C. Ankle socks % a powerful punch with double tough sturdiness and most cushioning around the foot for closing consolation. Wicking cool consolation® material will help preserve your toes cool and dry. Our freshiq® superior odor safety will help fight the ones stinky feet! Spandex and luxury toe seam will offer consolation and a better in shape. Fits men’s shoe size 12-14.


Shoe Size: 6-12, 12-14, Shoe Size: 12-14


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8 reviews for Guys’s freshiq scent safety with cushioned foot bottom ankle socks, 12-percent

  1. Chris

    These are NOT primarily cotton. They’re polyester with latex rubber/nylon mixed in, along with cotton. The blend is very slippery when walking on smooth floors, or even while in shoes. They are also incredibly thin and a little small for my size 13 feet. INCORRECT PRODUCT INFORMATION The table on this page shows “Primary Fabric: Cotton” but if you look at my attached photo you’ll see that’s incorrect. The primary fabric is POLYESTER… 78%, while cotton is 19%. That’s why these are so slippery and don’t feel good. Read more

  2. R. T.

    Yes, they are a little thin, but for the price you can’t go wrong.I wear a size 13 shoes and they fit great! I’ve bought New Balance socks before in the larger size I need (13) but paid more for 2 pair than the 12 pair you get here. The New Balance socks were only marginally thicker. Obviously people that give these socks a bad rap haven’t done their homework. High end quality socks are going to run 12-20 dollars a pair. When you look at these and understand the value they deserve a 5 star rating for that alone. The package also says made in the USA. My name is not Laura, I’m her husband, just want to add that so people didn’t think the reviewer had monster feet for a woman, and so what if she did 🙂 Read more

  3. Thomas F. Beauchamp

    The worst socks I have ever owned. The material they are made out of is an awful synthetic blend (78% polyester, 19% cotton, 1% rubber, 1% spandex, 1%nylon) NOT the 81% cotton blend as specified in the product listing. The packaging actually has a red sticker on it covering up the cotton logo. Very slippery feeling on the feet and when walking on carpet. Slipped and fell down a couple stairs because they are so slick. Feels like feet start to sweat instantly when putting shoes on because they don’t absorb any moisture at all. Really, the worst socks I have ever owned! Read more

  4. Trunc

    I have a foot condition (EB Simplex-Weber Cockayne) that is somewhat mitigated by wearing high cotton content socks. 100% cotton socks are available yet very expensive and hard to find. The trend these days is towards increasing the synthetic fiber content of socks, so after searching the local stores and coming up empty handed, I searched here and was excited to find that the description of these socks shows an 81% cotton content. I will be returning these as the fabric content of the socks I received is: 78% polyester, 19% cotton, 1% natural latex rubber. Read more

  5. Max Handelsman

    Complete crap, DO NOT BUY!!!! Less than 1/2 as thick as the ones I ordered a year ago with the EXACT same ASIN. They are so thin that I can see pink (from my foot) through these when I wear them, but not with the older ones. UPDATE: PHOTO ADDED. The sock on the top is the exact same ASIN as this one, but ordered in 2017. The bottom sock was ordered in August 2018. Note all the holes visible in the weave of the bottom sock. It felt like wearing a tissue on my foot, it was so thin. I suggest Gold Toe instead, they make a very thick, cushy sock. This one is the same style, and I love it: Read more

  6. wesley

    These garments of Foot Heaven come in a comfy charriat of a package but like Achilles himself tough as a Roman warrior God all at the same time. I unpacked these bad boys with my jack hawk 9000 I got from a loacal mega retailer based on the advice from the number one race of all time Ricky MF Bobby. The effort was worth the bounty found inside that beautiful box full of socks. Unleashed upon me is the vessel my body shall make contact with the things that connect me to the ground! These Marvelous, NAY I SAY Spectacular FreshIq Hanes Ankle Socks covered my dungeon dwelling feet with supurbness comfort and everlasting quality! I say- buy them all so you never go with out these socks again Read more

  7. TREX

    The cloth/material on these is extremely thin, like almost panty hose thin to make a SLIGHT exaggeration. I have this exact same sock from a few a few years ago and the difference from the material of a pair from back when that’s been worn and washed who knows how many times to this one is… disappointing. Putting these on was like putting on a thin pair of dress socks. I understand it’s all about the profits, cutting the material by 50% means a) Hanes saves money on manufacturing and b) the socks wear out much faster and thus they sell more of the higher profit socks. It’s a win win for Hanes stock holders. But we the wearers suffer. I shipped mine back and I’ll look elsewhere. Read more

  8. ALB77

    Total crap…..I have holes in every one of these at the heel. Hanes used to mean quality. Well they have completely gone downhill. It only took a couple of months of wearing them to get the holes. I try to only buy good quality. I hate having to re-buy stuff that is supposed to last. I have never had socks last this short amount of time. I would highly recommend to go with some other brand. I am done with Hanes socks. Read more

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