Guys’s cotton team socks, 6+2 bonus p. C.

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  • 78% cotton, 11% polyester, nine% nylon, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • device wash
  • cushioned cotton athletic team
  • cushioned foot to absorb shock
  • strengthened heel and toe
  • continues toes cool and dry
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committed to style and exceptional for almost a century, goldtoe makes use of enterprise knowledge and expertise to knit brilliant socks with progressive consolation and lasting sturdiness. The authentic goldtoe sock providing a strengthened gold toe become a progressive answer to tough-operating individuals’ want in a put up-global battle pre-exceptional despair generation. To nowadays goldtoe continues to offer clients around the world with the maximum cozy socks in an expansion of top rate dress, casual, and athletic patterns.


Shoe Size: 6-12


Black (8 Pairs), White (8 Pairs)

8 reviews for Guys’s cotton team socks, 6+2 bonus p. C.

  1. Real Consumer

    I ordered the size for shoe size 6-12 1/2, I wear a US 10.5 Wide shoe, the socks looked like they were going to be too small out of the package but when I put them on they fit perfectly. I’ve worn them through 3 full wash cycles before submitting my review. They’re comfortable and you can just tell by the quality feel they’re going to hold up well. I almost didn’t buy these after seeing the review and picture of someone claiming they washed them one time and had severe pilling. I did not have this problem, that person should have their washer/dryer looked at or replaced because that’s what caused their problem, not the socks. Update: 14 months of everyday use and these socks are still holding up great. I think these are already the longest lasting socks I’ve ever worn. Read more

  2. rerememe2002

    My husband has been buying these socks for years because of how the reinforced toe withstands the abuse of wearing with workboots. But this last package he wore and washed only once and more than half of the socks have holes in random places across the toes!!! I do NOT recommend. This brand has lost a loyal customer. Read more

  3. PawPawRon

    For some time now I have been trying different brands of socks and my Wife would buy different types on her shopping excursions. Either they would be too tight, too thin and my feet would get cold, too thick and my feet would sweat but upon receiving the gold toes I tried a pair on and said I think these are what we have been looking for and almost immediately went to my sock drawer and took out all the others. The socks seem to be good quality material, they stay up on my legs and do not drop down during the day, they feel good on my feet and they do not cause me to sweat or allow my feet to feel cold. What more could I ask for, these socks will be my brand from here on out. Read more

  4. Robert D. Bernstein

    These may be fine for some people. For me they are too bulky and coarse. They remind me of the heavy winter socks my father recommended I wear when I go ice skating. Just not comfortable for me for everyday use. I will say that they are inexpensive and they fit well. Not too tight or too loose. But I was happy to find that the Gold Toe Hampton socks really are ideal. More expensive, but well worth it. Read more

  5. Art S

    The fit is a little tight for the first few wearings. I like these because there isn’t an obnoxious seam to fiddle with. Update: After wearing these socks for a while now, I’m not so favorable towards them. The tightness has not gone away. Gildan Activewear bought Gold Toe in 2011 and put that name on a knock off product sometime thereafter. The excessive longitudinal compression gives me slightly painful, irritated toes by the end of the day. My toes are long and skinny. I have worn Gold Toe socks exclusively for at least 40 years. I’ll be looking to buy something else from a different manufacturer next time, which will be before these wear out. These are more like stretchy, one size fits all hose – I want a fitted sock. Read more

  6. Noodle Boy

    These socks fit well and are cushioned for comfort. I had another set of Gold Toe dress socks that lasted 7 years before I noticed thinning and/or small holes. These socks are slightly thicker than the former set of socks I had. Because these socks are new, I noticed that the first time I wore them, upon removing the socks, there was a little bit of lint or loose threads residue. Laundering usually remedies this. I hope this set lasts another 7 years. Read more

  7. Beverly Hill-Kleinstein

    Good cotton and didn’t fade even when washed with bleach. I’m Men’s size 9 to 10 (usually 9.5). After washing in hot water and drying on high heat they shrunk to my size perfectly. My opinion is that there is no way a larger foot will fit these after washing. The cotton is thick enough for cushion but still breathable. I bought 16 pair (2 packs) and would order more. Read more

  8. Chad Myers

    Have been buying GoldToe socks for 20 years because they are high quality, fit perfect and hold up for a very long time. I probably have daily wear pairs that have seen use once a week for 6 or 8 years and still have no holes or major wear. Quality. Read more

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