Girls’s silky more put on sheer manipulate top pantyhose – bolstered toe 4428

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  • panty: 87% nylon, 13% spandex; leg: 87% nylon, 13% spandex
  • made in us
  • pull on closure
  • hand wash
  • panty: 87% nylon, 13% spandex; leg: 87% nylon, thirteen% spandex
  • made in us
  • pull on closure
  • hand wash
  • extra-wear sheer leg is ideal for normal wear
  • silky cloth
  • strengthened toe
  • comfy control top
  • made in united states
  • weave type: knit
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product description

this strengthened control pinnacle pantyhose capabilities a further-put on sheer leg for a easy look and durability


1, 2, 2 Plus, 3, 4


Fantasy Black, Off Black, City Beige, Navy, Nude, Natural Tan

8 reviews for Girls’s silky more put on sheer manipulate top pantyhose – bolstered toe 4428

  1. A. Henderson

    Berkshire Silky Extra Wear Sheers 4428 look great for the price and they are not shiny. I wear a lot of grey clothing, and I want a sophisticated matte look for pencil skirts and very high heels (Wolfords are the best, but for dressy, important events). For years, I bought Calvin Klein Matte Sheer, and they were wonderful even though they were somewhat expensive. CK stopped making the Matte Sheers in Off Black so I started buying the Matte Ultra Sheers in Off Black. The Ultras were too thin and snagged right away just putting the darn things on. I was spending huge amounts of money to keep from being seen in hosiery with weird little snag lines that became so obvious after just a few wearings. Birkshire 4428s resolved the problem. I can afford them for everyday wear, they are hardier than CK Ultra Matte, the reinforced toe does not show even in my peek-a-boo heels, and silky does not mean shiny. They look good with my clothes, and I don’t feel so bad when they are obviously snagged and get relegated to the trash bin. I feel better wearing less expensive new hosiery than more expensive snagged ones. I can save the Wolfords for when I want to look drop-dead gorgeous. Read more

  2. LBP

    These are nice sheer, silky hose that are not too dark for my very fair skin, which is a challenge. These are fairy substantial in providing shaping. Borders on being almost too restrictive to upper thighs. Spanx wearers would be fine with this. Overall, I’m pleased with it but Idk if will repurchase. It will depend on durability. Read more

  3. emweirdo

    I love these tights so much! I’ve had a hard time finding sheer black tights, most that I’ve found are kinda grey(these truly black!). These are so stretchy and strong, and the separate toe material makes them actually comfortable, even under socks and shoes. If somehow these do get ripped/torn I will be repurchasing. Love these soooo much 🙂 Read more

  4. S. D.

    My favorite brand! I buy them all the time. I got these for my Mom, she loves them too. They are pricey but they hold up well and I’ve yet to run any or put my fingernail through any of them. I have several kinds. I usually buy 20 at a time, they last forever. I recommend buying a couple sizes up just because you won’t have to fight the spandex and they are more comfortable and still fit well. Read more


    The off black was darker than I expected. I didn’t send back because I felt I could work with it. The price and quality made it doable for me. I know the price I paid at Macy’s. Too much! I won’t get this color again. I love the silky texture and the fit it has. I’m glad this product is sold on Amazon. Read more

  6. jrreader

    I ordered 5 different pairs of panty hose in large sizes, hoping to find one with a comfortable waistband that didn’t create a bulge. No luck. I’m 5’7 and 140 lbs. Why should it be impossible for me to be comfortable? No matter how large the size, the waistband is always too small. Do manufacturers think panty hose are going to fall off? Doesn’t seem likely. They could add inches to every single pair made in every size, and I bet the entire world of women would breathe a sigh of relief. Read more

  7. Pickey

    Extra wear sheer last a long time. Just an FYI, its important to use gloves (non leather) to place your hose on to prevent any snags or holes. Ruff skin on fingers and long finger nails cause problems when place your hose on. They look nice and colors are perfect. I order nude, natural and tan as the color of my face makeup determines what color of hose to where. Example, if im bronzing my face i wear the tan. Read more

  8. Sam

    I know panty house are delicate and all, but this felt ridiculous. I ordered the correct size — which fit quite snug but not too small — to wear to an event. As I was getting ready for said event, I leaned down to get something, heard a tell-tale *riiiiiip*, and was super bummed to see that just from, y’know, moving, these hose had gotten not one but two HUGE runs straight down from the bum down the back of the thigh. Thankfully my dress was long enough that it was fine, but these went straight in the trash at the end of the night. Read more

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