Girls’s weekender socks, three pairs

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  • ordinary : 89%cotton, 10% stretch nylon, 1% spandex; heather : 53percentcotton, 29p. Cacrylic, 17% nylon, 1% spandex
  • 87% combed cotton/12% stretch nylon/1% spandex
  • smooth combed cotton
  • spandex for higher in shape
  • group duration, one size fits all, shoe length 6 – nine
  • gadget wash warm, tumble dry low
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product description

gold toe weekend sock is manufactured from combed cotton and stretch nylon. We have blended numerous important shades for the collection packs to cope with all your sock wishes. The white three p. C. Comes with an all white collection. The khaki collection consists of: khaki, oatmeal, and ivory. The black assortment consists of: black, black, and charcoal. The denim assortment consists of: denim, white, and army. Midweight, group length. Strengthened heel and toe. United states of america/imported.


Shoe Size: 6-9


Black Assortment, Denim, Khaki

8 reviews for Girls’s weekender socks, three pairs

  1. A. Carson

    I’ve worn Gold Toe socks for years, though I’ve never ordered them online before. I liked how their thinner dressier socks had no bulky toe seams, so I assumed these would be similar. Unfortunately, that was not.the case. These socks have a thick, bulky toe seam that rubs the tops of my toes. They also much looser than most other socks, meaning they sometimes bunch and crease under my arches. Some colors in the set stay up OK, but others tend to slouch down. I like the look of the socks, with the textured weave and marled yarns, but I always push these socks aside in search of something more comfortable. Would not buy again. Read more

  2. Hillary73

    This is my first time with Gold Toe Socks. I wear a women’s size 9 shoe. This sock will not stay put at my heel. it keeps sliding down to my arch. Ive never had that happen with a pair of socks before. They are a medium weight, not soft but not too scratchy. Fabric seems good quality. I had a favorite brand of socks for years but they have been discontinued. I guess I’ll keep looking for the perfect sock! That being said, what doesn’t work for one person, works great for another. Read more

  3. Flame

    Being advertised as “Regular : 89%Cotton, 10% stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex; Heather : 53%Cotton, 29%Acrylic, 17% Nylon, 1% Spandex; 87% Combed Cotton/12% Stretch Nylon/1% Spandex” but the package doesn’t claim any cotton content over 58% (see photo)! What happened to the good, COTTON Gold Toe socks? They used to sell ones with close to 100% cotton content; I was willing to settle for 89%, but NOT 58%. This is the second type of Gold Toe socks I have tried to purchase online with false material content. Do they assume that people will be lazy and not return them? I also called their customer service number multiple times, leaving messages each time, to try to find out what socks *do* have the highest cotton content. No one ever returned my calls. Can’t wait until the pandemic is over so I can buy some socks at a store where I can look at the label first!!! Read more

  4. S. A. Hudgens

    I ordered these socks because I like Gold Toe and have had good luck with them in the past. The local store that carried them went out of business so I tried another brand, and they were very thin and not at all comfortable. These are warm, comfortable, and just thick enough to go in my tennis shoes or winter boots; therefore, perfect for cooler and colder weather. They don’t slide down while doing my daily two-mile walk in any of the shoes/boots I’ve worn them with, so I’m very pleased. Five star rating for sure. Read more

  5. Margaret R. Dicillo

    I have purchased Gold Toe product before so I thought I knew how they would fit. I bought two packages of three each. The third pair I put on ran smaller than the other two I had previously worn. When pulling them up over my heal and arch they were very tight. After they were on completely on they felt tight also in the bend. I don’t know what this company has done but certainly not high on QC, Quality Control. Why should some fit well and others in the same package fit tight.? I am very disappointed in the manufacture of Gold Toe. Next time I purchase socks I will chose another brand. Read more

  6. Stacey

    I hate these socks. I’m debating whether to deal with the hassle of returning them. I was trying to find a real crew sock, whereas most socks marketed to women as crew socks are really quite thin and more like trouser socks. Based on the reviews, I thought these might be good. The weight and thickness is pretty good, but I found the socks so uncomfortable as to be unwearable, based on two things: 1. The seam near the toes is very thick and creates a very bulky chunk of excess fabric at each end of the seam, which was uncomfortable – I took them off after one minute, and I’d hate to think how uncomfortable they would be inside a shoe. Second, the stupid gold toe thing. In order to make the toe gold, they have all these stitches of extra gold thread, which makes the whole toe area feel textured on the inside, instead of smooth like any other sock. This was uncomfortable. I have no idea why this company and brand of socks is built on having gold toes, I think it is pretty dumb and has been the reason why I’ve never bought them before. Read more

  7. Kail

    I can’t say enough about these socks! I mean – of course they are “only” socks but I find these the perfect “mid-weight” sock for me! After trying really expensive socks and really cheap socks these are the only ones I will buy now. I don’t find the elastic too tight and it lasts longer than the heels. I buy 1 set (3 pairs) every 1.5 years and wear them exclusively from September through April (I live in the Mid-Atlantic area). When the heels wear out I donate them to charity to be made into rags. Read more

  8. Dar James

    As other reviews note, there is a seam along the top of the sock which faces your toes and is uncomfortable. On a recent trip to the city, I had to duck into a store and buy another pair of socks to switch them out before it rubbed the tops of both my feet raw. They are also not fitted and move around. So, if you want them just to wear around the house, they are fine. If you want to put them into shoes or boots, not so much. Read more

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