Guys’s 6-p. C. Ecosmart comfortblend over-the-calf socks

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  • 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 3% rubber, 1% spandex, 1% nylon
  • compact cushioning gives you all the consolation without all the bulkiness.
  • breathable cotton blended with spandex for a higher healthy.
  • double tough durability.
  • consolation toe seaming, our maximum cozy seam ever.
  • available in a handy 6-%.
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  • are these crew or tube socks?
  • question: are those group or tube socks? Answer: these aren’t tube socks, which haven’t any heel. Those have a heel. They may be like group socks however taller to head over the calf. With the aid of littleguns on june 26, 2019 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (four) fall apart all answers

  • are these socks comfortable, i have cushion socks that i bought at a store and they may be good enough however i want to know how those honest to the ones approx.?
  • the socks i purchased had been knee-high over the calf black coloration. On the bottom is the word hanes in red coloration, which i in no way note of direction due to the fact they are on the bottom. I assume if i have been ever to take my shoes off and put my toes up a person may note, but it’s no big deal. For the reason that socks are black they go along with all other garments, dress clothes or jeans and a t-shirt. I’ve in no way offered or worn cushion socks so i can not compare them to those socks but what i love is that those socks are not as thick as sports socks however also now not as thin as get dressed socks; they’re just proper! I walk two miles an afternoon to and from my process and now not best are they’re so secure however they have got in no way fallen down! See less

  • is this for one pair or a %?
  • question: is that this for one pair or a %? Answer: 6 in a percent by using compo apparel dealer on october 26, 2015 crumble all answers

  • do they go away black fuzzies on carpet?
  • query: do they go away black fuzzies on carpet? Solution: my carpeting is dark. I’ve not observed any fuzzies at the carpet. By using michael on november 25, 2016 failed to get answers. See more solutions (4) collapse all solutions


    6-12, Shoe Size: 6-12


    Black, White

    7 reviews for Guys’s 6-p. C. Ecosmart comfortblend over-the-calf socks

    1. TwoBigScoops

      Pros: Made in the USA Lightweight Perfect for my foot/leg size (see photos). Stop just below the knee and stay there. Cons: 49% cotton, not 80% as listed. Great everyday, casual, lightweight sock. stretches comfortably tight to just below my knee and they stay up all day. See photos for measurements to get an idea of how they’ll fit you. In the photos, I’ve stretch them to their max; you won’t be able to stretch them any more than I have and if your feet/calves are bigger than mine, you may find these a little too tight. Read more

    2. Shawn J

      TLDR; bottom-line: if you have skinny legs and like thin socks, these are for you. If not, I wouldn’t recommend them. This is a decent sock in that it covers the foot and calf, but don’t expect a long-lifespan. I bought them to have a sock tall enough to be longer than my military jump boots. I chose these socks based on the mostly good reviews and price point. Having worn them on and off now for several weeks, I agree with many of the other reviewers in that they feel cheaply made and are very thin. The thinness might be a perk on hot days, but won’t offer much on the cold ones. My biggest issue is that I have large calves,18 inches around, and these socks are VERY tight when pulled over my calves. They are so tight it becomes uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods of time and so I tend to not pull them up all the way–defeating the long sock purpose. I DID NOT receive any discounts, free samples, or other offers for these socks. I am a regular Amazon customer that appreciates reviews from similar buyers. Read more

    3. NEURO

      These socks have terrible & weak quality and each sock developed holes in the soles within a couple weeks of wearing them. I bought two packages of these (12 socks total) 4-5 months ago and all of them developed holes and have been thrown away. Typical usage: Wearing a fresh pair every day and and walking around my home with tiled & carpeted flooring. That’s it. Never outside without slippers or shoes, not on broken glass, not on rocks, not on sandpaper. Mostly worn inside my home or wearing normal shoes when running errands…and they all developed holes, starting small, then quickly into large gaping holes. I should have returned them for a refund when the holes started, but it just wasn’t worth the effort & hassle. I just wore them all till they all failed, but I would like either a refund or another two orders of them as a form of compensation. Fruit of the Loom makes a comparable sock that I’ll give a try next time. Other than that, the socks were comfy, but an utter waste of money and a disgrace to the once proud Hanes name. Read more

    4. B. Gulko

      Product: Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Comfort Blend Over-The-Calf Socks These socks report 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 3% Rubber, 1% Spandex, 1% Nylon on Amazon’s web page (see attached). I ordered them for the high cotton content that I prefer. When they arrived the package was marked 49% cotton, 36%Polyester, 10% rayon, 4% rubber, 1% Spandex (see attached). The material felt synthetic, which I dislike. Attempting to initiate a return. Did not put on, so have no idea about fit, but Amazon seemed to require an entry to post the rest of this review. Read more

    5. JimmyD

      Very impressed by this sock. Very comfortable, not too bulky, not too thin. Looks durable but time will tell. I’m 6’1” in height and wear a size 12 shoe. I’m in law enforcement and primarily wear a tactical type boot. I wear these socks for work and wish they were about a 1/2” longer because it’s just short of getting to a point above my calf where it won’t fall down some during a day of work. For the most part it stays up despite being a little short yet it doesn’t tighten up on my toes as some othe brands have done. I’ll be getting more of these if they last. So far it’s only been 2 weeks and I’m satisfied. Read more

    6. P Shadwick

      I am a female and I have a removable cast on my leg and trying to buy socks that go up to my knee to wear with this cast. I ordered these thinking they are for men that they would fit over my calf but they do not and are too tight. My husband is a small boned man at 140 lbs and they are almost too tight for his calves. They are nice socks but just wish the calve part of the sock was a little larger around. I do not have been feet and I am small boned but I have large calves for my ladies size 7 1/2 foot. Read more

    7. Milo

      I really like these socks, and I’m pretty persnickety about socks. So far, anyway — I’ve only had them for a few days. The fabric is thinner on the top of the foot from the instep to just behind the toes, but not overly thin.There is a seam going across the bottom of your toes, but you can’t really see it. The socks go all the way over the calf to just below the knee, like they should and as I want my socks to do, and so far I haven’t noticed them falling down. If they do, I’ll update this review. I would not call these athletic socks, but I wouldn’t call them dress socks, either. Just casual socks, I guess. You could probably get away with wearing them as dress socks if you so desired. Now if they would just stop sewing “Hanes” in red thread on the soles. And yes, as other reviewers have said, they’re not 80% cotton. False advertising. But I’m OK with the fabric. Read more

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