Guys’s 656p cotton sector athletic socks multipairs

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  • white: 78% cotton, 16% polyester, 5% nylon, 1% spandex; black: 81% cotton, 18% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • gadget wash
  • aquafx moisture control maintains ft dry and secure
  • complete cushioned foot
  • made with splendid smooth cotton and smooth comfort toe seam
  • durable reinforced toe
  • convenient black and white combination 6 pair p. C.
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product description

gold toe game is the precise balance of comfort and sturdiness. These versatile socks are provided in a ramification of colours and patterns appropriate for the health club, at domestic, or on the road. Plus, when you see our iconic, bolstered gold toe, you understand they have been constructed to last – so that you can attention much less in your ft and more on attaining the end line. Zone silhouette hits above the ankle.


One Size, Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 6-13, Shoe Size: 12-16


Black & White (6 Pairs), Black (12 Pairs), Black (6 Pairs), White (12 Pairs), White (6 Pairs), Khaki/Olive/Black/New Navy/Red/Brown Heather

8 reviews for Guys’s 656p cotton sector athletic socks multipairs

  1. Ed Seith

    Gold Toe used to be the Gold Standard for socks. They were thick, warm, and lasted forever, or at least 12-18 months for an abuser like me. Not anymore. Half of them were thin and almost threadbare out of the packaging, and a month later, at least 10 of the 24 socks are in the trash because of holes worn in them. After at least a decade of reliable socks, gold toe is done. I’ll never buy them again. It’s like they’re made with “Trump gold” now – cheap, tacky, and worthless. What a waste, and what a shame. Read more

  2. Jace Keister

    Have been wearing gold toe socks for years, in fact the few old pairs I have left still look to be in good shape after 5 years. However, these new gold toe socks appear to be lesser quality. The material feels less dense and one of the socks literally became see-through on spots around the ankle elastic after the first wash and after the second wash has completely started disintegrating. Disappointing as they are rather expensive for this kind of quality. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I received these socks today. After trying a number of other brands I was excited to go back to gold toe socks. Unfortunately, they are no longer a quality name. I admired what I though to be quality stitching and cushioning before putting on one pair and after about a hour of use (mostly sitting) I noticed a hole in one sock while sitting with one leg crossed over the other. I looked at the other foot and saw another hole in a different spot. I took off the socks to snap a couple pictures of the holes. Ridiculous when you pay this much for socks for them to last about half hour. And this was after our robot vacuum cleaned the house and there was nothing on the floor for the socks to have gotten caught on. They are cushy, I’ll give you that but otherwise no thank youm Read more

  4. CNK.

    Well constructed but poorly designed – the upper cuff, instead of being finished off in a conventional, seamless way, is finished, folded 1cm or so into the sock, and then sewn there in a way which leaves a noticable ridge inside and a minor line of irritation. I’ve been wearing them with the upper cm folded down on the outside – and they’re fine like this, but seriously, I’d expected better from gold toe, which has been fully satisfactory in all their others lines of socks I’ve had. Assuming I was shipped the right variety, I’ll never buy this product again, though I still like gold toe otherwise. Read more

  5. Deb

    I absolutely hate to write a negative review, especially since this product used to be a good one. But, I have no choice. I want to save others from wasting their money, as I just did. The first time I purchased the Gold Toe socks, they were wonderful. They lasted a long time and the toes were legitimately reinforced. I purchase these socks a few days ago. They arrived yesterday and my husband wore his first pair today. He came home from work with holes in the toes on both socks. Upon inspection of the socks I found that the so-called reinforced toe area was anything but reinforced. The toe material was far thinner than the rest of the sock. So, in 8 hours of wear, both socks had large holes in the toes…and if you are thinking it was toenail induced, he had just completely groomed them….so the problem is definitely with these very cheaply made socks. What a disappointment! Will send them back to the company, for sure. Read more

  6. DRM

    In 1 of 3 packs ALL the socks had holes in the toes area. Usually my husband loves these socks… I bought him 3 packs a few months ago to give for Christmas. And when he opened the one pack every single pair had holes near the toe part in different spots. It is strange. I am guessing it is the quality of the fabric used at the time. I am very disappointed. Even more so because It is too late to return them now. I suggest opening them as soon as you get them to make sure the quality is up to GOLD TOE normal standards. DO NOT WAIT like i did. Read more

  7. djnt369

    I was about to write a review and was surprised at all the negative reviews. My 14 year old has a 14 foot, which is pretty difficuklt to find socks for. We purchased these originally in 2016 and he loved the six I bought so much that he wanted more. So in 2017 I bought 12 more. He wears these socks every day for all sports (football, basketball, track and wrestling) and they have held up well. He goes thru two pairs a day, so they have been washed many, many times and are still in fantastic shape. I don’t know what these socks were like prior to 2016 when we purchased them, but we have been pleased witht e quality of these socks. Read more

  8. Larry B

    Starting 8 years ago I stopped buying any socks but black ankle socks. After testing multiple brands, I exclusively bought Gold Toe socks at Target. They were the kind with a gold bar stitched across the toe area. I bought these for several years but Target stopped carrying them. 2 years ago I found socks like these at Belk and, while looked different than my old socks (they had the gold area all across the toes and not the single thick gold stitched bar) the socks were almost just as good for thickness, comfort, and durability. Since I only bought 6 pair and I’ve worn them every day for 2 years, they’re just now fading and I wanted to get a new batch. After wearing and washing these new socks from Amazon, I believe they are on par with what I bought 2 years ago at Belk. And while I agree that they are just a little bit less cushiony than the originals I had been buying 8 years ago, they are still very good and FAR BETTER than anything else I can find in a black, low-rise sock anywhere in 2020 for any price. Read more

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