Guys’s classic nylon sneaker

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  • a hundred% leather and synthetic
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-top from arch
  • breathable and durable material: these classic sneakers feature a nylon upper with suede overlays and synthetic leather aspect stripes for breathable help
  • green foot assist: those fashionable trainers with eva midsole gives help which lasts many strolls and jogs
  • relaxed and robust design: this footwear functions low-reduce layout for a sleek and sophisticated silhouette for an increased ankles mobility so that you keep moving all day long
  • excessive-overall performance casual shoes: high abrasion rubber outsole provides durable responsiveness; ideal for throwback appears, everyday put on, and classic style
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reebok guys’s traditional nylon shoes assist you roll with style. Suede overlay accents upload a high-elegance touch to this nylon top. Rock this men’s shoe in consolation thanks to an eva midsole and a padded sockliner. The excessive abrasion outsole offers traction and durability so that you do no longer ought to slow down.

reebok changed into founded for one of the nice motives viable: athletes wanted to run quicker. So inside the eighteen nineties, joseph william foster made some of the first acknowledged going for walks shoes with spikes in them. By 1895, he turned into in commercial enterprise making footwear by hand for pinnacle runners; and before lengthy his fledgling enterprise, j. W. Foster and sons, advanced an global purchasers of prominent athletes.


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Black/Black/Carbon, Black/White 2, Pantone/Pantone, Team Navy/Platinum 2, White/Light Grey 2, Collegiate Navy/White, Team Navy/Platinum, White/Gum, Black/White, Black/Gum, Merlot/White/White, White/Light Grey, Legacy Red/White/White, Platinum/Jet Blue, Burnt Amber/White, Black/Excellent Red/Mgh S

6 reviews for Guys’s classic nylon sneaker

  1. TW8

    In terms of looks, you cannot go wrong with these Reeboks. I love the way they look. However there are 2 major drawbacks, but first let’s look at the pros. First off the styling…I just cannot explain how much I love the look (I had the ice version but love the gum outsole look) since it’s so classic looking and classics are timeless. I love all white sneakers because they look great with almost any outfit. The only problem is keeping them clean so every once in a while I throw my white sneaks in the washer with bleach…but this is true of any white sneakers. The materials used are nice as well and they feel durable. I like the outsole because the way it is designed it really helps prevent slipping. I wear these shoes loose so it’s always nice to have a grip on the wet ground. The perforated toe is also nice too while adding a pretty decent amount of water proofing since it is a leather upper. I also paid $46 for these shoes so I am happy with them and because of the price I gave these shoes an extra star. Now onto the two main issues: comfort and cushioning. Now these two might sound the same but they are not…at least not to me. Cushioning refers to how well the shoes return energy and how they absorb shock. Comfort refers to how they fit your feet and whether or not you can go sockless or no-show. The cushioning is basically non-existent. I’ve seen some Reebok Classic models that actually incorporated a much softer midsole in addition to memory foam insoles…these shoes feel like walking on thick cardboard. They can at times be really painful to walk in. I’ve literally put in over 100 miles of walking in these shoes and my legs and knees were painful. The midsole is really firm and basically hard. I didn’t expect to run in these shoes (please don’t…they will kill your knees and ankles) but at least allow me to walk in comfort with these. Secondly, don’t bother doing no show socks or sockless…these shoes will not give you that. The inner ankle bone area of my left foot was bleeding due to the chafing. Blood got on the inside of my shoe and I was wearing no show socks too. There is no lining inside the shoe so these shoes are definitely meant to be worn with socks…even though these classic styling shoes (even the cheaper ones) all have some type of inner lining to prevent chafing. The tongue itched my ankles like crazy when I wore no shows so I had to position the tongue past the first two rows of lacing so when I tie my shoes the ends are underneath the tongue. Hard to explain without a picture, but essentially these shoes will have to be worn with ankle high socks…which was disappointing. So all in all, they are nice shoes but they have to be comfortable…I really want to return them but I also hate returning worn shoes. So I may keep them or sell them on eBay. Read more

  2. AC

    Not sure if these are fake but they ain’t that bad. The shoes feel a bit different than my other Reebok’s / different factory # / different region #/ different logo / different sole quality / etc / etc / but on today’s market is difficult to spot the fakes from the real ones. Price was decent. compared to all the discounts and sales going on at the moment. but these ain’t adidas nor Nike’s so i ain’t gonna panic . I’ll keep them. Read more

  3. M. F. R.

    Yup. And I had my brick-and-mortar pair to compare them against too. Sticker on inner tongue, logo-less insoles, incorrectly constructed insoles… even the box (non-textured) and the inner tissue wrap (logo-less) gave these fakes away. But if that’s not enough, they just came outta their fake box “wrong.” Smelling overly synthetic and weird, seams off with the tiniest bit of glue betraying their true identities. Yup. These went right back. Hittin up Reebok direct for this round of my beloved Classics. Amazon obviously doesn’t, and probably can’t, vet all their vendors for these kinds of shenanigans and is willing to eat the returns for the multitudes of sales, some of which are bogus, and some of which customers won’t realize or honestly are too &#^##DGD to want to go through the hassle of returning, opting instead to just sigh rock their Beeboks. Hey, brand is a scam, yes. But at least give me the real marketing la-tee-da promised and some of that real leather. Read more

  4. Tim

    I’ll start by saying do not buy these. I received the sneaks and one seemed to fit weird, upon examination the right shoe was shaped slightly different and made walking in it feel uncomfortable. Okay, maybe it was just made in error. I ordered a replacement pair. The replacement pair comes in and the left and right are made from two different materials. The suede on one of them was of a slightly different color and had a totally different texture. This time I didn’t even bother trying them on as it was so obvious right when I opened the box. Also the box was a totally different style and color. See picture. This is completely unacceptable. These are either bootleg or Reebok is making garbage. Either way I’m returning them and will not give them a 3rd chance. Very disappointed. DO NOT BUY THESE. RECEIVED GARBAGE BOTH TIMES. Read more

  5. Hmoobthor

    1 year and 5 month later, I guess it’s time to write a review huh?? That’s how long I wore the black gum Reebok for. Wore it through snow, salt in the Midwest, spring, summer, fall, fishing, climbing mountain, standing in lines for hours, you name it!! I only have clean it two to three times since I only it. I wore it every single day! It has the best arch support I seen, cause I can stand in line and fishing for hours without hurting my back and mountain climbing! The leather on this shoe is amazing! Look at the picture, it hasn’t even flake off! Just ceased. I wore it out to the point where the ankle cushions is falling apart and exposing the plastic mold. The gum is still intact. The insole are glue on and has never came apart! WOW! Very good shoe that can last last this long, usually they don’t last me a couple month. But I have to part it and look for another shoe in a different color, finding a good shoe is very hard for me. Read more

  6. andrew lerner

    The pictures on Amazon show these sneakers with the old tongue style (picture of the black sneaker), which is what i thought i was purchasing. However, the ones i received after i purchased are the ones with the new tongue which has no stitching and is a little thicker. Personally, i do not care for the new style tongue. Had the appropriate pictures been provided i probably wouldn’t have made the purchase. Shame on these guys for their lazy practices. Read more

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