Guys’s 840 v2 walking shoe

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  • 100% leather-based
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • abzorb midsole
  • ndurance
  • removable insert
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8 reviews for Guys’s 840 v2 walking shoe

  1. Patryn

    This is the 3rd pair of these shoes I’ve owned in the past 17 months. The first pair lasted me just over 4 months before they ripped apart at the seam. The second pair ripped in the same place after around 10 months. This current pair ripped in the same place after just 3 MONTHS! They have all failed at the same place: On the instep near the toes, right above the sole of the shoe. $100 for a pair of shoes that fail within a few months is unacceptable. The original 840’s were great. I would regularly get 12-15 months out of a pair, sometimes longer. I’d only replace them once the tread started to wear flat. The 840v2 on the other hand are a pile of garbage. I thought maybe I got a lemon on my first pair so I bought another. Second pair last 10 months, which isn’t superb, but I could deal with it. 3rd and latest pair last 3 months before they started to tear (picture attached). Right now it’s only a 1″ tear on one shoe, but from experience it will grow quickly, and the other shoe will tear in the same place. All 3 pairs have. I’m not sure what they changed when they made the v2, but the quality went into the gutter This will be the last pair of New Balance shoes I own until they can fix their quality issues. Read more

  2. Rural Rocker

    As a fan of the NB840 walking shoe I was skeptical of its replacement, the 840v2. I called the company, and was assured it was still a neutral, cushioned shoe with the SL2 last. I wear a 4E shoe so buying shoes is a gamble. This one paid off. I am in love with this v2, and wear it as my #1 shoe. I should add that I always use a separate insert in my shoes, but I have found this shoe to be sturdy, supportive, ultra comfortable, roomy enough in the forefoot, and, in my view, better looking than the 840. Pricey, yes, but you get what you pay for, and I have already ordered more. I walk a lot, and am on my feet most of the day, and the 840v2 is a welcome companion. Read more

  3. Michael T. McIntyre

    I’ve just retired this pair of 840v2’s after using them for daily walks of 4-5 miles per day. I amassed just over 1500 miles of hikes over beach sand, forest trails, asphalt/concrete, rocky shorelines, “mud” etc. in heat, snow, wind and rain. These shoes did a great job of protecting my feet/weak ankles and were comfortable, often when the rest of me wasn’t so comfortable due to the weather. At a cost of about 24 cents a hike I got great, comfortable protection. I look forward to starting use of my new 840’s tomorrow. Read more

  4. MKJ

    These shoes are very comfortable and also really light compared to my pair of brooks dyad walking shoes I typically walk around 15,000-30,000steps outdoors both on grass and concrete up to 10 hrs a day (I work for the post office) without having to deal with no pain at all!!! Also on the top part of the shoes are a bunch of small little holes when walking you can feel a small breeze of air going in you’re shoes it’s a win/loose with me since it cools my feet but also in the mornings I have to high step over grass since the dew can get inside You’re shoe but other than that I really recommend them for any type of walking Read more

  5. James G

    The following is my review after owning for 6 months. I walk every day 5 miles religiously. I track this on an app. I have not missed a day in over 10 months, so I feel I am qualified to write a review. After 6 months and over 900 miles the shoes are still in very good shape. No rips in the leather. The soles have decent wear but I’m guessing 4-6 more months of life left. They still offer the same supreme level of comfort and support as day one. As you can see in the pictures there is one spot where the sole has started to separate from the upper. I’m guessing super glue will fix this. They are not water proof so if it’s raining expect wet feet. The inserts that came with the shoes are still in great shape with little wear Overall I am very happy with the shoes and would recommend if you are a serious walker and are looking for a very comfortable shoe right out of the box. I give them 4 stars due to the cost, the sole separation in that small spot and lack of a resoling option. Read more

  6. Bill R.

    I have a condition called Morton’s Neuroma. It is VERY painful but can be relieved when certain shoes are worn. These shoes were recommend to me and I just got my second pair… they have been fantastic. I walk my dog 2-5 miles EVERY day. The MW840v2 has kept me pain free and have worn better than the shoes I’ve previously worn and are MUCH less expensive. I love ’em and highly recommend them whether or not you have Morton’s Neuroma. Read more

  7. TXBD

    I buy a lot of shoes. Because of swelling feet and foot pain. These shoes helped on both. Toe box area provides space. The shoe helped with foot pain. Did not eliminate the pain but reduced it enough for me to walk like regular person. I don’t think the inserts will last me long. I am a big guy and I can already feel where foot is already worn out the insert. Best shoe I found in a while. Read more

  8. David C. Kuykendall

    840’s are the only sneaker that i have found that both fit and work with my orthotics–sneakers must be neutral to avoid over corrections. I have had serious Planter Fasciitis fpr 8 years and extremely serious neuropathy for 7. I have actually spent over a $1k on sneakers and these are the only ones i can wear. Read more

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