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  • more-long -tone 16mm chrome steel growth band fits up to 8. 25-inch wrist circumference
  • black dial with day & date window at 3 o’clock; complete arabic numerals
  • two-tone 35mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo light-up watch dial
  • water immune to 30m (100ft): in wellknown, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, however not appropriate for swimming or bathing
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top class layout & precision craftsmanship

the timex men’s dress watches pair cautious design with actual watchmaking strategies to create watches which can be long-lasting and best for any occasion.

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timex watches are created with solid metal instances and scratch-resistant mineral glass to make sure durability.

specialists in timekeeping for more than one hundred sixty five years, timex reveals suggestion in traditional watch designs.

our progressive indiglo lower back-mild generation changes how the world told time within the darkish. To be had on choose watches.

product description

this timex men’s t26481 two-tone dress watch has a conventional style that is distinguished with the aid of its two-tone look. Gold-tone arabic-numeral indexes and hands enhance a smooth charcoal-grey dial. The stainless-steel bracelet and round bezel are two-toned with silver and gold for a sophisticated and diffused appearance. A day and date window is at the 3 o’clock role and the indiglo night time light provides even illumination of the dial at the frenzy of a button. This watch has a quartz motion and a mineral crystal. It’s far water immune to ninety nine ft (30 meters). You can inform lots approximately a man with the aid of the watch he wears. This one is handsome and nicely-made. Plus it is a timex, so that you can sense accurate approximately it.


Two Tone/Black, Two-Tone/Black

8 reviews for Guys’s charles street watch

  1. falconer

    The watch band is really small. I had a hard time getting it over my hand and then it was really tight on my wrist, painfully so. It fits my 12 year old nephews wrist fine. I posted a pic comparing this watch to my current Timex, notice the difference in band size. Read more

  2. D Jay

    Personally, I have found this inexpensive Timex men’s watch fits the bill for me. I like the dark face and the large numbers, which make it easy to see (even for those of us of enhanced maturity, who wear reading glasses for those troublesome close-ups). The band is a tad large and loose – but since this is a man’s watch and I am female, that is to be expected. But I actually prefer a looser watch band, so that is not an issue – and obviously, resizing a watch band is not rocket science, should you want to adjust it. This watch has the Indiglo feature, which can be helpful at night, or in dim light. All in all, a good buy for the approximately $35 or $40 I paid for this watch. Read more

  3. srtalukdar

    It is TIMEX. That sums up all. It is a good, low priced watch. Like most other TIMEX watches, this one works fine, a bit loud for a wrist watch, though. In a silent room you can hear the second’s hand tick. The best part is that the watch is small (about 35mm in diameter excluding the crown), so it is good for people with narrow wrists. The dial is easy reader, with both day and date function. The Indiglo feature helps you read the time anywhere anytime. The bad part is the expansion band. It catches your hair if you have a hairy hand. The band is too narrow with just 16mm width. TIMEX should come up 20mm (non-expandable) bands for this watch. Read more

  4. Fred C. Richards

    I owned a watch very similar ti this watch and it worked fine for five years until the battery died.. I thought it might be safe to buy a replacement Timex because of my old watch. The new one worked ok for the first week and then the day setting feature died. Doesn’t matter where you pull the stem, the day of the week will not change. I don’t care to return the watch for a replacement if the quality has gone bad and the postage is more expensive than buying a cheaper watch at Walmart. As a matter of fact I could have purchased five watches at Walmart for the price I paid for this one and they are all made in China by the same manufacturer., Read more

  5. Bookworm

    I returned the watch in two days because the looks are not what they appear in the photograph. The dial is not fully black but a dark gray, what they call in printing parlance, about 80% black. And it shimmers. So do the arms and the numbers, all of which are a darkish bronze color which, frankly, looks ugly. But because they all shimmer, you cannot see time at a split-second glance. You will have to spend additional few seconds to flick your wrist slightly, so that the numbers face the right direction of light. THAT IS WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PHOTOGRAPH. For the two days that I had it, it did give correct time, and day and date indeed changed when I was asleep, so when I woke up, I did see fresh and correct entries in those two boxes. That’s what I can say for about its functioning with my limited, two-day experience. Size of the strap can be a problem for some. It wasn’t for me, as I have a small wrist. The circumference of my wrist is about 7 cm, so you can get an idea. Just take a piece of thread, wrap it around your wrist at the position where you like to tie your watch, and measure the thread on a scale. If it’s much more than 7 cm, then don’t buy this watch, because the band will be uncomfortably tight for you. AND YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE BAND, IT’S BUILT INTO THE WATCH. For my wrist it was just about OK. Read more

  6. John doe

    I wish i read the review. I love these watches and had a similar timex but the wrist band is aggressively small. I have small wrists and it literally scratched my wrists to the point they got bloody. I thought it would expand but it didnt. I hope to find the same watch with a bigger wrist band. I bought the south street sport watch too and it has the same exact problem. Other than that they are beautiful watches Read more

  7. Richard Weston

    This watch is attractive but the metal watch band pinches the skin on my wrist so much that I have to periodically lift the watch off my wrist to ease the pressure and pinching. Read more

  8. Lala

    Love this watch. I had to get the band sized down a few links, but love the convenience of an expansion band but the look of a bracelet. Iniglo feature is worth it alone. Easy to read without looking like and “old folks watch” I wear it with a sterling chain bracelet. The title should be unisex watch. Read more

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