Guys’s 12-% freshiq scent control protection and x-temp cool and dry ankle socks

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  • fifty three% polyester, forty three% cotton, 1% nylon, 2% rubber, 1% spandex black forty nine% polyester, 46% cotton, 1% nylon, three% rubber, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • gadget wash
  • most cushioning around the foot (complete foot cushion)
  • x-temp era adapts on your body temperature and activity
  • freshiq advanced scent technology allows combat smelly feet
  • wicking cool consolation fabric helps wick moisture and maintain feet dry
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • comfort toe seam

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hanes cushioned 12-% ankle socks % a powerful punch with durable strengthened heel and toe and most cushioning across the foot for max consolation. Wicking cool comfort® material will help keep your toes cool and dry. Our freshiq® advanced scent safety will help combat those smelly feet! With x-temp™ technology, these socks are designed to adapt for your body temperature and pastime. Spandex and comfort toe seam will offer comfort and a higher in shape.

6 reviews for Guys’s 12-% freshiq scent control protection and x-temp cool and dry ankle socks

  1. Jeremy

    I bought two packs of 12. Twenty-four socks for about $40. As soon as it showed up, I dumped my entire sock drawer into a Goodwill container. (Yeah, I thought it was a bit nasty too, but my wife insisted). Now, much like an AK-47, all of my socks are interchangeable and I will never hunt for matching socks again. As for the quality of the socks, they are good. I am not sure how much one can say about socks, but they are Hanes’ socks. The one issue is that for ankle socks, they do ride on the high-side up on the ankle. But I am over 40, married, and no longer give a ****. Read more

  2. Buster

    Started off with a 6 pack and enjoyed them so much that I came back for a 12 pack. Originally when I purchased these I was very skeptical. They appeared to be super small to the point where I didn’t think they’d properly fit my foot. To my surprise they had a LOT of stretch, so it fit my size 12 foot with surprisingly no problem. To be clear, the stretch is a comfy stretch. It doesn’t feel constricting, but they are just tight enough as to feel secure in them not sliding down or rotating while you wear them. After getting the socks on, I was wary because they appeared to be quite thin once stretched. These socks were (comfortably) stretched so thin that I could see the color of my feet through the socks. I was very wary and expecting them to tear/rip easily. After a few months of consistently wearing and washing them, they’ve continued to hold very strong. This includes yard work, morning jobs and workouts, and a few times wrestling on rough (shoeless). These socks have proven to hold quite well eventhough they appear to be very thing. Not sure how they made a sock so thing, stretchy, yet durable, but they figured it out. In terms of breathability, they breathe incredibly easily. I’ve never heard of summer socks, but I’d definitely consider these summer socks if you’re the type to wear sneakers most of the time. They breathe similarly to dress socks, yet are still very durable. Thanks to a rainy day I can say that when wet while wearing, they do get rid of water easily and quickly. They don’t get totally dry, but they get dry enough to make the wearer happy enough to continue wearing the sock. The fact that now own 18-pairs should speak for itself. I’m loving these socks. The first 6 pairs have lasted almost 5 months of some very frequent wearing. For anyone wondering, these are the Hanes X-Temp Socks that have writing just below the toes. “Hanes” is in red, “X” is blue, and “Temp” is white. Read more

  3. Juan The Boat Guy

    They seem to be of good quality but there is fuzz that constantly keeps coming off the socks. I’ve been washing them and wearing them for about two months and the little fuzz balls are everywhere. They are all over my foot (see picture) and they are all over my floors and carpet. This usually happens to new socks but it stops after a few washes. It’s honestly too annoying. I’m going to throw them away because I’m tired of finding massive amounts of little black fuzz balls all over the floor. I’m afraid they are going to clog the shower drain. I’m done with these socks. Read more

  4. Jill Catt

    I’m so annoyed with athletic socks and these are no exception. Wicking by definition means ABSORBENT…like a candle wick soaks up the melted wax so it can be burned. These are the OPPOSITE of wicking/absorbent. They are breathable so that moisture can evaporate from your foot through the sock, but the sock itself is in no way absorbent or wicking. This means that if you’re wearing them to work sitting at a desk, or in any place without a lot of airflow around your shoe, or if your shoe itself isn’t very breathable, like a waterproof Merrill, then your foot just stays moist and wet all day and the socks stay dry because the socks aren’t “wicking” moisture away from your foot. Read more

  5. D. S.

    I had purchased this brand and series of socks maybe a year ago and liked the socks just fine. They were cool enough to wear in the Florida heat which is what I desperately wanted, unfortunately they’ve developed holes mostly at the big toe area and soon ran out of hole free options so it was time to get more. I was pleased enough with the originals to see about purchasing more but found that the packaging had changed but the packaging stated new look same great product so didn’t worry and ordered. It’s a great deal price wise but here’s the catch, these are NOT the same socks I had before. They have the same logo on the bottom but are much thinner, slightly smaller and shed like nobody’s business. I mean they shed lots. I had hoped after a couple of washes this would stop but after several washes they still shed every time I wear them. I am now in the habit of picking the black fur off our white bathroom rug every time I strip to take a shower. Unfortunate and will not purchase again. Read more

  6. Philip

    I never write reviews and felt compelled to inform others about this one These socks are the worst socks I have owned. They rub lint off everywhere! Not only is this incredibly annoying to clean (lint always sticks to your feet, even after 5 wash cycles – and imagine walking around in your socks and worrying about leaving black lint everywhere), this CANNOT be good for long term durability. For the price, you get 10 pairs, which is a lot. But what you get in quantity, you lose in quality. Literally, little pieces of these socks get EVERYWHERE. Not worth it. If you care about your socks not rubbing off everywhere, avoid this. Read more

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