Golfing multi-pocket tote hand bag and valuables pouch

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  • to be had in black, blue, purple and green (every bought one by one)
  • three-zippered pockets
  • attaches effortlessly in your golf bag
  • visible mesh pocket for easy get entry to
  • securely holds keys, glasses, credit cards, tees and more
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product description

the participant ultimate multi-pocket golf tote hand bag and valuables pouch is ideal for storage of private objects and golf add-ons. Features 3 zippered pockets, visible mesh pouch and bag hook.


Black, Blue, Green, Red

8 reviews for Golfing multi-pocket tote hand bag and valuables pouch

  1. SusyM

    Just what I needed to keep me organized. I was always digging around in my one pocket bag trying to find, tees, markers, change, etc. Now I have a separate packet for tees and markers, one for money, and one for pencils, ball markers or bigger objects. The bag has three pockets. The bottom one has a mesh front and is about 3″ high. The second pocket is ⅔’s of the way up the bag and its depth goes to the bottom of the bag. (About 6″ deep) The top pocket runs the depth of the bag. The bag is well made and the zippers don’t stick. Having used this for a couple of weeks, I recommend it.Read more

  2. Mike

    While I am still using it, it started falling apart within 3 weeks of purchase. Fortunately I don’t count on it to hold anything overly valuable. Nylon is fraying around zippers. Very cheaply made that it is not even worth the purchase price. I don’t recommend. Look elsewhere. Seeking another better bag.Read more

  3. Bethany Vaughn

    Perfect little bag to hang on your golf bag to put your tees & couple balls in but quality isn’t great. Bag didn’t last long before one of the zippers broke. This is the second one I’ve purchased for my Dad & it’s broken. Over all I don’t think this is worth the money as it doesn’t last long due to poor quality.Read more

  4. NuuanuMele

    Just what I was looking for to keep small items organized and accessible. What I didn’t realize when I ordered was that each of the 3 zippered compartments are different sizes – each compartment is from the zipper to the bottom of the bag. So the mesh is approximately 1/3 the total size of the bag, the middle compartment is 2/3 the total size of the bag and the top compartment is the full length of the bag. Very handy for different sized items.Read more

  5. Spencer

    Purchased this little hand bag to attach to my golf bag for tees and personal items while golfing. Shortly afterwards, I decided to actually pony up and just buy a new nice golf bag (figure I’ve got to spend the money if I’m going to try and get serious about this sport….) so I don’t really need it anymore, but it served its purpose. Perfect for someone not quite at the point of buying a new bag, but looking to expand on their storage a little. Nice item.Read more

  6. Road King

    I bought this bag to keep my golf tees, markers and divot tool organized in my golf bag. With the three separate zipper pockets I can sort long from short tees and from my markers and divot tool for easy access. The clip hook keeps the bag secure on the outside of my golf bag. I would have given this tote 5 stars but the material that it is made from is a bit light and flimsy so I’m not sure how long it will hold up. All in all a pretty good value.Read more

  7. Frederick

    This is just thin nylon with zippers. Because it is to store and protect valuables, I thought it was going to padded in some manner. It is notRead more

  8. DC721

    I can only give this 3 stars because of quality. Its a decent bag but one zipper already busted off on me and I can tell other issues are not far behind. Don’t expect this to last a long time.Read more

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