Guys’s bamboo dress socks seamless toe business crew men skinny socks, four pairs, shoe length: 8-12

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  • shoe length: eight flat seam or hand related seam are very faint and technically called seamless toe but now not surely seamless.
  • eighty% bamboo, 17% polyamide, three% elastane
  • benefits of bamboo: bamboo fiber has little cavities which give socks amazing wicking ability. They are outstanding at keeping your feet cool or heat in all seasons. Bamboo plant, simply due to a substance it produces known as kun, grows evidently with out the want for insecticides or any chemical in any respect. This is the reason why germs can’t inhabit bamboo socks, preventing awful smells.
  • quality: reinforced toes and heels make our guys socks extremely relaxed and durable. Brown get dressed socks are designed to be neither too thick nor too skinny. Our group socks enterprise/casual are suitable for all seasons and normal use at domestic or the workplace.
  • high priced gift field: they may be packaged with delicate bins and perfect gift for all gents. Brown bamboo socks seamless toe work well with a diffusion of men’s workplace apparel. They’re the excellent preference for the a hit business men.
  • care instructions: please, wash on gentle cycle in heat water, max 30°c/86°f. Tumble dry on low putting (not exceeding 30°c/86°f), but it’s miles better to line dry most effective. The socks might also appear to have contracted after washing however they’ll regain their authentic form when you put on them.
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  • might those socks fit a lady (shoe size 8 1/2)?
  • question: might those socks match a female (shoe size 8 half of)? Solution: sure! I mainly offered these due to the fact i found womens sock to no longer be huge or huge enough. I’m a happy camper and being bamboo is an delivered bonus. Bought them in black and the army! Signal me:~a glad girl customer. By using c. Rhinier on november 14, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

  • how tight do they fit – my calves are a bit larger than common and that i do now not like socks that go away an indent after i put off them stop of day?
  • query: how tight do they fit – my calves are a touch larger than common and i do now not like socks that depart an indent after i cast off them give up of day? Answer: i would say they are now not too tight like others. For me it is suits flawlessly. That is why i kept them in the first area. I too have large calves as nicely. By means of mehmet on november 19, 2017 did not get answers. See more answers (1) fall apart all answers

  • do these socks have extensive tops? Greater unique solutions, please
  • query: do these socks have wide tops? More unique solutions, please solution: those socks are regular but very soft. In case you are seeking out a extensive tops together with diabetic socks they’re not those indicated by hz, barranquilla, colombia on january 14, 2020 didn’t get answers. See extra answers (2) crumble all solutions

  • what size are the socks?
  • query: what length are the socks? Solution: my shoe length is 10, my oldest son suits 12 and the younger 9 w and the stockings healthy flawlessly to everyone. By way of hz, barranquilla, colombia on july 17, 2019 did not get solutions. See extra answers (1) crumble all answers




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    8 reviews for Guys’s bamboo dress socks seamless toe business crew men skinny socks, four pairs, shoe length: 8-12

    1. rxonmymind

      So far my impressions of these are favorable. They came neatly packaged, scented(!) and like old school socks used to, with paper inside one of each pair. Cool. I’ll revisit this review once I have washed and worn them for awhile. So far so good. Update Feb 11th, 2018 Not so good after ONE wash. As you can see the seam at the toe came apart. I’m 5-10 230 and wore Ecco shoes today going to the Antique Faire. When I got home and took him off I noticed the holes in left foot sock. The other one seem to be doing alright. Perhaps this is a unique circumstance. Read more

    2. Giles Fischer

      UPDATE – MYSTERY ODOR SOLVED I’m putting this update first. The manufacturer contacted me and said the soapy odor was from a detergent they used when washing the socks before ironing and boxing. He said they have recalled all of the scented socks. And he also shipped me a replacement box for free. A very class act company, Now I love the socks. I first gave the sock design and materiel five stars, but minus two stars for the odor. But now since they eliminated the strong soap odor, I give them an overall five stars. ORIGINAL REVIEW: The socks themselves are nice. I’ve been searching for years for mid-calf socks that are ACTUALLY mid-calf. They are also nice and thin, which is hard to find. The trouble is, as another reviewer mentioned, they have a strong soapy odor. It smells to me like of some sort of disinfectant or perhaps fungicide. Like an obnoxious shoe deodorant on steroids mixed with a sort of chemically mintiness. Very annoying to me. I am puzzled as to why the manufacturer (Hu Socks) added that in. I have hopes of eventually washing it out, although I washed them all immediately; and later, after I wore them, I had to wash my feet so they wouldn’t transfer the odor to my bed sheets. I also wonder if it is toxic as well. I once had some all cotton kung-fu slippers from China that were laden with insecticide odor. Perhaps these socks, which were made in Turkey, are a similar situation. Eventually the cotton slippers shed the odor, and I am hoping the socks will, too. It’s a shame that the company who takes obvious care in manufacturing and packaging these nice socks would so unnecessarily gorp up the product. Maybe they think it combats foot odor? If so, they ought to let the user decide that for themselves. If Hu Socks is reading this, I sure wish you would leave a comment to this as to why that chemical is there and any suggestions as to how to neutralize it. Read more

    3. furkan

      High quality, soft and comfortable bamboo socks. Two months ago i received one pack of it as a gift from a friend of mine. I can count myself as obsessed with socks sometimes so i was not sure if they would fit my expectations. I tried one pair for whole day and liked its softness and comfort. I was still suspicious about its state after the laundry. But they proved their quality even after several laundry sessions. Then i found myself just searching these 4 socks in my drawer but not not my other lovely socks. That was the time i ordered one more pack of 4 🙂 The quality and softness is same with the ones i have been using. I strongly recommend. Pluses : Soft, Comfortable, Not east to wear off, Feels great, Made of bamboo Cons : The lid of the box is tight and a bit hard to open when opening for the first time Read more

    4. Ben

      Love these socks.Best socks I ever find made bamboo rayon. I no longer have foot odor as long as I wear bamboo socks also.It came with a chic package.They are so soft and comfortable! They are thin but really well made material.I am wearing them for a few day days so far they did not fade or shrink at all. This is the most important piece to me.Great socks for great price!!! Highly recommend.Thanks Hu Socks, Read more

    5. H_K

      At first, I will admit, I thought these socks were too good to be true. However, I took a chance, ordered them anyway and I’m sure glad I did. MY husband LOVES them!! In fact, I’m buying more right after I post this review. Like many of us, we grew up being told “cotton, cotton, cotton” for just about everything. Not anymore! It’s all about the bamboo now! I don’t think my husband will ever go back to any other kind of socks. They are super soft, comfortable, keep his feet dry and odor-free. I highly recommend these. Read more

    6. Angelo Ricci

      When i opened the box a really sweat smell spread accross the room. Hey guys it smells so good, did you really sprey perfume on it? I never imagine that the socks would smell this good. It was a surprise for me…Also the socks fit perfectly…I totally recommend these socks… Read more

    7. Laidback

      Love these socks! very soft and non binding. best socks I have worn. I have some neuropathy and these are the most comfortable socks I have tried. Read more

    8. Anonymous

      They have been the best dress socks I ever purchased in the last 30 years! The socks are soft and thin, very comfortable! The fragrance gave me a nice surprise when I opened the box. It is not overpowering and disturbing at all. Kids loved the smell and asked to get the socks. I was glad it did not fit them! It is not noticeable after you wear it for a while. Excellent product, highly recommend! Will shop again. Read more

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