Guys’s expedition scout chronograph watch

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  • imported
  • adjustable brown 20mm true leather-based strap suits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • blue dial with date window at 4 o’clock; complete arabic numerals
  • 30-minute chronograph measures to 1/twentieth 2nd
  • gray 42mm brass case with mineral glass crystal; indiglo light-up watch dial
  • water-immune to 100m (330 feet): in preferred, suitable for snorkeling, in addition to swimming, however now not diving
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from the producer

a casual watch made for any adventure

get outdoor. From the trekking trail to the sector to the top of the mountains—you’re unfastened to explore with the watch built for the top notch exterior.

day trip analog chronographs

the unique dial of the timex subject chronograph attracts proposal from antique army watches, with numerals in increments of 5 as much as sixty.

taking into account versatility and to withstand the outside elements, the excursion series is available with long lasting strap options—such as leather-based and double-layer fabric slip-thru straps.

the classic out of doors design of the authentic excursion scout watch is improved via its chronograph capability.

chronographs are unmistakable.

similar to a stopwatch, a chronograph makes use of its more pushers and sub-dials to degree time up to one/20 of a 2d.

product description

our high-quality promoting scout design simply were given upgraded. The excursion scout chronograph keeps the conventional outside layout of the original and enhances it with chronograph capability. It is now as suitable for the office as it’s miles for the path.


Brown/Natural, Brown/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Silver/Blue, Black/Tan, Brown/Black/Blue, Brown/Black/Green, Brown/Blue, Brown/Gray/Blue, Tan/Green

5 reviews for Guys’s expedition scout chronograph watch

  1. John LaCourse

    Junk. Looks great, but that’s it. I now have a watch that looks great yet doesn’t work. Went with Timex because it’s a trusted brand…I have owned this for two months and I wore it once or twice a week; not on the jobsite, but in the office or at church. Immediately the chronograph hands went out of adjustment. You can re-zero them, but you can also pull a splinter out of your finger…neither is pleasant. They kept gradually moving around the dial and I gave up. I knew this going into the purchase and I don’t use the chronograph functions so it wasn’t a deal breaker. A few times it just stopped. I’d reset the time and it would keep going til the next time. Yesterday I put it on to discover that it’s dead. At some point the adjusting crew fell out and now I have no functions whatsoever. Of course, I’m beyond the return date. Happy birthday to me! I’ll send it out for warranty, but that will cost me shipping plus $7 to have it returned to me. So $60 plus $7 plus $5-10 for shipping equals very unhappy. Read more

  2. TJ

    This is an excellent watch. I owns a number of high-end watches and I just couldn’t believe how well-built this “Timex” watch is comparison to my other high-end watches, i.e. Rolex and Omega. All at a price that I wouldn’t even worry if I were to lose this watch. Now for those who are complaining that the second chronograph hand not aligning up to the 12 hour mark. This is an easy fix. 1) Pull the crown to the position to set the time. 2) Use chronograph buttons (Top) to adjust or move the second hand into the position that you want to be in (in this case at 12 hour mark point) 3) The continual press of the button will move clockwise one second at a time until the desire position is reached. This is practically, same for all quartz chronograph movement. Hope this helps to alleviate some of the frustration for the second hand not aligning up. Read more

  3. Erik California

    I was surprised a little bit by this watch. I wear mostly swiss made auto watches that cost 10 to 20 times more than this, so i wasn’t expecting a whole lot when ordering a $60 watch, but it really is a nice watch I can wear when i’m out hiking or traveling to… dicey countries. The leather strap seems to be decent quality leather, it is soft and smells like real leather. All the functions of the watch seem to work good, though i had to calibrate the chrono right out of the box, which was bizarre… The indiglo backlight is pretty cool feature too, it puts the lume on a thousand dollar watch to absolute shame… The case is a polished steel so won’t easily show scratches, perfect for a beater watch. The 10bar water resistance is a nice feature, though with a leather strap, you can’t really take it swimming now can you? Overall I am very surprised by the quality of watch for the price. I’m used to spending $60 + dollars on a leather strap alone… Well done Timex! Read more

  4. Reviewguy

    For the price this is an excellent buy. The watch had no flaws although I believe thats not always the case (pun intended). Shipping lightning fast. The indigli was very bright. Now I purchased the same watch in green and returned ot. The green watch face was a shade different than the green in the photo. Also (on the green watch) the hands did not line up perfectly and the chronograph arms did not reset to 12 oclock. A different reviewer had the same issue – so my guess is every several of these Timexes is a lemon. But the return/exchange is free so I suggest you check out the wat h thoroughly upon receipt and if the hands dont line up do not give up on the watch, just exchange it. I have a $4000 watch stored in a lock box and I have several watches in the $200 range. But I bought this cause it looked very cool and if i get paint on it ir i drip it under a bus its only a $50? Loss. I highly recommend this Timex Read more

  5. JohnnyM

    This is the second one I’ve ordered, I love the Expedition Scout series so much. The previous one (brown leather strap and dark green display) went through some very rough SE Asian weather, lots of humidity and was exposed to salt water a few times. Even given the abuse, keep in mind humid weather will take it’s toll: the black paint on the sides of the body is slightly blistered and feels rough to the touch, the leather strap got mouldy a couple of time (and the color darkened a lot) and one of the little bands split into 2 layers and one layer ended up peeling away. Compared to another watch I bought at the same time (Expection Scout no Chrono), the NATO nylon strap is in much better shape, but still, the metal around the back lid and the sides of the body looks battered too. The screen is not difficult to scratch: while there are no visible light scrathes and it’s all still very clear, medium hits will leave a mark. I’ve got a deep line running across it from bumping it into a metal pole, but no other marks from using it on a day to day basis for the last year. The product is what I expected and maybe a bit more. 5/5, but depends on the weather The packaging of the product is sort of ok. The Timex black box does little to protect the contents, but there is a plastic structure inside that holds the watch rather securely. The pastic was was broken the first time around, but the watch was not affected. 4/5 Surprisingly, the Amazon packaging was quite dissapointing. While delivery was fast, the box was put inside a yellow Amazon padded envelope (!) so the box itself ended up being deformed and squished completely, which is to be expected, it’s made from very thin cardboard. I can’t figure out why you would put a watch box inside an envelope… 2/5 I’ve attached 3 images, one of packaging, one of the the affected body and one of the deep scratch (it’s just one scratch, not two, the bottom one is just a reflection) Read more

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