Guys’s 12-percent freshiq smell control protection and x-temp cool and dry no display socks

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  • 55% polyester, 41% cotton, 2% rubber, 1% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • device wash
  • most cushioning across the foot (full foot cushion)
  • x-temp era adapts to your frame temperature and activity
  • freshiq advanced smell technology enables combat smelly feet
  • wicking cool consolation cloth allows wick moisture and hold ft dry
  • consolation toe seam
  • fits men’s shoe sizes 6-12
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product description

hanes cushioned 12-% no show socks percent a effective punch with long lasting reinforced heel and toe and most cushioning around the foot for maximum consolation. Wicking cool comfort® fabric will assist keep your feet cool and dry. Our freshiq® superior smell safety will assist combat the ones smelly ft! With x-temp™ technology, these socks are designed to adapt for your body temperature and pastime. Spandex and comfort toe seam will provide consolation and a higher healthy.


6-12, Shoe Size: 6-12, 43628


White, Black

8 reviews for Guys’s 12-percent freshiq smell control protection and x-temp cool and dry no display socks

  1. Tolin

    I think Hanes has either gotten very cheap and changed their standards, or they intentionally make an inferior product for Amazon. These are the same line of socks I’ve been wearing for maybe 4-5 years and this set is just trash. Lint all over my toes and feet after wearing, even after the 2nd wash! The fabric is so cheap and awful it also leaves lint and little balls of fabric all over the house and in my shoes. The fabric is not as thick as I’m used to, and there’s a huge noticeable drop in quality compared to the other 20 pairs of Hanes socks I wear. I won’t be buying them again. Edit: after checking the Hanes equivelant at Target these are half the price and awful quality. There’s a huge difference in quality between these and the equivalent in stores Read more

  2. Ryan

    Not happy with my purchase of Hanes men’s active cool 12-pack no show socks (black) AND Hanes men’s active cool 12-pack ankle socks (black). I saw good reviews for these socks on Amazon but that was misleading. These black socks have crumbled quickly and have also left an obvious trail of black fuzz around my house and it’s light tan carpet. I questioned the quality as soon as I pulled them out of the box but I needed socks so I had to give them a go. Some might contest that I have used the wrong setting on my washer but I have been wearing black socks for many years and have never had this problem before. I have not thrown these socks in the trash yet but I am going to have to do it soon and then pick their remains out of my carpet as well 🙁 Read more

  3. Jen N

    So I’m on this mission to find the perfect sock. I want to buy tons of the same sock so that I don’t have to fold socks anymore. If they all look the same, there is no sitting for hours folding socks, no sock bucket of unmatched socks. THESE ARE IT. I’ve read a lot of sock reviews, picked from three of the top sock reviews and these are it. They are my favorite. I’m really particular about socks, maybe obsessive about finding the perfect sock. I love these. So does my family, Every person has the same sock, all black so they don’t show dirt. They are soft, durable, thick but not too thick. Read more

  4. Susan L. Kennelly

    I buy mens socks for work because they tend to have more cushion then ladies socks. I bought the Hanes no show socks at a store here in town. They were super soft, cushy thick and sooo comfortable. The store only had 1 pkg and I loved them so much I wanted more. Amazon is my go-to when I’m looking for something, I very carefully typed in the name of the socks exactly as it was on the package to make sure it was the same thing. I was so excited that they had them but, the ones I got from Amazon were not as thick, not as soft and they feel cheap. Not to mention that the first pair I put on had holes in the toe seems!!! I haven’t checked the rest for holes, but, I will throw these in the back of the drawer and wear them when I don’t have anything else to wear. 🙁 I gave them 2 stars because the one day delivery and service was great as always. Read more

  5. PowerTools

    I had read about the pilling, but I misunderstood. It’s not just pilling after wearing and washing tons of times. Everytime I wear these, they shed like crazy. You know, like when you wear socks without washing them first, but over and over after repeated washing. They lose so much material, I can’t imagine them lasting long. They’re cheap, so I’m not eating any lower, but these are nothing like the Hanes socks I bought before. On the plus side, they are pretty comfortable and fit well. I just anticipate holes forming prematurely. Read more

  6. Mannie

    I am not one to complain about things very much. I’m not one to ask to speak to the manager. And if I am, it’s definitely not about something as simple as socks. That being said, these are the worst socks I’ve ever worn and I they make me so angry. I’ve worn Hanes socks that I buy at Target my whole life so I figured, hey, I need more socks, so let me just buy more Hanes socks, but this time from Amazon because I’m a lazy millennial. These things are terrible. They’re paper thin. I’ve washed them 5-6 times now, and even still, my feet and toes and toenails are completely covered with lint that I have to scrape off my feet prior to getting in the shower, otherwise the lint will clog my drain. They’re not absorbent at all; when I go for a run, my feet are sliding around inside the socks from the sweat. Do not buy them. Hanes, you should be ashamed. Read more

  7. drgnbttrfly

    They are soft and don’t think out like other cotton games socks do. They are more slippery on my kitchen tile floor. Be careful with that. My son wears orthotic braces. Now that he is old enough I bought him the same socks as I knew they would wear well, and because they would provide cushionwhich prevents blisters and sores. The way the socks bounce back into shape no matter what you do keeps them from being easily ruined. I don’t have a single hole in any of mine after three years of regular wear. When doing laundry, I can pick these socks out by touch. Some were accidentally put into the wrong drawer, and when I touched them I knew they were mine, even though they were inside out. Read more

  8. SuzeV

    Great low cut, I wear size 12 men’s and I love these socks. Read more

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