Guys’s 6-percent comfortblend strengthened low reduce socks

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  • forty eight% polyester, forty two% cotton, 8% rayon, 1% spandex, 1% nylon
  • imported
  • machine wash
  • most cushioning around the foot (complete foot cushion)
  • double difficult sturdiness
  • freshiq advanced odor technology facilitates combat smelly feet
  • consolation toe seam
  • suits guys’s shoe sizes 6-12
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  • what length shoe do they fit?
  • query: what length shoe do they match? Solution: it is one length healthy all….. However i”m a length 10 1/2 and i found them to match very tight……. In case you are length 9 or smaller it have to be good enough through nash boxley on september three, 2019 didn’t get answers. See extra solutions (three) fall apart all answers

  • how’s the thickness?
  • query: how’s the thickness? Solution: about average by using alex r on february 19, 2019 crumble all answers

  • are these taken into consideration “no show”?
  • query: are these considered “no display”? Answer: no, these are ankle socks by way of eric on february 14, 2020 didn’t get answers. See extra solutions (1) disintegrate all answers

  • are there any sox that match beneath the ankle?
  • question: are there any sox that in shape below the ankle? Answer: i trust a few sport socks healthy simply beneath the ankle. By using tommy rickman jr on march 24, 2021 disintegrate all answers


    Shoe Size: 6-12


    Black, White

    8 reviews for Guys’s 6-percent comfortblend strengthened low reduce socks

    1. UncleD

      My adult daughter told me I needed to upgrade from my white gym socks when I do my morning walk. These are comfortable and make me look stylish which is critical to this retired guys self esteem. Read more

    2. Slim

      PROS: • Feels comfortable • Provides good fit for a wide range of feet sizes • Durability is ok as the elasticity has not been stretched after numerous washes • Keeps feet relatively dry and regulates temperature well to prevent moisture CONS: • Listing photos shows contrast between black and a lighter shade of black, but socks received was all black, therefore photos not accurate to true product, and appears to be the older version • Material in newer version is thinner than older version • Inside cotton always get stuck to underside of feet (noticed this every day after taking off socks from gym to shower and seeing black cotton being washed away) • Logo has started to fade after some washes, so quality is questionable Read more

    3. D. Johnson

      These are lower quality than any other Hanes sock ive ever had. I am not sure if these are counterfeit, made for Africa donations, or Hanes just extremely lowered their quality standards. I am questioning why their arent more poor reviews because its obvious these are not standard Hanes socks. First the packaging appears legitimate, however the first red flag is the word “hanes” on the socks are made with single stitching and some letters are barely visible. Next if you flip the sock inside out the inseam stitching inside the socks are full of loose ends. The material of the socks feel like sandpaper which might be the material but it burns on your feet. These were absolutely not made by the same manufacturing process that the Hanes you buy from the box stores came from. I would not buy again. Read more

    4. Amazon Shopper

      Socks apparently aren’t all the same because these are trash. 1) They don’t have a consistent fit. Out of the bag, some are too tight and some are too loose. 2) The material is coarse and abrasive. Not a good feeling 3) The socks don’t stretch much, so the bad fit is even more apparent 4) The material stays wet and attracts filth. My feet would look cleaner if I were barefoot. 5) After only a single wash, the socks had pilled to look like 5 year old socks 6) The fibers aren’t strong and they rip after being worn once Read more

    5. DeliriousGA

      The pictures for these socks show about 1 1/2″ from the top of the heal to the top of the sock. That is what I was looking for to replace my old socks, but the socks that were sent were only about 1/4″ from the top of the heal to the top of the sock. They fall down in my shoes, are very uncomfortable and definitely not as advertised. Read more

    6. Andrew Peyronnin

      Cheap, comfortable, and fairly durable. I’ve had these for awhile and most of them are still in perfect shape. The elastic still seems to be stretchy, and I haven’t had any seams come apart. Read more

    7. BookMan

      I am very pleased with these socks. I was in need of clothing and was unable to go home or go to the store. I took a chance and ordered online. Again, these were exactly what I needed and would not hesitate to order again. Read more

    8. David K.

      I figured I would try these out since they were a good price and they are (at least from the picture) the same ones I usually get from the store. I don’t worry too much about my socks as long as they fit. When they came I was pleased to see that they were in fact the right size and almost exactly the same as the last package that I got. The only difference is that the gray patch on the sole of the foot between the heal and toe patches was darker gray. This is not a problem for me as the only time anyone would see that is if I was not wearing shoes which I don’t leave the house without wearing, and honestly, I could care less anyway. After washing them I tried them on and they were the same as all of the other Hanes socks that I have worn in the past… Size, thickness, softness, all the same. I will purchase them again once I need new socks. Read more

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