Girls’s scarves one hundred% silk long light-weight scarfs for girls

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  • fabric: 100% silk
  • length: seventy one’ x 35′ (appro)
  • contact & experience: feeling fashionable smooth and smooth while you touch this silk, it’s also gently and breathable.
  • function: summer solar protection, warm (office air conditioning shawl)! Activities: may be used as headscarf or scarf. Lightweight and soft, smooth to carry and super for visiting. Best for all events and seasons. Attend a celebration, or family journey, or visit work appropriate for you in exceptional activities to put on. As present for pals and family. Suitable for night birthday celebration ,for anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, critical festivals.
  • heat pointers: hand wash lightly bloodless, be careful to keep away from being snagged with the aid of your jewelries or accessories,no wring or twisting, pics and actual headscarf maybe have a little shade difference because of take image light .
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product description

  • cloth: excessive high-quality 100% silk
  • length: 71′ x 35′ (appro)
  • contact & feel: feeling elegant smooth and soft
  • ideal for all activities( as attend a celebration, or circle of relatives journey ) and seasons ( spring summer time autumn and iciness)
  • as present for buddies and family
  • capabilities:

  • big, top notch gentle, comfortable, clean, brilliant and breathable.
  • lightweight and tender, clean to hold and first-rate for touring.
  • functions:

  • uv-sun safety
  • keep heat( office air con and chilly weather)
  • can be used scarf,head scarf, neck headscarf,hat purse, accessories and so forth.
  • silk scarfs information show:

  • black, purple, blue ,crimson , crimson and so forth unmarried color to be had
  • lake-blue and blue , darkish pink and blue and so forth two colorations dyeing and weaving mixture are popular
  • various featured luxurious designs and elaborately revealed patterns available c
  • olorful and gorgeous, delicate and elegant – fit for girls in all ages.
  • please use warm water underneath 30 ℃ wash on my own
  • be careful to avoid being snagged by using jewelries or add-ons
  • color_name

    Apricot Blue, Army Green, Black, Black Grey, Black Grey01, Black White, Black01, Black02, Blue, Blue Lake Blue, Blue Lake Blue01, Blue Lighg Blue01, Blue Ligth Blue, Blue01, Blue02, Cantaloupe Orange, Cream Colored, Dark Blue, Dark Blue Grey, Dark Gray, Dark Lake Blue, Dark Pink, Dark Red, Dark Red Blue, Dark Red White, Dark Red01, Dark Yellow, Fresh Green, Grade Purple, Grass Green, Gray, Green, Green Army Green, Green-a, Green01, Grey Green, Grey White, Khaki, Lake Blue, Light Blue, Light Blue01, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Rose, Light Yellow, Light Yellow Pink, Milk White, Mint Green, Mint Green Pure Blue, Navy Blue, Off White, Orange, Orange Dark Yellow, Peach Beige, Pink Blue, Pink Purple, Pure Blue, Pure Blue Purple, Purple, Purple01, Red, Rose, Rose Blue, S-dark Red, Silver Grey, Violet, Watermelon Red

    8 reviews for Girls’s scarves one hundred% silk long light-weight scarfs for girls

    1. Julie

      I was looking for silk material and hoping for an amazing bargain. Well… did the burn test and definitely not silk. This material burns fast and melts, doesn’t smell like burnt hair etc. This is definitely nylon or polyester or some polymer. False advertising here!Read more

    2. Maggie D.

      I ordered 1 scarf, which I used tike o line masks, then ordered 2 more. After reading about a fake silk test, I tried it on a scrap from the first scarf. Real silk will burn and leave charred fibers and smell like burning hair. But this material It burst into flames and melted into black drips that reeked of plastic. I barely got it put out before burning my hand.This is fraudulent but even more importantly it is dangerous – women will be wrapping these around their hair, neck and shoulders and possibly wearing them around candles.Read more

    3. DD

      This is NOT silk. Ironing it on the silk setting burned the fabric.Read more

    4. Jenny

      False advertising. I am very familiar with how silk looks and feels and this isn’t real silk. It’s either polyester or some other type of synthetic material. If I wanted polyester, there are cheaper options on amazon.Read more

    5. Valerie A.

      Very pretty shade of purple and it looks great. But even though it said it’s 100% silk it feels like 100% polyester to me. But if you don’t mind that or can’t tell the difference, it should work just fine. It looks beautiful.Read more

    6. juju

      Just as it looks, can be a shawl or long scarf. Although the description is lightweight, the amount of fabric gives it a nice heft, it is not at all flimsy. The black is ‘black’ (some blacks are on the grayer side but this is a true black). Not as soft as I’d like it to be for silk, (hence 4 stars not 5) but I’m thinking it will soften in time. Quality construction/stitching. Right now I’m wearing it around my neck under my coat because it’s getting cold and breezy in New England. But not yet cold enough for a heavy scarf. Perfect for under a light weight jacket or raincoat. I use it primarily with my coat, but today I put it around my shoulders at work because there was a bit of a draft. Great for the price, just wish it was a little softerRead more

    7. Mg

      I’m disappointed to find it is not silk. In addition to that, there is a picture of a horse on it, although the description doesn’t mention that at all! I find that to be super weird and misleading.Read more

    8. Anonym

      Polyester. This is NOT silk!!! It even makes weird electrified cracking noise when moving / rubbing two sides of the material against each other. It’s a beautiful color but incorrectly labeled as silk. Probably cost less than a dollar to manufacture. Don’t be fooled guys.Read more

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