Guys’s cotton paintings gear cushioned, wicking, long lasting %

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  • seventy nine% cotton, 18% polyester, 2% different fibers, 1% lycra spandex
  • made inside the united states of america and imported
  • pull on closure
  • machine wash
  • these are the high-quality heavy duty socks made to wear with any form of boot – metallic toe, hiking, hunting or athletic
  • more reinforcement is built into excessive impact regions for long lasting socks and brought consolation
  • these are not your basic paintings socks for guys – those are performance socks that fight odor, wick moisture
  • paintings equipment socks are designed to be all-season. They may be breathable socks for when it is heat but thick sufficient for when it’s cold throughout the wintry weather.
  • we offer a complete pride assure on every pair we sell! With fruit of the loom, it’s continually a pressure unfastened purchase. When you have any issues, all you have to do is get in contact, and we’ll make it proper, guaranteed!
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the fruit of the loom guys’s work tools socks are built to withstand the toughest paintings situations. The everyday paintings tube socks are constructed with a soft cotton/polyester mixture and complete cushioning to maximize consolation on your favored paintings boots or footwear. Antinullial homes fight the toughest s on the process, and the strengthened toe provides greater protection in high effect areas so you can outwork all of them. Spandex is knitted for the duration of the sock to supply the closing suit. 10 pairs in keeping with package.


One Size


Black, Grey

8 reviews for Guys’s cotton paintings gear cushioned, wicking, long lasting %

  1. MadMycoMike

    Bought these in April to wear at my desk job – take note of that: not even on-your-feet work, I sit down ALL DAY – and these socks still only lasted 5 months before they all started getting holes in the toe and heel areas and I had to start throwing them away. Deliberately purchased these because I was SICK TO DEATH of socks getting holes in those areas, and saw these were advertised as “Heavy duty crew socks built for the working man” in the description so I figured these would be the exception I was hoping for… Ergo, FALSE ADVERTISING; DO NOT PURCHASE. Read more

  2. itRAINSinOregon

    WHY is the fiber content advertised as 75 or 79 % Cotton, but they only came as 37% cotton?? Do they not KNOW that some folks cannot wear socks with too much polyester . . just put it in the product description, and quit wasting your money, my money and your time . . . . . . Read more

  3. hh-nj

    I bought these to do barn chores and for riding. I’m a petite woman and the size is great on me and comfortable so don’t imagine they’d be a great fit for a lot of men. These are NOT high cotton content socks and are very thin. I wear them in rubber muck boots to do chores and they are almost completely worn through in the heels after 2-3 hours. Given the good reviews I’m guessing they don’t do this in very closely fitting shoes or boots. I can’t imagine these surviving more than a washing and a re-wearing before completely worn through. This 10 pack has sadly been pretty much a disposable set of socks for me. Read more


    I want to make clear this is a review of the product not the seller. Although the description was inaccurate,that may have been a simple oversight as the blend of cotton to polyester in these socks was at one time true. I ordered these because they were described as cotton socks being primarily cotton with a lesser amount of polyester in the material. I thought this to be true as I had purchases them before from a retail store and was looking for an exact replacement. I hate how polyester socks feel on my feet. When I got the product, it is now a primarily polyester fabric with a lesser amount of cotton(in the 30% area if I remember right)making them polyester socks not cotton. I dont know why Hanes and Fruit of the Loom have stopped making cotton tube socks but it is really irritating. I am having no luck finding a suitable, quality replacement. To Amazon’s credit they are paying the shipping for me to return them due to the inaccurate description which likely came from the manufacturer changing the blend without any more notice than the small fine print description on the back of the package stating the blend Read more

  5. wildscottishblum

    Don’t waste your time and money. I am an unrepentant cheapskate but these socks are right out. They are very flimsy and the texture is rough. They stretch a lot to a point then no more, this causes them to be baggy and slide down my calf. I wore a pair so I can’t return them, I will be sticking these in the Goodwill bag to donate. Hopefully they are given away I’d hate to think that someone else wasted money on crappy socks like this. Read more

  6. The Hi Tech Nomad

    I have big feet (size 15) and I hate pulling on little dinky socks, I usually wear dress socks, but I can live/switch to these. I just ordered a second package and took out all the miss-mated black socks in my drawer. No more bobbing for apples…I just reach into the drawer pull out ANY two socks and know they will match and won’t be short…there are a little thicker than dress socks, but it is not like wearing gym socks. UPDATE for 2020: I just order my 3rd back in 3 years, yes they do wear out (they are not spun iron) my feet are comfortable, and they don’t look like I’m wearing gym socks. The price went down a dollar. UPDATE for 2021: I just order my 4th pack in 4 years. Yes, they wear out at the heel but seriously for the price I don’t find that an issue. Not being a fashionista I can’t compare them to high-end socks. What do you want for $1.20 for a pair of socks that last about a year with daily use?!?!?!?! Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    These work socks are for Tiny Tim. Poor Tim at the work house. I am a female person. I wanted those old time tube socks. The smaller your feet, the longer the socks. They would not fit at all. They are not thick. They are not soft. They looked to measure 2 1/2 inches across in the bag. They would only fit a thin child. Read more

  8. Tim D

    Hard to find any over the calf socks in the stores. These were exactly as advertised. They aren’t too short or too long….just right. Material is decent. The package I received were 59% polyester, 37% cotton, 3% spandex and 1% other fibers. I was a little hesitant at first but figured they would be worth the try. I am happy with the comfort. They did not shrink after washing as others have complained about. I will buy these again when needed. Read more

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