Guys’s 6-p. C. Double dri moisture wicking no display socks

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  • sixty eight% cotton/ 29% polyester/ 2% spandex/ 1% different fibers
  • made in united states of america or imported
  • socks closure
  • gadget wash
  • double dry generation wicks moisture far from skin for cooler, drier comfort
  • cushioned foot backside adds comfort in excessive impact areas
  • arch aid provides a relaxed, strong suit
  • gentle cotton-wealthy knit with spandex for higher match
  • knit-in logo
  • 6-pair p. C.
  • suits shoe sizes 6-12
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product description

be your own champion with our cotton-wealthy no display socks. Those double dry overall performance socks are engineered with champion signature great, suit and era to take you to whole new stage of comfort and overall performance. Now you may pass and experience as splendid as you appearance. Designed for the manner you live.


6, 10, Shoe Size: 12-14


White, Black

8 reviews for Guys’s 6-p. C. Double dri moisture wicking no display socks

  1. Sherry&David

    These Champion socks are by far the best I’ve owned! They are so comfortable and feel great on my feet! The fit of the socks is incredible! I was hesitant about these at first because I’ve tried a lot of socks that are similar to these in price but nothing has come close to these. The thickness of the sock is great it feels like it should hold up for a while, but overall I would definitely recommend these socks to anyone that has a hard time finding socks big enough to fit your feet! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Also if you found my review to be helpful please check this was helpful! Read more

  2. Shervin

    Great style and feels very comfortable but the quality is terrible. It only takes a few cycles of wash and use before the heels develop a hole. Had they reinforced the heels so that it would last longer, it could have been a 5 start product. I hate companies and products that waste environmental resources and deliberately manufacture a product that falls apart so that they can sell more. Raise the price and create something that lasts. Read more

  3. Matthew W

    I like these socks, but they are a tiny bit too small. I have pretty big feet (size 12 in most shoes) and can never seem to find socks that fit in a brick and mortar store, they seem to think adult men have a one size fits all foot size. So I looked here on Amazon for a larger sized sock and was happy to find these. They are great socks; thick, soft cotton with a small logo so I can easy pick mine out of laundry. The only reason they didn’t get 5 stars is the sizing. I bought these for large feet, the packaging says sizes 12-14, I’m supposed to be on the low end of that. These fit me, but just barely, I’m not sure what someone with a size 14 foot would do. Read more

  4. magicharp

    I really like these socks, they are made of thick cotton, are comfy and absorb sweat very well. I ordered these three times, two from the prime seller and once from another seller. The non-prime seller sent me socks that are very thin and completely synthetic. They wanted me to pay for the return as well as charging restocking fee for their inferior product. The original product is very high quality, so make sure you buy it from the right seller. (5->4 stars for lack in quality control among sellers) Read more

  5. Long-Term Product Reviews by Hugh&Co.

    This is my first time wearing ankle socks and I’m in my mid-late twenties (sounds crazy I know). I have always been using long socks however in the summer, it gets too hot. Being the first ever, no show sock, I can say that these are super comfortable. I honestly wear them everyday now with my wardrobe. Even after washing them, they still fit nice and snug. I feel like some other socks after washing, get thick, scratchy, and lose their softness. These have been washed several times over and have been durable throughout. I ended up buying another 6 pack considering the price and how good they feel. I ordered the size 6-12. I wear sizes 10/10.5 on my shoes and they fit as expected. Overall, a great buy! Read more

  6. Philip Welsh

    Incredibly low-quality fabric and stitching. Started developing holes / tears at heels and soles after the third wash; three months after purchase, all 6 pairs had fallen apart and were unwearable. This seems to represent a trend in the garment industry over the past few years, with everything cheap and foreign-made; rarely does a pair of socks or boxer shorts last longer than 4 months anymore. Sad. Read more

  7. Zenguy

    I am somewhat picky about socks. I am tired of those very thin ones that come in packs of a zillion in big box and discount stores. They have no cushioning and usually feel rough. I like socks that feel soft and have some underfoot padding. It’s also a must that they stay up rather than sag into the back of the shoe. These ones fit the bill. Nice and soft, well-padded, some arch support at midfoot, and they stay in place nicely even while exercising. I wear these in my gym shoes and enjoy how they feel. The little things make a big difference especially day after day. These socks are a good value and I am officially getting rid of those cheap thin socks and replacing them with these! Read more

  8. Buck Minster

    Higher quality than the 3x expensive Soft Breath Performance Running Socks I purchased at same time. Thicker / more cushion and still cooler / more breathable due to higher % cotton. No pilling, stretching, fading after ~10 wash cycles. Like most cotton socks they tighten up in wash so, I recommend ordering the largest size available. They will stretch back out to fit your feet. Thickness depends on how much stretch. Even if you have small feet (e.g. Men’s 5) the size 10-13 socks will fit fine. They might be too small if you have large feet (e.g. Men’s 13). Read more

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