Guys’s 6-% overall performance cotton cushioned athletic no-show socks

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  • sixty three% cotton, 30% polyester, 4% nylon, 3% elastane
  • imported
  • gadget wash
  • stock up on have to-have basics with this p. C. Of breathable no-display athletic socks proposing a sector cushion inside the heel and toe for consolation where you want it maximum
  • sector mesh designed for air flow and breathability to control moisture and provide comfort
  • arch compression for support and balance to reduce foot fatigue – enables maintains sock in location
  • area cushioning at the ball and heel of the foot – gives extra protection where you need it maximum
  • ordinary made better: we pay attention to purchaser comments and nice-track every detail to make certain high-quality, healthy, and comfort
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an amazon emblem – stock up on have to-have basics with this % of no-display athletic socks proposing a region cushion within the heel and toe

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6-12, Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 12-14, 12-16


Grey Multi, Black, White

8 reviews for Guys’s 6-% overall performance cotton cushioned athletic no-show socks

  1. E.S.

    If the size chart says 12-16, and you’re a size 13, you would think that the sock would fit, no problem. Sadly no. I don’t get it. These socks are not only too small, but they’re poorly constructed. There is excessive material on the front part of the ankle, and not at the heel, so it feels like the sock is small, but looks like the sock is too big. Also the seams at the toe are way too bulky, like it was made for people with two big toes. When I put a sock on, I don’t want to feel the seams, or know that the sock is there when I put my shoes on. Why is is so hard to find socks for size 13 feet? If anyone has any recommendations, please share them. Read more

  2. Chile

    Product is huge. Does not fit size 7 1/2. The smallest size it could fit is probably a size 9 foot. 6-12 is a complete lie. Price is great and quality seems fine but it still gets a 1 star. Read more

  3. lordbud

    I have purchased nearly every brand of socks over the years – Champion, adidas, nike, saucony, hanes, etc. These are far and away the best fitting and have an excellent design. There is some support in the middle, but not too much. They do not ride down and are very durable. They retain their shape and color through many washings. I have them in black and white. I will buy more and my search is over for socks!!! Read more

  4. Walter

    I purchased the 6 pack of the white size 6-12 no-show athletic socks recently. I wear size 11 shoes and immediately noticed that they were snug, but this mostly has to do with the arch compression. You can see in the photo how the sock is “skinnier” in the center at the gray stripes due to this compression. This is not bad for athletic socks (it’s as advertised), but I was surprised by the contrast of the compression in the middle versus the extra cushioning at the heel and the toe, which is substantial. I think the top, breathable mesh portion of the sock is on the thin side and I’m concerned about durability over time. There are no obscene logos like other brands have, which I like about Amazon Basics. I’m giving a five star rating as I think these are good athletic socks for the price but that might change if durability is less than desirable. Read more

  5. Jeff

    I bought the 12-16 size because my size 13 feet feel very restricted in the standard 6-13 socks that many companies manufacture. I’ve bought other 12-16 sized socks that fit nice and feel relaxed but the Amazon Basics unfortunately feel like a standard 6-13 size, they are tight and restrictive. I would not recommend for people with shoe size 12 or larger. Comfort was mediocre, not too soft, just OK. Read more

  6. Kristofer R

    So, I ordered two packs of the size 6-12. One pack fit great but the other pack must have been the next size larger, because they were way too big. Maybe I should get into making sock puppets because they would be perfect. I saw this problem in another review but figured the company would have fixed the issue by now. Both packs were labeled correctly, but there is no way it’s the correct size. UPDATE – Amazon sent a replacement package which were all the correct size! Read more

  7. RN

    I wear a size 12 shoe. Depending on the brand I might need a 13. It’s worth noting I have a slim foot. I first ordered these socks with the 12-14 option. They were WAY too big. They are loose on my foot. They seem big enough for size 15+ feet (or perhaps feet that are wider than my slim feet). I then ordered the 6-12 option. They are too small. They are almost too tight on my foot. But, I prefer a tighter fit than a loose fit so the smaller option will work. It seems like another option would be ideal – the Goldilocks option for size 12 feet. Make them in three size ranges: 6-9, 10-12, 13-15. They seem like good socks for the price but the size options are not ideal for anyone needing the size at the boundary of the options. Read more

  8. Mary Sparacino

    These socks are pretty good… they feel comfortable and thick enough. My only complaint is that I had to wash them a few times before they stopped shedding. My boyfriend put on a pair to wear straight out of the package and when he took off his socks at the end of the day, his feet were covered in black fabric. After a few washes, they seem to be okay though. Read more

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