Girls’s ultra low microfiber liner with gel tab

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  • ninety seven% nylon, 3% lycra spandex
  • imported
  • system wash
  • no show socks for a cozy, bare leg appearance
  • slip preventing gel tab continues liner in area
  • crafted from stretchy microfiber for a incredible smooth experience
  • lycra fiber for a top class match
  • 6 pairs included and to be had in both impartial and various shade assortments
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product description

simply what you’ve got been attempting to find! Those tender and cozy liners by using the peds brand are the appropriate ordinary preference on your footwear needs. A gel tab facilitates hold the lining in location and from slipping off your heel. Plus, a convenient multipack presents you a pair for domestic, paintings and a spare for the fitness center or just to preserve on your vehicle.


Shoe Size: 4-7, Shoe Size: 5-10, Shoe Size: 8-12


6, 12, 9


Black (6 Pairs), Nude (6 Pairs), Black/Beige (12 Pairs), Black/Nude (6 Pairs), Black (9 Pairs), Nude (9 Pairs), Nude/Black (9 Pairs)

8 reviews for Girls’s ultra low microfiber liner with gel tab

  1. Jo

    In my opinion these are not “ultra low cut” as they showed with every pair of flats I own, even though the flats I own do not show toe cleavage. I’ve attached a picture for reference. They did feel very plush and looked fairly well made. I just have no use for them if they are not no-show. Read more

  2. S. Haas

    I love these Peds. They feel great- soft yet sturdy. The gel pad keeps them in place all day. They are barely visible under my shoes. I recommend them and would definitely buy again- although they are so sturdy, I might never need to! Update: I ordered these again since I liked them so much. Unfortunately, although I just selected “buy again”, I did not receive the same product. I should have realized there was a problem when I was told that this time they were coming from China. The packaging was different and so was the product. These gel pads are thinner and the Peds themselves are smaller and cut into my heels. I am not satisfied with this product switch. I would like to know how to get the original product again. I am disappointed in Amazon-a very rare thing. Thus, I changed my rating from five to two stars. 9/5 update. The “secret substitute” Peds are horrible. They shrank when washed and are painful to wear. I got no response from the supplier, so I am down-rating them again. I won’t order these ever again. Read more

  3. D. L.

    Fits small, totally not made of the nicely stretchy material my other Peds are made of. Heel gel tab is less than half the size of my real Peds and thinner. I thought the price was good bc it’s a new seller, but no, the product is fake and of bad quality. There is no fixing this dishonesty, and it’s not worth a trip to the post office for a return. Darker, thicker true Ped with large gel tab on heel & solid seam is on the right. Read more

  4. Erica

    They are exactly what I want, no show socks, good quality, they stay perfectly in place the whole day. I am size 7 in shoe and these socks are tight. They will be really uncomfortable if you have bigger feet. Read more

  5. Shell

    I bought these before and I received 6 pairs of PEDS brand shoe liners–just what I ordered and I was happy with my purchase. I needed some more recently so I clicked “Buy Again” expecting to receive the same product that I had ordered before…I should have known that something was up when I received my order confirmation letting me know that it’ll be a month before I receive my order. The faux peds that I received came in a package sent from the Philippines and are made with a heavy cotton material, that will very likely stretch out the minute you put them on and not retain their shape at all! These have gel “lines” on the back of the faux peds instead of the gel “pads” that are on real PEDS. I’ve contacted Amazon to return these. Read more

  6. Kristin

    Love love LOVE these socks!! Smart purchase! Exactly as advertised, but BETTER! Breatheable, and soft. The gel on the heel is perfect. They stay put and are perfectly hidden when wearing my Sperrys!!! I attached pics so you could see! Usually socks are a tad big since my foot is only a 5. Love these! Read more

  7. Lee5333

    I was hesitate to buy these, as many of the reviewers uploaded photos that depicted a sock that would definitely show. However, the ones I received must have been the good batch everyone was referring to, as I found them to be of the same quality as I’ve bought from Kohls before. I purchased the size 5-10 and wear a size 8 shoe (8.5 depending on the width). The sock barely covers my entire toe, so if you are a size 10 I’d definitely order a size up. The gel tab on the heel is a godsend, as I’ve had no shows before without the gel that did nothing but slip into my shoe and I’d have to dig it out and place it back on my foot. If your shoes are loose (my left foot is slightly smaller than my right, therefore my left shoe has a bit more room than my right), the sock could possibly slip loose, but it doesn’t happen often. My feet sweat horribly, and I can’t wear loafers or any type of shoe without socks, so these are perfect, as they allow me to wear shoes without a sock line AND they aren’t hot at all, so they don’t cause my feet to sweat. Assuming you’d receive the same batch that I did, I highly recommend these socks! Read more

  8. dla

    really like these liners. they are exactly what i needed to wear with my slip-on sneakers, and for my gym sneakers that supposedly don’t require socks, but that i wouldn’t be caught dead not wearing socks while working out extremely hard requirements. i bought the larger size, i think that they were for shoe size 8-12? i wear a size 10, usually, but i really could often times wear a 9.5. these fit nicely, but i think they are just slightly too large. i say this, because when i put my shoes on the heel area slides up just a bit too much on me. i do not have narrow feet, or narrow heels. i think if you are a size 10 or smaller, you might be able to fit into the smaller size. these really would probably be nice for a person over a size 10 shoe size. i am not saying that they are huge on me, but i would prefer not to have to full around with the heel for a minute or so every time i use them. i think the quality is very nice so far. i have worn them once to the gym, in the afore mentioned gym sneakers, and once in my jslides leather slip-on sneakers. they really are great for this. as for people who are wanting to wear them with ballet flats, or the like, i have not tried them for that purpose. Read more

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