Guys’s 6-% freshiq smell manage x-temp comfort cool crew socks

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  • cloth content material: 77% cotton/18% polyester/3% herbal latex rubber/1% spandex/1% nylon.
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • system wash
  • cushioned foot backside for added comfort
  • x-temp technology adapts to your body temperature and pastime
  • freshiq advanced odor era facilitates combat smelly ft
  • wicking cool consolation fabric helps wick moisture and preserve ft dry
  • breathable mesh panels for air flow
  • strengthened heel & toe for durability
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חבילה של 6 גרבי group מאווררים של hanes ישמרו עליכם קרירים ונוחים עם ריפוד מקסימלי סביב כף הרגל ופנלים מרשת נושמת. בד מנדף זיעה cool consolation® יעזור לשמור על הרגליים קרירות ויבשות. הגרביים האלה לא רק נוחים, הם עמידים עם עקב ובוהן מחוזקים. Freshiq® הגנת הריח המתקדמת שלנו תעזור להילחם בכפות הרגליים המסריחות האלו! ספנדקס ותפר בוהן נוח יספקו נוחות והתאמה טובה יותר. Hanes consolation cool belüftete 6er-percent team socken halten sie okühl und bequem mit maximaler polsterung um den fuß und atmungsaktiven mesh-einsätzen. Wicking cool consolation® gewebe hält ihre füße okayühl und trocken. Diese socken sind nicht nur bequem, sie sind langlebig mit verstärkter ferse und zeh. Unser freshiq® fortschrittlicher geruchsschutz hilft gegen stinkende füße. Spandex und komfort-zehennaht bieten komfort und eine bessere passform. جوارب هينس كومفورت كول ذات فتحات تهوية جيدة 6 قطع ستحافظ على انتعاشك وراحتك مع أقصى قدر من التوسيد حول القدم وألواح شبكية مسامية. نسيج كول كومفورت® الماص للرطوبة سيساعد على الحفاظ على قدميك باردة وجافة. هذه الجوارب ليست مريحة فحسب، بل متينة مع كعب وأصابع معززة. سوف تساعد تقنية فريش آي كيو المتطورة على مكافحة تلك الأقدام الكريهة! خياطة مريحة عند أصابع القدم من السباندكس توفر الراحة والملاءمة الأفضل. As meias hanes consolation cool ventiladas vão manter você fresco e confortável com o máximo de amortecimento ao redor do pé e painéis de malha respirável. O tecido absorvente cool consolation® ajudará a manter seus pés frescos e secos. Estas meias não são apenas confortáveis, mas são duráveis com calcanhar e dedos reforçados. Nossa proteção avançada contra odores freshiq® ajudará a combater aqueles pés fedorentos! A costura confortável nos dedos do pé oferece conforto e um melhor ajuste. Hanes 舒适凉爽透气6双装船员袜将为您带来凉爽和舒适感,最大限度地提供减震和透气网布面板。 吸湿排汗 cool consolation® 面料有助于让您的双脚保持凉爽和干燥。 这些袜子不仅舒适,而且还通过加固的脚跟和脚趾部位,持久耐用。 我们的 freshiq® 高级气味保护有助于对抗臭脚! 氨纶和舒适脚趾接缝将提供舒适性和更好的贴合。 hanes 편안하고 시원한 통기성 좋은 6팩 크루 양말은 발 주위의 최대의 쿠션과 통기성 좋은 메시 패널로 시원하고 편안하게 해줍니다. 위킹 쿨 컴포트® 원단은 발을 시원하고 건조하게 유지하는 데 도움이 됩니다. 이 양말은 편안할 뿐만 아니라 뒤꿈치와 발가락을 강화하여 내구성이 뛰어납니다. Freshiq® 고급 악취 방지는 악취가 나는 발과 싸우는 데 도움이 됩니다! 스판덱스와 편안한 발가락 솔기는 편안함과 더 나은 착용감을 제공합니다.


Shoe Size: 6-12


Black, White/Grey

8 reviews for Guys’s 6-% freshiq smell manage x-temp comfort cool crew socks

  1. A. Magill

    I bought these specifically because I wanted plain black socks with absolutely no markings of any kind. That’s exactly what the product picture shows, but the ones I got have an ugly logo across the toes. Returning. Read more

  2. Bruno

    I do outdoor work and wear these socks inside some steel toe boots five to six days a week, for anywhere from 8 to 14 hours a day. It could be that I put all my socks through such hell, that really, no sock will ever be able to survive the onslaught, my demand of remaining intact for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, while I can’t recall precisely when, I believe I bought these socks a couple to a few months ago, and I’m currently down to half the stock. I tend to throw them away once they’ve been holed to the point my toe sticks through. So while these fabric foot condoms stood valiantly in the face of such heated battle, in the end, they were relegated to the same trash bin of history with the rest of the fallen. Read more

  3. Bailey Parenteau

    Prices fluctuate, but at the time of my purchase, these were the cheapest black socks per-pair from a trusted brand. I bought twelve pairs so I can have a uniform casual sock drawer separate from my patterned dress socks. These replaced a hodgepodge of tearing Gildan and some other generic big-box store brand. I’ve cycled through the pairs twice now with some light hiking and general casual use, machine washed and dried. Pros -good value without compromising quality too much -thicker soles relative to other products in its price range, but not excessively thick -not prone to discolor as quickly as others in its price range -cooling technology * Cons -“X-TEMP” branding under foot is too “X-TREME” for me -there are cheaper options on the market that are willing to sacrifice quality for cost * A note on the cooling aspect in these: the cooling technology is definitely noticeable for me, I thought it would work differently than it does. I wear LL Bean hiking boots for general use in Maine’s colder months and mud season, and to hike year-round. These aren’t branded as hiking socks (and certainly aren’t priced like them), but I thought the cooling technology would keep your feet dry as well – not so much. I’m a heavy sweater, and particularly my feet get soaked in long sessions walking around in my boots. Interestingly, though the socks have a fair amount of padding for their price range, once the boots are off, the socks dry very quickly. This means that while the socks don’t do the best job of wicking moisture away, the airflow and breathability is surprisingly good when they’re in an environment that let your feet “breathe.” I also wear a cheap pair of breathable sneakers that pair really well with these- again, I’m normally a heavy sweater, but with airflow, these socks keep my feet dry. Read more

  4. Leeloo

    Okay, I LOVE these socks. I’m a weirdo about my feet. I absolutely cannot stand my feet being bare. They always have to be at least in socks. Normally I buy the cheapo socks from the store, but I decided to sample some new ones and OMG I have been missing out. These socks look better, they feel amazing, and they stay nice and snut on my feet without stretching out or falling down throughout the day. I’ve already bought a second set and intend to buy many more. Read more

  5. PansyHunter

    My shoe size is size 12 in the USA, and these fit nicely. I wanted a sock that wasn’t too thin where I would feel like I had no socks. I also wanted a sock not too thick that I would sweat in it a lot. These socks are in between the too-thick and too-thin, so I loved them. Only downside is that the black lint from your socks will be on your feet after you take them off at the end of the day; my feet sweet a lot normally. I’m surprised that these socks were so cheap $7 for a 6 pairs of socks; I wasn’t sure based on description how many pairs…until i added the socks into my cart. I’m totally buying more. The only reason why I bought these socks was because the heels of my old socks kept getting holes. These socks seem pretty durable in my opinion. Read more

  6. Dave

    At first, I thought I got sent the children’s size by mistake. The “foot” part of the sock was nearly half the size of every other sock I own. But it actually stretches quite easily and fits fine. Maybe a little tight on the leg, as it leaves imprints on my skin after a day at work. It’s not painful or uncomfortable, but hopefully they’ll soften and loosen a little with use. I never considered foot sweat to be a problem, but they do keep my feet dryer than my other work socks. Not completely dry, but pretty close. I was hoping for something thicker, therefor softer, but they’re still not too bad. Read more

  7. Mark B

    These just aren’t the same. My wife asked if I bought socks for kids by mistake. They’re about half the size of regular hanes, then they stretch thin when you put them on. I had to send them back. Was hoping Amazon could be my go to for socks but they’re not there yet. I’ll just buy them at a regular store where I can see what I’m buying. Not sure if they’re real hanes, they might be, but looking at them I couldn’t help but think counterfeit. Read more

  8. Rex Cruse

    I’ve been wearing Hanes 100% cotton crew socks and decided to try Hanes X-Temp Cool Vent crew socks. Having compared the two types of crew socks, I much prefer these Hanes X-Temp Cool Vent crew socks. I wear them all the time now. I notice the difference most on my 5+ mile walks in the early morning. My feet feel cooler in the Hanes X-Temp Cool Vent crew socks. The X-Temp Cool Vent socks also seem to produce less friction with the insole of the shoes I wear, perhaps because of the blend of materials. Read more

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