Girls’s smooth reader stainless-steel bracelet watch

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  • adjustable silver-tone 14mm stainless steel bracelet fits as much as 7. 5-inch wrist circumference
  • white easy-to-examine dial with complete arabic numerals
  • silver-tone 30mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo light-up watch dial
  • water resistant to 30m (100ft): in preferred, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but no longer suitable for swimming or bathing
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undying layout

for 40 years and counting, the timex smooth reader has been a fan favored. The long-lasting simplicity of the gathering is exactly what an eye need to be: a well-crafted and sensible timepiece.

timex smooth reader

proper to its name, smooth-to-examine numbers are balanced with the clean dial layout.

with regards to a properly-made watch, each detail subjects. The all-metallic case and mineral glass lens offer power and sturdiness.

our progressive indiglo backlight technology changed how the sector informed time within the darkish.

brief-launch straps

refresh your preferred watch with our interchangeable quick-release straps. Container set comes with a leather-based strap and stainless-steel growth band.

product description

this conventional, stylish design has been a fave because 1977. This timex clean reader functions an indiglo mild-up dial and is water proof against 30 meters (99 ft).



8 reviews for Girls’s smooth reader stainless-steel bracelet watch

  1. bc

    Perfect size for a plus-sized wrist. I’d hunted and hunted for a watch that would fit me comfortably. My wrist measures 8 1/4 inches–the watch is right at 9 inches, so there is enough room for it to slide a bit, which is what I like. The face is just a tad larger than I’d like, but still good–I can see the time at a glance. The gold finish looks nice–I’ll update this review when there’s been time to tell how the finish holds up. But at under $50 — I’ll probably buy another if this gets worn looking–depends on how long that takes.Read more

  2. Beth

    Many have said the band is too big. I have to say, that’s what brought me to this watch. I have large wrists and it fit me well. I didn’t have to take any links out. For those with smaller wrists, you will have to take links out. This is something a jeweler can do or can be done at home with some small jewelers tools. I wish it had the date, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. It does have an indiglo light that lights up the face well.Read more

  3. Creaky

    The first one I ordered arrived with a dead battery and the stem was so smashed into the case so you could not set the time. Amazon replaced it immediately and this one works fine. The case (or face) is 5 mm larger than the standard Timex easy reader watches which I have always bought. I now need a bit larger size since these eyes are not 20 years old any more and I can see the time without having to put on my glasses. It is NOT masculine looking at all, just a pinch larger and still fairly slim. I have a thin wrist and it does not look too big. I especially like the black hands which are also much easier to see than the gold or silver ones against the white background. I bought the silver tone with the gold down the center and I think it is perfectly attractive for everyday use. The watchband is much too large but my local jeweler can adjust it easily for a few dollars. I also have had this deployment type of watchband before and it is comfortable and easy to take on and off. UPDATE: It’s 4 months later and the battery is dead already.Read more

  4. TannerM7

    As others have stated, the watch band is very long. My wrist is about 6 3/4 inches and I had a jeweler remove several links. He removed about 1 1/2 inches. The face of the watch is about 1 1/8 inches. I love the large face – easy to read numbers. It does tend to look more like a men’s watch (plain), but I’m happy with it. I just need something to tell time that I can easily see!Read more

  5. FFromm

    Very happy with the watch. Nice size face for my old eyes. Only problem was it was way big for my 7-71/2 wrist. Had to take it to a jeweler to have links taken out which was not a problem–just and extra $10.Read more

  6. Serious Taurus

    I do like the face because I need large dials now. However, on top of the very reasonable price, I have to pay $20 for a battery installation, and $14.99 for links to be removed so it will fit my wrist. Next time, I’ll go directly to the store to buy a watch that the store includes the fit and the battery.Read more

  7. Cape Creeper

    It’s Timex quality so it’s everything I expected. Band comes quite large so I had to remove five links for a perfect fit for the better half. I would surmise most will have to go to a jeweler to have this done but I had all the tools and skills to do it professionally myself. Check out the YouTube video for a How To tutorial.Read more

  8. Sandra Plumley

    Like the way it feels. I have always worn a timex watch. When I was in the service I used the second hand to take pulse reading. As far as I’m concerned it is the best watch and affordableRead more

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