Guys’s 6-p. C. Arch support no show socks

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  • 70% cotton/ 28% nylon/ 1% spandex/ 1% different fibers
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • double dry generation wicks moisture far from skin for cooler, drier comfort
  • cushioned foot backside adds comfort in high effect areas
  • arch help provides a cozy, strong fit
  • smooth cotton-wealthy knit with spandex for higher in shape
  • knit-in emblem
  • 6-pair percent
  • fits shoe sizes 6-12
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be your very own champion with our cotton-rich low reduce socks. These double dry performance socks are engineered with champion signature pleasant, suit and era to take you to complete new level of comfort and overall performance. Now you could move and feel as outstanding as you appearance. Designed for the manner you live.


10-13, 12-14, Shoe Size: 12-14



8 reviews for Guys’s 6-p. C. Arch support no show socks

  1. Amazon Customer

    This is not 100% cotton Read more

  2. Gary Pilgrim

    I diligently searched on Amazon until I found these socks because they were advertised as 100% cotton. Upon arrival the label showed that they were only 68% cotton. To be fair to the manufacturer, I would have given the socks a higher rating if I had ordered socks that were 68% cotton and 32% polyester, spandex, nylon and latex combined. However, I ordered 100% cotton as Amazon advertised them. I did not get what I ordered. Shame on you Amazon! Yes, I could have returned them for a refund after going to the trouble to fill out a return form and then driving 30 miles one way to a UPS drop off site. It is difficult to justify a 60 mile trip for a $13 item. The socks do make decent car waxing rags but they are not so cool on your feet. Read more

  3. LianeMJones

    Got these for my 13 yr old who wears a size 13 shoes. Ordered them specifically because 1. He wears all things “Champion” and 2. They had a “big & tall” option, since regular sized socks seem to slip off the back of his foot… He loves them. Well, to be fair I ordered these in March, and he probably only has like 1 sock left… but they were really good quality, thick, fit his big foot, & held up to 13 year old sasquach foot. The only thing that would have made them better is tracking devices in each sock. I think he may sell dirty socks on ebay. Even my mom has called & asked why he goes thru 1 pack of socks a month. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    It’s a sock, with equal or better than average feel of quality and adequate material strength & thickness. Of potential negative implication is the sizing might be tight in feel for those at the upper range of the sizing, but certainly should “fit” on the foot. I am a shoe size 10.5, and am used to buying socks packaged for the size range of size 10-13. This product is packaged for a size range of 6-12, and is noticeably tighter than I am used to, but OK. If I were size 12 or “wide”, then this product would very likely be uncomfortably. I give it 5* because it suits my needs adequately and I cannot personally confirm that it is too small for a size 12, but I would buy a sock sized 10-13 over this 6-12 sizing. Read more

  5. mark Allen kaeppel

    It sounds strange but every time I wear these short socks, i get comments from women, always positive. There is just enough exposure of the skin to warrant this phenomena. They are soft and warm, and cannot be beaten for this price, Bravo ! Read more

  6. Gordon Gonzalez

    False advertisment of the content of the product. These athlete cotton soxs were advertised as 100 percent cotton. Because I bought these for wear during my hyperbaric oxygen treament which require that all my clothing during the treatment be 100% cotton,I am greatly disappointed. The content of the sox are: 70% cotton. 28 % polyester, 1 % spandex and 1% nylon. The reason the clothing has to 100% cotton because the volume of oxygen under abnormal pressure will cause clothing to ignite. Read more

  7. Arianna

    When I first put them on, the first thing I noticed was that something about the socks was coating my toes and leaving a strange texture on my toes. When I wiggle my toes around, they just feel weird. I had not washed the socks yet, so I thought the strange coating would go away upon wash. Not so! Also, all of the socks have loose strings inside them, which was a very unpleasant surprise for my feet. I had to flip all of the socks inside out and cut the loose strings. I found a string that was almost a foot long that tangled my toes. Not only are loose strings troublesome and uncomfortable, but I suspect that cutting these strings will harm the durability of these socks. Not sure if I just received a faulty pack or if this is the true quality of the socks. Nonetheless, I do not like these socks so far. Read more

  8. Beth

    These are good ankle socks. The band around the ankle is not overly tight so they don’t leave marks, but they stay put right where they should. The bottom is nice and thick and is comfy to walk in. Seem to be holding up okay after a couple months, but they do look like they will wear in the ball of the foot faster than anywhere else. They are a great product for the money. Read more

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