Guys’s comfortblend max cushion 6-% white low reduce socks

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  • 45% polyester, 44% cotton, 9% rayon, 1% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • device wash
  • most cushioning around the foot (full foot cushion)
  • freshiq advanced odor generation enables combat stinky toes
  • wicking cool consolation cloth helps wick moisture and hold ft dry
  • double difficult sturdiness
  • consolation toe seam
  • fits men’s shoe sizes 6-12
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product description

polyester/spandex mixture offers softness and durability


Shoe Size: 6-12


Black, White

8 reviews for Guys’s comfortblend max cushion 6-% white low reduce socks

  1. Robert

    Right from the start I was impressed with these socks. Their comfortable snug fit around my ankle is just what I’m looking for in a sock. I’ve had Hanes socks in the past but never this nice. I was quick to notice that they keep my feet warmer than my old ones that had ventilation holes that disperses body heat out away from my feet. I’m confident that these new socks will hold the heat in and keep my feet warm during the cold summer nights. Read more

  2. M

    Hands down the best athletic socks I have ever purchased, and I have purchased a lot of different “major” brands over the years. I first bought this brand (Hanes – almost the same sock) a few years ago, and just this past month they were getting kind of worn after more than three years with daily wear. So I looked around, and decided on these. Fantastic! They are comfortable, reasonably thick without being too thick, and fit snug (not loose or saggy). I wear size 11 athletic shoe so the 6-12 size fit me perfectly. I liked these so much I purchased 36 pairs total (6 packages!). Read more

  3. NH4813

    Warning! These are warm! If you don’t want warm socks, buy the non- “Max Cushion” style. Otherwise, they are thick, comfortable, and have great padding. Read more

  4. User

    My socks have gone though about 5 washes, and they are soft and comfortable. I’ve also tried the Gold Toe socks, which as known by many as the best, but these Hanes ones are softer. However, the cuff settles smack dab in the middle of the ankle bone (or whatever it’s called), and with the relatively thick and narrow cuff, it’s a little irritating. Gold Toe socks have a thinner, wider cuff that goes over the entire ankle bone, which is comfortable, and it looks nice. These Hanes low cut socks look like failed no-show socks. Also, the gray heel of the sock is just high enough to pop out of your shoes and annoy you. Why couldn’t they make the sock all white… or at least the heel. This sock would have been perfect if gray didn’t pop out of my shoe and the cuff was wider and thinner. I can’t get over how close they were to making these perfect. What a shame. Read more

  5. Cooper

    I am the wife of the guy who bought these socks. We have a light gray area rug in our bathroom and the lint from these socks is a constant problem. The lint from the sock sticks to the bottom of his feet and when he walks into the bathroom there are chunks of black lint all over the rug! Horrible! I’ve been searching for black mens low cut socks that don’t shed but these do, terribly! So far it’s been impossible to find socks that are knit in one continuous piece – instead the cushion sole is sewn onto the rest of the sock and I think it is this seam that unravels and causes the lint. So frustrating! Read more

  6. deprotinator

    These socks were advertised as “max cushion”. What does that mean??? So hopefully this review helps. They feel like your typical old school cotton socks, which is to say they’re fine for most people. The cushion is definitely more than the average athletic socks or dress socks. But it’s not as thick as wool or hiking socks. They’re breathable. And they stay put at the ankle. So basically exactly what you might expect from a brand like Hanes at this price point. Nothing extraordinary but works fine. I’ll update on the durability as time goes on. Read more

  7. Cole 2 Newcastle

    At first, I thought these were great for wearing with summer with walking shoes. Then I realized that they were so tight they were actually causing some toe overlap with significant discomfort. Now, maybe I’m prone to this condition and you won’t experience it at all. Of course, I don’t know. But in my case, with ordinary 11M feet, they put the squeeze on me. I eventually threw them away. But let me say that this was the only problem. The quality seemed fine, and only you can tell if they will put the squeeze on you, too. Read more

  8. Mesquite

    These socks are ridiculously comfortable and thrift with respect to cost. To think, I was thinking about sending them back because I initially wanted a higher sock. I often times just wear them around the house without my slippers. I get why this is am Amazon Choice. Read more

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