Grownup lace up tap shoes t9500

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  • pu leather-based
  • classic oxford complete-sole lace-up faucet shoe
  • screwed on taps with sound board
  • functions heel counter, non-skid rubber patch for safety, and cushioned sock lining for consolation
  • heel measures about 1in
  • women order equal or half length larger than avenue shoe. Guys and kids order 2 sizes large.
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jazz tap lace up shoe with taps which might be screwed on and feature a legitimate board. Other capabilities consist of a heel counter, a non-skid rubber patch for safety, and a cushioned sock lining for consolation.


6, 6.5, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10



8 reviews for Grownup lace up tap shoes t9500

  1. Paige

    I went to a dance shoe store to look for tap shoes for this musical theatre dance class my friends and I are taking. A lady showed us the shoes and said she knew the dance instructor and she only wanted a specific brand of shoes with “a hard toe” and “Screws instead of nails” and they were over $100, I obviously wasn’t going to pay that and my friends mom didn’t want to either. So I looked online for 3 minutes and found these and they looked exactly like the ones I tried in at the store, and they had screws instead of nails so I bought them and read the reviews and determined they were good shoes. They came on time and they are the exact pairs I tried on (just a different brand). They sounded better than the ones I tried on at the store, have hard toes and they were more comfortable. Highly recommend and I am very very happy with them. Read more

  2. Not In The Mood

    A good starter shoe, if you’re unsure that you’ll take more than a few classes. The fit is acceptable, not great, and the taps are thin but they work to give you a basic idea of the steps/sounds of tapping. But… THEY STAAAANK! Oh my lord, but do they smell. I tried every remedy under the sun and, no dice. Put them on the porch? Nope. Tied them in a bag with Odor Eaters and charcoal inserts, newspaper, then fabric softener sheets? Nu-uh. Wiped them down with soap, white vinegar, Dawn dish soap? Not a chance, bub. Since I plan to keep up my weekly tap class, I caved and bought real leather ones, because the smell from these shoes was relentless. I’m talking, as a final resort, I kept them in my trunk in a plastic bag and they ended managed to put a stank alllllll over everything in there! My ArmorAll bottle now smells weird when I take it out to spray the tires. That’s the curse of these babies’ smell. I had said, okay, just tolerate ’em for 4 classes then, as a treat, you can get the fancy ones… Couldn’t do it. That’s how bad they smell. Buyer, and buyer’s nose, beware! Read more

  3. KT

    I purchased these shoes for a tap class this fall. Not knowing how the call would go, I didn’t want to invest in an expensive pair of shoes. These were cheap and had a decent rating, so I decided to give them a try. I ordered my regular shoe size, which is 7M. When they arrived, I thought they felt a little tight, but I decided to keep them anyway. Having worn them for a couple of months, they have definitely loosened up a bit, so I would say order your regular size. The shoes are not leather. They seem to be some kind of vinyl. That being said, they are fairly comfortable and provide decent support. I’m not sure how the sound compares to other tap shoes, but for my purposes it’s OK. If you are just trying out tap, these shoes are just fine. If you are more serious about it or want to have shoes that will last a number of years with regular use, I would order something that’s a little better quality. All in all, for the price, they’re just fine. Read more

  4. Neisha

    I ordered these tap shoes for a school play I was going to be in. Definitely worth 5 stars. It’s a little bit tight when putting them on but they’re very comfortable after wearing them. The texture is nice and it has a good sound. My normal size shoe is a 9 and I decided to get that. It fit nicely but I would suggest going half a size up just in case. Read more

  5. Nicole

    To help with confusion about the sizing: These are Women’s sizes. The seller could have been a bit clearer about that in the description, and I can see why males that bought them thought they were super small. I paid $17 for these, and got exactly what I was hoping for—a pair of tap shoes that I don’t mind beating up while I practice in the garage. I paid over 3 times that for my “real” ones that I wear in the studio, and if you want a high quality pair, that’s what you should expect. As for the smell, it is a bit chemically, but I don’t find it as offensive as other reviewers have. This is a classic case of “You get what you pay for!” I will enjoy them for what I paid for them and what I got them for. Happy tapping! Read more

  6. chappie

    I’m by no means a professional dancer. I just decided that at 30 I wanted to start taking classes. These shoes are perfect for this. If I like it, I may get some better quality, but for now these are fine. They are a tiny bit snug. I wear a street size 8 very consistently, and ordered an 8. They aren’t so tight that I needed to return them, but if you are at the top of a size, you may want to order up a half. They were a little stinky right out of the box (artificial leather/chemical smell) but I let them air out for a few days and now they don’t bug me. Read more

  7. Shell J

    Discount dance may claim to have great customer service but that only applies if you purchase directly through them. If you purchase through Amazon, they will not help you. I’ve purchased several pairs of shoes of all styles as well as many articles of clothing through both their website and through amazon. When one of the screws fell out of our most recent pair of taps I asked if they could either send or sell me a replacement screw. They were super great, yes, no problem just give them the order number. Now I had contacted them through my amazon order but I sent the order number and my address. Their response, you need to direct any needs for replacement items directly through amazon. Seriously? For a screw? That he was totally willing to send me (what one stamp and a label?) And I was offering to pay for….. And even though I did contact them through Amazon, I guess there is yet more I need to do. For a screw. So, good luck. Their prices are good, you get what you pay for. The items usually come as you would expect but if you run into problems, I hope you ordered from them direct. Read more

  8. Katie

    Pro: They are cheap. They tap They wear like shoes Cons: They are cheap and hurt my feet. I bought these to take a beginner tap dancing class. I didn’t want to invest a large amount of money in case I didn’t like the class. These shoes work perfectly well for the beginner class. If you know you like tap dancing, or you are going to be using them for any extensive period of time, I would recommend buying something of higher quality. Read more

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