Guys’s 656s cotton group athletic sock multipairs

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  • 81% cotton, 18% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • made with usa cotton
  • aquafx moisture manipulate keeps ft dry and comfy
  • bolstered toe for long lasting durability
  • complete cushioned foot and clean consolation toe seam
  • top rate high-quality smooth cotton with stretch
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product description

get extra remedy and guide whilst you are at the go together with the extra cushioning. The reinforced toe offers extra sturdiness and allows make your sock last longer. Best for ordinary use.


One Size, 6-12, Shoe Size: 6-13, 12-16


Black (6 Pairs), White (6 Pairs), Black (12 Pairs), White (12 Pairs), Black & White (6 Pairs), Black/Grey Work Sock (6 Pairs), Grey Heather (12 Pairs), Grey Heather (6 Pairs), Khaki Heather/Taupe Heather/Brown Heather (6 Pairs), Washed Blue Heather/Navy/Midnight Heather (6 Pairs), Khaki/Olive/Black/New Navy/Red/Brown Heather (6 Pairs), Black & White (12 Pack)

6 reviews for Guys’s 656s cotton group athletic sock multipairs

  1. M. Craig Stockwell

    Spoiler: I liked Gold Toe the best! I wear white cotton crew socks basically every day, two pairs on workout days. I wear them with high-impact athletic shoes, work/walking shoes, and occasionally heavy work boots. I want them to last (no holes, no saggy tops), I want them to be comfortable, and I want a fair value for my money. So when I retired my old inventory nearly two years ago, I picked up five different brands of white crew socks. Durability: As I wore the socks, I tried to be very diligent about ‘rotating stock’ — pulling socks to wear from the right-side of the drawer, putting in freshly-laundered ones on the left. In theory, they all received about the same amount of wear-and-tear. Wigwam (2/5): Unraveled at the top quickly — after the first washing, three socks; after the third or fourth, almost every sock had loose tops. These thick socks took around a year before I started seeing holes in the toes or heel. Under Armour (4/5): Some unraveling around the 8 or 9 month mark, no holes until year two. Fruit of the Loom (3/5): Little unraveling, but heels thinned before the end of the first year, leading to holes. Hanes Cushion Crew (3/5): Modest unraveling, but moderate holes at toes and heels around the 9-12 month mark. Gold Toe Cotton Crew Athletic (5/5): Outstanding — so far, no unraveling; two toe holes, one heel hole. Comfort: There’s two factors for me — first, softness; second, thickness/padding. Also, I’m not looking for a compression sock (like for when I fly, or if I develop CHF) — nothing *too* tight (and none of them were). Wigwam (3/5): Very thick (for a crew sock), well-padded; stiff — even after months of washing, they almost felt starched. Under Armour (5/5): Good thickness; started soft, became even softer after a few washes. Fruit of the Loom (3/5): Felt slightly thin; good softness. Hanes Cushion Crew (4/5): Good thickness; slightly stiff, but not as bad as Wigwam). Gold Toe Cotton Crew Athletic (5/5): Thick, but not too thick; softest out-of-the-plastic, and better as time went by. Value: All bought on the same date, non-sale prices (just standard Amazon prices) Wigwam Super 60 Crew ($2.97/pr) Under Armour Charged Cotton Crew ($2.50/pr) Fruit of the Loom Heavy Duty Crew ($1.81/pr) Hanes Cushion Crew ($1.78/pr) Gold Toe Cotton Crew Athletic ($1.72/pr) Read more

  2. KT

    As others have stated Goldtoe quality has gone way down. For years I’ve worn and been please by Goldtoe, but they are made differently now and the lower quality is immediately apparent. The tops are sewn over which makes them more constrictive and will allow them to unravel easier over time. The tops are thinner with cheaper ribbing. The heals are less well reinforced. The knitting all around is thinner (i.e., lower thread count). Consider these as a cheap knock-offs unless Goldtoe reverts to previous quality. Can anyone recommend a current brand comparable to the old Goldtoe? I would gladly pay more for a better sock. Read more

  3. DSM

    I wanted to wait a little while before submitting a review so I can find out how well these socks hold up over time. I saw a lot of reviewers mention that the quality of what they have received recently was not as good as before in the past. For me, I have found that these work just as well as previously. I’ve had these socks over the years and my most recent set is almost a year old and still holding up well. Actually, even after being on my feet for 10+ hours/day and washing these over and over again they still hold up. These are thick enough to give padding but not too thick to cramp your shoes. They seem to wick away moisture quite well, better than almost any other sock I have used. I think these socks also keep your feet warm in mildly cold temperatures. One of the only negative aspects I have found is that they loosen up around the ankle after hundreds and hundreds of washes and usage, but for the price any other competition will as well. I will continue to purchase these socks for my ever day use. Read more

  4. quinnley

    Checked before ordering as wanted high cotton content and no polyester, which makes my feet sweat. As others have noted, gold toe standards seem to have dropped. Immediately upon putting these on I noticed the sole didn’t have the cushioned feel that my gold toes used to have. Too bad, wont buy gold toe again- too expensive for this quality level. Two stars is generous. I hope this information is helpful for other buyers, See images. Advertised (see screenshot) as: 81% cotton, 18% Nylon, 1% Spandex Product label: 72% Cotton, 18% polyester, 9% Nylon, 1% Spandex Product page now (3/7/17) updated to state: Black: 78% Cotton/1% Polyester/19% Nylon/2% Spandex, White: 78% Cotton/11% Polyester/9% Nylon/2% Read more

  5. CParas

    Nothing but fuzzy black crap! This junk is going in the garbage, and I will continue to where my 5 year old black gold toe socks that have outlived their useful life. Why? Because the older ones are much more better than this crap! Read more

  6. SCE

    I have bought these socks every few years for as long as I remember. Every year the cut and feel change a little, which is ok. But not this year. These are the tightest, most uncomfortable socks I have ever tried to wear. After one day, my legs were throbbing from reduced blood flow. Washing/drying didn’t help. Sending them back for a refund. Stay away from these, I say. Read more

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