Girls’s t2h491 clean reader 25mm -tone stainless-steel enlargement band watch

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  • greater-lengthy two-tone 12mm stainless steel growth band fits up to 7. Seventy five-inch wrist circumference
  • white easy-to-examine dial with date window at three o’clock; full arabic numerals
  • -tone 25mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo light-up watch dial. Leaving the watch in direct sunlight or near a lamp can also reason the watch to turn out to be warm take care of with care
  • water immune to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but now not appropriate for swimming or bathing

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timeless design

for 40 years and counting, the timex smooth reader has been a fan preferred. The long-lasting simplicity of the gathering is precisely what an eye fixed should be: a nicely-crafted and sensible timepiece.

timex smooth reader

authentic to its name, clean-to-study numbers are balanced with the clean dial design.

when it comes to a well-made watch, each element topics. The all-metallic case and mineral glass lens offer energy and sturdiness.

our revolutionary indiglo backlight technology modified how the sector told time in the dark.

quick-launch straps

refresh your favorite watch with our interchangeable short-release straps. Box set comes with a leather-based strap and stainless steel expansion band.

product description

the direct descendant of our nineteen sixties televised torture take a look at survivors, contemporary clean reader is as long lasting as it is classically cool.

the indiglo night-mild uniformly lighting the surface of the watch dial the use of patented blue electroluminescent lights technology. It makes use of less battery energy than maximum different watch illumination systems, allowing your watch battery to ultimate longer.

with the launch of its first watch in november 1974, casio entered the wristwatch market at a time whilst the watch industry had simply observed digital technology. As a company with current digital generation developed for pocket calculators, casio entered this discipline assured that it is able to expand timepieces that might lead the market.

nowadays, casio is focusing its efforts on sun-powered radio-managed watches: the integrated solar battery eliminates the nuisance of replacing batteries, atomic timekeeping way the users by no means need to reset the time. These days, casio released a chain of bluetooth watches that sync to the customers cell telephone to routinely update the time. Casio is constantly shifting time forward.

7 reviews for Girls’s t2h491 clean reader 25mm -tone stainless-steel enlargement band watch

  1. EMudgeSr

    Band was way too large for my wife. Returned it for Timex Women’s T2H381. Amazon listing should have indicated that there are two different versions of this watch. The Timex Women’s T2H491 with a long wrist band and the Timex Women’s T2H381 a shorter watch band. It also would have been useful to state the actual band length of each version of this watch.Otherwise, both versions of the watch met our expectations. Seems to be a nice inexpensive watch. Would buy again.Read more

  2. Tinkerbell

    This is my second or third identical watch (replaced old ones). I love this watch because: it lights up when I need it to; it has a very readable face (I’m over 70 and need easy reads); it gives me the day of the month; the metal in gold and silver is stainless (it won’t corrode from my acidic skin and it goes with everything); and, it’s easy to take off and put on. What more could a girl ask for?Read more

  3. SAR TP

    Being old, I can’t wear a wristwatch or bracelet that pinches my wrist because I bruise easily, so the band length was extremely important to me. I did not want the band to expand while it was on my wrist. If the band is loose, it’s OK, as long as it’s not pinching my wrist. I normally wear a bracelet style wristwatch that is extremely loose. As of this writing, this model (T2H491) is the only Timex I could find with an extra-large expansion band on Amazon. Other models are very similar but have a shorter band. The other type of closure, similar to a folding clamp, would also cause a problem for my wrist. According to the manufacturer’s dimensions, here’s the info:Band Length: 155 mm (6.1024”)Case Diameter: 25 mm (.9843”)Band Width: 12 mm (.4724”)So, measure your wrist with a flexible ruler and figure the wristwatch will fit a wrist diameter that is 7.0867 inches (band length + case diameter) with the band not expanded (that means not pinching your skin). This band fit me exactly, without expanding. It was also important to me to have black hands and numbers since my eyesight is not what it was and I don’t always wear my glasses. The date feature (which is much too small to see with or without glasses) and second hand were not necessary to me. The Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial is a nice feature and is useful to me some of the time, but not necessarily needed. The finish on wristwatches I’ve owned that are not truly gold or sterling silver has either worn off or changed color. I hope the finish on this Timex lasts since the entire wristwatch is not stainless steel, only the band. I was, therefore, looking for a totally stainless steel wristwatch for every day wear. Another desirable feature is the water resistant depth is 30 feet (but note it does NOT say waterproof). Delivery was November 20, 2017. Will update this rating, if things change.May 4, 2021: My battery died about 8 months ago and I just got around to having it replaced today. Well, no need because the watch did not need a new battery, it was broken. This watch has never come in contact with water. I changed my rating from a 4 star to a 2 star. 3-1/2 years for a Timex is not a deal. Won’t buy Timex again. It was a really nice watch while it worked, especially since it had a longer band.Read more

  4. Sonia R.

    Update: 9/16/2018. Watch is still working fine on original battery and the gold tone is unacratched and intact.Nice watch for the price. It has been impossible to find the features of this watch on a better quality watch. Love: face size, date window, non-reflective face, contrasting hands. The night glo light is a bonus. The band measures about 7/16″ wide and the length fits my 6 3/4″ wrist with only a tiny bit of squeeze. Walmart jewelry counter sells this watch so they will take links out. I didn’t inquire if they carry extra links. I don’t like these cheap scratchy expanda-bands, but as long as it isn’t being stretched, the band doesn’t scratch. Just got it so don’t know how long before the gold finish wears off.Read more

  5. Jess S

    Remember you will probably need to have the band size adjusted. A watch repair shop did it for me for $12. Instructions for adjusting it are not included in the package. I tried myself, but just managed to break a link. Removing links is much harder on this small women’s band than on the larger men’s bands I’ve adjusted in the past. Other than that, nice for an inexpensive watch. The day of month display is very small and hard to read. Note that it only has day of month display, not month display. So you have to reset the date at the end of each month that is less than 31 days long. It’s easy to reset.Read more

  6. Susan

    The watch was here when I got home. I ordered because I like Timex for the utility of it. This watch looks very nice. I only set the date and time so not certain how it will work out. If there are any issues I’ll update the review. The band is good if you need a 7 1/4 or possibly 8 inch band. There is another Timex selection for a samller wrist. Read the description carefully.I like it well enough that I ordered another for backup. I’m naked without a wrist watch. Not a person who worships the rectangle (phone). I gotta have a watch!The second one of these arrived. They are both very nice and accurate. I really like this item. Hope you do too.Read more

  7. Linda Ruholl

    This item is a well-made and attractive watch. The band is long enough to be comfortable on the arm of a “plus size” woman. The numbers are crisp and easy to read. The light-up dial allows you to check the time in any environment. The second hand is unobtrusive but effective. The watch has a low profile, so it does not “catch” on clothing or things near the arm. The watch is the perfect combination of appearance and performance, and it is cost-effective as well. I used to be able to find this item locally, but the stores in my area stopped carrying it. So I am grateful to Amazon for making it available – thank you!Read more

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