Girls’s quartz -tone watch with date, eu2254-51a

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  • date
  • second hand
  • eastern-quartz movement
  • case diameter: 23mm
  • water resistant to ninety nine feet
  • the easy design blends resultseasily with your cloth wardrobe, at the same time as the date feature is a handy feature

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citizen ladies’ quartz in -tone stainless-steel with white dial and date function.

8 reviews for Girls’s quartz -tone watch with date, eu2254-51a

  1. Diane

    This is a FANTASTIC little watch!! It is just the right size for my skinny wrist….has a lovely bright face that is so easy to read for older eyes….has both gold and silver on the bracelet to go with all jewelry and the links posed no problem at all in making the bracelet smaller. It is great for every day and is pretty enough for dress-up. I would highly recommend this watch.Read more

  2. Maggie

    The bracelet catch closure is a must-have for me, and is very hard to find. Nice watch at the price point. Mine keeps time accurately but I have problems remembering to adjust the date. My last watch didn’t have that and I’ve gotten out of the habit. My fault not the watch’s, but if they offered it without, I’d get that one. I scratched the heck out of the crystal the first week, and the watch looks so nice otherwise, I feel really bad about it.Hope this one last as long as my previous Citizen, which I misplaced after about ten years.Read more

  3. Lila Thornbush

    I’ve had this watch for about two weeks now and am somewhat disappointed. The pros: it looks really nice, it’s super lightweight, has some water resistance. Cons: the clasp is not very strong and the band feels really cheaply made. This is surprising to me given the quality Citizen watches are supposed to have. That being said I’ll be giving this a few months trial to see how it holds up. Neutral: I had to have 5 links taken out.Read more

  4. c.russell

    I sent this back only because it had a bracelet type clasp which I didn’t realize when I ordered it. I finally lost my last Citizen watch similar to this because the clasp kept coming undone and it would drop off my wrist, unknown to me, so the last time it happened, I couldn’t find it. Otherwise, it is a pretty watch and I liked the fact is was slimmer than most watches and like the Citizen brand.Read more

  5. Christi

    I had several watches I really like but all had dead batteries. It’s not easy or inexpensive to get them changed so I wanted one that didn’t need that’s. Found it! Face is easy to read. It’s very light weight and fits my style.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I was looking for! Easy to read numbers and date. Very light weight and no need to remove links for comfortably loose fit.Read more

  7. cj

    This watch is perfect – easy-to-read face, has the date, and the band is comfortable as well as two-tone, to go with any jewelry. My only problem with this has been the clasp sometime comes undone, and my watch is dangling from my wrist or worse, falling to the floor. There is no safety-chain for this. But I was looking for an “everyday” watch, and I have found it in this – dependable, stylish, comfortable, goes with everything – a wonderful watch!Read more

  8. M. Roberts

    Overall, I love the watch. I’m not happy with the clasp. I almost lost the watch the second day wearing it. You really have to periodically check the clasp to make sure it’s closed tight even though you closed it tight when you first put it on.Read more

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