Girls’s price bundle knee excessive pantyhose with sheer toe 10-percent

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  • a hundred% nylon
  • made in us
  • pull on closure
  • hand wash
  • sheer nylon knee excessive
  • p. C. Includes 10 pairs
  • built with top rate nylon for final healthy, comfort and sturdiness
  • comfort top
  • sheer toe
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from the producer

no nonsense has fantastic legging options to make you appearance and experience your satisfactory!

there’s not anything like a remarkable pair of tights to make your outfit shine!

with a selection of patterns from casual socks to game socks, ankle socks as well socks, and a diffusion of colours, there may be really a favorite within the mix!

nice + modern design method you have reliable hosiery with made within the u. S. Credibility.

product description

no nonsense knee high fee p. C. Includes 10 pairs of our simple knee highs. Made with 100% nylon and a consolation banded pinnacle for a easy appearance and non-binding healthy. Functions a sheer toe.


One Size, Queen


Tan, Midnight Black, Nude, Off Black

8 reviews for Girls’s price bundle knee excessive pantyhose with sheer toe 10-percent

  1. piano

    These are a very good bargain. They are sheer to toe. They stay up, don’t sag at all but are not binding at the top so they are comfortable to wear. I have been able to throw them in the washing machine with laundry and continue to re-use multiple times with no easy care and long lasting. There are 10 pairs in the small box. I would re order if/when needed. Read more

  2. AJ in Texas

    I have longish legs and very large calves – I want knee-hi’s to stay up without cutting off circulation, and while we are at it to be sturdy enough to last a while. These last for months, and fit comfortably on a 20 inch calf. They are not stretched to the max, either, so if you run a little larger you should be fine. Read more

  3. Mal

    I wear these almost every day in cold weather. They stay up perfectly, and retain a surprising amount of warmth, especially considering how sheer they are. For this reason they’re perfect with flats in cold weather, particularly when your ankle or the top of your foot is exposed. Launder perfectly as well in a garment bag. I’ll definitely keep buying these when they develop runs. Read more

  4. O. Messer

    I love my sheer tight socks! I am able to wear them under boots as shown. I usually have issues with wearing thicker socks under boots as my calves are a bit larger. They also matched my skin color very well! I suggest the seller to make a little bit thicker of material. Read more

  5. Memly

    These fit well but are not as silkly or smooth feeling as my Hanes. Definitely has rougher texture and narrow legged pants cling more–not my favorite look. Also the nude color (there aren’t many to choose from) is too light for my skin tone and tan would have been too dark. Kind of disappointing since I bought 10 pairs and don’t really like to wear them. They can go through the regular cycle and through tumble dry without problem. So if these suit you, they are a great deal. Read more

  6. KMPT

    How is it that a well known brand can be so crappy compared to the cheap knee-high’s I pick up at the local drugstore? I needed to replenish my stash after a good 4 to 6 months of use so I turned to Amazon for the convenience. I thought the $6 price for 10 pair was a solid deal. The box arrived in great condition and I counted out 10 pair of undamaged, unused hose. Since receiving them I’ve worn 3 pair. On the positive side, I love the nude shade. It blends in with my skin very well and doesn’t give the impression I’m wearing knee-high’s. After wearing 3 pair on three occasions, 4 of the 6 hose are in the trash due to runs. I haven’t been able to make it through an HOUR without getting a run in at least one foot. The second time I put on a pair, I had a run IMMEDIATELY. Today I put a pair on and had runs in both before I made it to work. Additionally, they don’t fit the same. Some come up to my knee and fit well and others fall short of that so it’s annoying to not have the same fit on both legs. So these No Nonsense knee high’s are COMPLETE NONSENSE knee high’s that are most likely one time use, disposable hose. I’ll go back to the no name, cheap drugstore knee high’s that last for months and months. Read more

  7. Jeanette

    I bought these for work because I like to have some type of barrier between my feet and my shoes. I’ve been looking for some socks to wear with flats, Sperry’s, and with my ankle booties. I LOVE these socks. They are discreet and you can barely tell they’re there. They are comfortable, and have been durable in the wash. I wash them on a delicate cycle and air dry, and they’ve lasted several washes. I’ve accidentally dried them in the dryer too, but they’ve held up fine! Best of all, the price was fantastic. I won’t feel terrible when I’ve outworn my current set of these socks and need a new set, as they’re so nice and cheap! This is the best purchase I’ve made for an everyday addition to my work outfits! Read more

  8. Buttons

    Perfect for wearing heels or flats with pants or even long skirts. These socks fit well and are sheer are on me (I’m like two or three shades away from paper white). They reach up to and even over my knees which is longer than I expected. They’re super comfortable and I forget that they’re there. They make my shoes a lot more comfortable too. Read more

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