Grownup break up sole canvas ballet slipper

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  • suede sole
  • please notice: sizes fit 1 length smaller than street shoe length. Order 1 length up for consolation match. Us three. 5 b(m) — heel to toe: eight. 268”/21cm
  • pre-sewn pass elastic straps
  • cut up sole and elastic imported; elastic drawstring
  • suede sole; canvas top and cotton lining
  • high satisfactory, light-weight, gentle, long lasting leather-based
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product description

the danzcue split sole canvas ballet slipper: high amount break up sole canvas slipper, splendid dance shoes with consolation and durability soles. Each in material selection and design is unique. Conventional and round head design with double pre-sewn criss-move straps and adjustable elastic cords.

  • we provide sizes from size adult three. 5m to 11m.
  • we’ve got currently three shades available: red, black, white.
  • size_name

    3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 10 M US, 4 M US, 4.5 M US, 7.5 M US, 8 M US, 8.5 M US, 9 M US


    Pink, Black, White

    8 reviews for Grownup break up sole canvas ballet slipper

    1. Jo

      (This is coming from a former dancer.) Got this as a gift and she’s unable to wear them because of above reasons. Definitely disappointed by this, and of the quality. This is something that should be a physical purchase and not an online purchase. I knew this, but went in with trying to give this a try. Please get from a company that knows the in’s and out’s of footwear for this specific need. Even if you are taking a class once a week at a health facility, footwear and foot health is HIGHLY important especially when dancing. I’m highly suggesting this because there’s no way to tell what grade the materials are when buying online. There’s a lot of trust, that has been proven to me, not worthy of giving when buy a product like this. I have bought shoes, and other things like this, online before and haven’t had that experience that most people seem to get with said products. Maybe I’m lucky, but with this purchase I obviously was not. Wouldn’t recommend this to people due to above reasons. Seller’s were slightly slow on shipping as well, and I don’t know why. No hard feelings on that matter. Just stating a matter of fact. Read more

    2. Tara B

      I needed a pair to use for an Adult Class I was taking at a local ballet school. These worked out well. I have big feet size womans 10 street shoe so I got the 10 and they fit fine. A little tight on my big toe they they loosened up during dancing. They are canvas so they are not tight on your foot and the straps are already sewed. So that was good. I recommend this brand they are well made and shipped fast. Read more

    3. Isabela

      I wear a size 7.5 in street shoes so I order a 7.5 and an 8. Both technically fit me (so I get why people may want to size up) but I do think the 7.5 was the better fit in the end. I prefer the shoe snug without room for shifting. If you have Amazon Prime, might as well get multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit since it’s free. It’s an okay slipper — the seams on the heel and sole patches seem a little clumpy to me and bother me with certain moves, but maybe I just don’t like wearing dance shoes in general. I haven’t had ballet slippers in over a decade, but I needed slippers for my recreational ballet class, and this does the job for a very small cost. Might try other brands/styles eventually. Read more

    4. Julie

      Decent ballet shoes. The canvas is not stretchy like some canvas ballet shoes are. Elastic tie around the top. Fit runs true. I personally prefer the stretch canvas shoes but these work fine. Read more

    5. Ally T.

      I walk around in these all the time. Everywhere. My feet have been soaked from stepping in puddles for obvious reasons(these are not made to be actual shoes), but I just love them as a barefoot enthusiast. I like bringing them to peoples houses to walk around instead of barefoot(some people are weird about it). They run a tad small, but that’s my only complaint. I love just tossing them in the washer/dryer when they’re dirty and having them come out good as new. My mother in law loves them as well so I got a pair for her, I think she’ll be happy with her Christmas gift! Read more

    6. Miranda

      I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to the Bloch slippers I have typically purchased in the past, as I seem to wear those ones out after just a few months of class. These shoes were a bit too large and baggy. The cloth seemed to bunch up a great deal more than any other slipper I have worn where it is gathered in at the sole of the shoe, which made the sole of the shoe (at least around the toes and ball of my foot) uneven. This unevenness gave me blisters between the ball of my foot and my toes. I’m not sure if ordering a size smaller would help with this issue or not. I’m unlikely to purchase another pair to find out. I still keep this pair on hand as emergency backup shoes in case my Blochs go missing, (the issue at the ball of my foot is usually tolerable over the course of a single class and buys me some time to find my primary slippers) or wear out before I’ve had a chance to visit my local dance store. Read more

    7. kimberlyt

      I ordered these because they are half the price of the ones I usually get. These remind me of the shoes I always wore growing up. They have no stretch. I love the new ones from bloch that have some stretch in the fabric. Also I wore these lightly for barely a month and there is already wear/holes near the toe. I only wear them on marley or wood dance floors. I teach dance and take classes as well almost every day of the week and I was wearing these about half the time. I have had my $24 bloch pair for longer, have worn them more, and there are no holes yet! I recommend paying a little more for a better pair if you will be using them seriously. Read more

    8. Dandelion 🌼

      Great flex canvas material. Enables my daughter to flex feet more appropriately. Fast shipping. Got to me one day sooner than promised and was quite pleased. Only drwawback is it’s Made in China. I prefer Made is USA items better! Read more

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