Girls’s scarf cotton embroidered light-weight scarf wrap

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  • cotton and linen
  • flexible: best as a fashion accessory, winter headband, stylish shawl, or a colourful head wrap.
  • eye catching: stunning, ambitious, colourful hues with well crafted embroidery. You can pick out from such a lot of beautiful hues. You’ll be despatched exactly as pictured.
  • one length ideal for all: measures 70 x 35 inches. The shade does no longer fade or run, so it won’t stain your things.
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product description

this lovely lightweight cotton and linen scarf is the proper accessory for any girls’s outfit. It may be worn free, across the neck or tied. It’s far tender, at ease and well made. It measures 70 x 35 inches, so it fits pretty much every body. The colourful colours do no longer fade or bleed, so you can wear it with any outfit.


Lavender, Light Pink, White

8 reviews for Girls’s scarf cotton embroidered light-weight scarf wrap

  1. ML

    No tag on this item to indicate what fabric it is. It does not feel like cotton and/or linen. It is on the rough side. I cannot send it back, because I had to wash it first before wearing due to formaldehyde on all new clothing.I feel like it is falsely advertised as cotton. Feels like polyester.Read more

  2. Librarian

    The scarf is dramatically gorgeous. I purchased it in black, as it looks very elegant with black dresses or tops . It’s wide enough to be a generous wrap, as well. Be aware that the embroidered part of it is basically a stripe covering about 20% of the width. It’s very lightweight, so folding it into thirds to wear as a scarf , works well. Again, this is very lightweight and somewhat sheer . The edges are machine sewn and would be classier if hand finished. I have not washed it yet, but it looks fairly fragile, so my plan will be to soak it in a sink very gently .Read more

  3. Mall Lover

    not cotton!Read more

  4. Mirian Vazquez

    This is a really nice scarf. However, I just wore it today and realized that my hands and my white nail polish turned gray. So I recommend giving it a wash before first wearing. I am going to wash it and just hope that the black color does not run into the embroidery. I would be very disappointed. My rating might change after the wash.Read more

  5. Christine

    A beautiful, airy scarf. I wrap my hair, shoulders & waist. The embroidery is beautiful. This particular color is great for summer. I own many colors & love them all. They can be worn with many different clothing to match many styles.Read more

  6. Maria

    Ordered for our daughter to wear for our mexican traditional event. The material of the scarf was super soft and it kept her warm.Read more

  7. mrsmarple

    This scarf is a gold yellow not this bright yellow shown in the image. I have a friend who loves and wears gold so it is going to her. It is a Gorgeous scarf otherwise. I wish I looked good in a gold yellow!Read more


    Lovely, bright colors! I get complements every time I wear it. I love the embroidery, but I can also fold it in a way that it will not show if I wish to wear it with something a pattern where it may clash. Soft next to my skin, not scratchy at all for me.Read more

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