Guys’s dual defense crew socks 12 pair, black/grey, shoe size: 6-12

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  • 97% polyester, 3% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • twin protection moisture wicking and scent protection
  • reinforced heel and toe for sturdiness
  • cushioned for comfort
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product description

fruit of the loom guys’s socks are made with ultra tender spun polyester yarn so you live cozy. Available inside the traditional black, white, and grey shade alternatives, those socks function dual defense wicking and long lasting smell safety. The moisture wicking yarn continues feet dry and intellifresh odor manage lasts longer and is good for extra than 25 washes. For a fundamental, regular sock at an terrific charge-in line with-pair cost, you cannot beat fruit of the loom.


One Size, Shoe Size: 6-12


Black/Grey, White/Grey

8 reviews for Guys’s dual defense crew socks 12 pair, black/grey, shoe size: 6-12

  1. Niles508

    At 85 cents/pr, this 12-pack is a great bargain. The socks themselves are 98% polyester, 2% spandex. I find the high % polyester socks to be MUCH more comfortable than the high % cotton socks. So, I always avoid the 100% cotton socks, and I only buy socks that have at minimum 60% polyester. (Socks can be made of all sorts of combinations of fabrics.) These socks fit very well (my shoe size is usually size 9.5 or 10, sometimes 10.5, depending on the brand). They are not too tight or too loose. They stay up on my calf (I hate when socks are loose and fall down to my ankles while walking.) They definitely do not cut off circulation around the ankle or calf. They are easy to slip on. Thickness: These have an adequate thickness for everyday wear. If 5 is “very thick” ( skiiing, snowmobiling, hunting, etc) and 1 is “very thin” (dress socks), then these are a 2 or 3 (leaning to the 3). I have some socks that I would rate as a “4” — but these tend to be too thick for everyday wear, and also too tight. So, these FOL socks fall well within the acceptable range of thickness for everyday wear with casual shoes or sneakers. I can’t say how well they will wash, or how long they will last. I suspect that the weak point will be similar to other socks, in that that they will form holes due to wear at the balls of my feet. (I hate holes on the bottom of my socks — that is when I throw them out.) But, it remains to be seen. I hope to update this review after 6 months or so. Read more

  2. MJay0781

    Very comfortable socks 🧦 @ a great price. Theses socks are extra soft and moisture wicking. I wear size 12 shoe and these fit great. Read more

  3. Aaron

    I bought a pack from Amazon and a pack from Wal****. The pack from Amazon aren’t as thick and are much tighter around my ankles/calves, aren’t as thick nor as soft than the pack from Wal****. I don’t know if Fruit of the Loom are sending different standards to the two companies or if these socks just have that much of a discrepancy within the knitting that it’s hit or miss with every purchase. I love the socks I got from Wal****. They feel soft, have good thickness on the sole and keep my feet dry as well as there’s less odor because of the polyester/spandex blend. If there was a way to keep the same sock consistency with every purchase, I would buy more. However, I can’t recommend these socks to anyone at all. You never know what you’re getting when you buy a pack. Fruit of the loom needs to step their game up. I used to love their brand but recently switched to Hanes for a lot of my under garments. Read more

  4. T Mark

    I have to say that these are definitely knock off fruit loom. These are horrible socks they corner tip at the toes which makes it so that the toes of the socks cut into my feet when I’m wearing my shoes. I have to wear leather shoes at work. So these socks sweat very easily in my shoes. Also noticed because of the perspiration that actually causes my feet to be colder when outside. The fact is these socks do not go fully over the toe but rather over the middle of the toenails. Causing additional discomfort. These are not over the toe socks. I wear a size 10 shoe so these socks should not have any issue with being able to fit properly. These are the worst socks I’ve ever had in the entirety of my life. They have even caused an ingrown toenail that I managed to fix. I have done way way by far better getting socks at Walmart buy the 8 or 10 pack that actually fit over the toes completely and comfortably. These are horrible!!! I have other stocks that I wear to work when I know it’s going to be busy of my Walmart socks. Again These Are Horrible !!! Read more

  5. Niki vB

    My husband really likes these socks. They are comfortable and the desired thickness for his need (thicker than dress socks but not as thick as regular crew). However, the quality is no good. After only a couple months, at least one sock developed a hole in the TOP of the sock at the ankle bend. I mean, why there? Not at the heel or toe or any other typical place. I’m no sock connoisseur 😆, but the only answer to me is POOR QUALITY. Which is sad! Because we can’t find a good quality, comfortable, REASONABLY PRICED sock out there! Bottom line: unfortunately there are not many other options, and none that I saw that were comparable in all aspects, so we would probably buy these again. Hopefully they’ll last longer than I am expecting. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    They are the worst socks I’ve ever bought. I seen the reviews that said they fit real tight and that they were too small and I should have listened to them. They are so tight till cut off your circulation. They say they are men sizes 6 through 12 but I think they meant children sizes. Waste of money. Read more

  7. SpudMop

    Although good quality – I bought them for my 89 year old husband who survived Covid. Unfortunately, he lost so much weight in the hospital ,including his lower legs, that these were just too tight for him. They would probably be fine for a healthy person. Read more

  8. Ashley S. Bluth

    These are not as pictured or described. 1/2 are white (as pictured and described) and 1/2 are dark grey and light grey. I wanted all white socks. Read more

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