Girls’s performance heel tab athletic socks (8 & sixteen pairs)

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  • 98% polyester, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • no closure closure
  • machine wash
  • heel tab design for added protection and luxury
  • airmeshventing era for superior breathability
  • centered quarter cushioning in high effect regions for added comfort and comfort toe seam for reduced inflammation
  • arch help offers focused compression for help & balance
  • consolation toe seam for reduced infection
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product description

saucony ladies’s performance heel tab athletic socks are an ideal aggregate of comfort and assist. Notable for the toughest education classes. Functions include heel tab design for added safety and luxury, rundry moisture control facilitates keep toes dry, arch support for an progressed and comfortable suit, mesh air flow that complements breathability and luxury, centered region cushioning in excessive effect areas for introduced consolation, and luxury toe seam for reduced irration.

at saucony, we exist for runners, runners encourage us, bringing us new concept, force us to be higher, they drive our design and engineering. They preserve us competitive. They keep us hungry. They maintain us honest.

this focus and passion fuels us as we attempt to create the high-quality jogging footwear and garb on the earth. We go away paintings every day knowing we’ve achieved everything to make runners stay just a little higher.

써코니 여성용 퍼포먼스 힐 탭 운동용 양말은 편안함과 지지력이 완벽한 조합입니다. 가장 힘든 훈련 세션에 적합합니다. 추가적인 보호와 편안함을 위한 힐 탭 디자인, 런드라이 수분 관리로 발을 건조하게 유지하는 데 도움이 되며 향상된 안정된 착화감을 위한 아치 서포트, 통기성과 편안함을 향상시키는 메시 통풍구, 편안함을 더하는 높은 충격 영역의 목표 존 쿠션, 편안함을 더하기 위한 편안한 발가락 솔기가 특징입니다.

run for top – saucony는 1898년에 설립되었습니다. 그 이후로 저희는 스포츠에 충실하여 모든 제품에 좋은 제품을 만들고 전 세계 수백만 명의 우리와 함께 운영하도록 초대했습니다.

saucony에서는 러너를 위해 존재합니다. 러너는 우리에게 영감을 불어 넣고, 새로운 아이디어를 가져다 주며, 더 나은 것으로 강요하며, 디자인과 엔지니어링을 추구합니다. 그들은 우리를 경쟁력을 유지합니다. 그들은 우리를 배고프게 합니다. 그들은 우리를 정직하게 유지합니다.

이 집중과 열정은 지구 최고의 러닝화와 의류를 만들기 위해 노력하면서 우리에게 활력을 불어넣습니다. 러너가 조금 더 나은 삶을 살 수 있도록 모든 것을 했다는 것을 알고 매일 일합니다.


Shoe Size: 5-7, Shoe Size: 5-10, Shoe Size: 10-13


Assorted Darks (8 Pairs), Assorted Light (16 Pairs), Assorted Light (8 Pairs), Basic White (16 Pairs), Basic White (8 Pairs), Black Assorted (8 Pairs), Black Solid (16 Pairs), Black Solid (8 Pairs), Black White Assorted (8 Pairs), Grey Assorted (8 Pairs), Grey Basic (16 Pairs), Grey Basic (8 Pairs), Grey Cheer (8 Pairs), Grey Fashion (16 Pairs), Grey Fashion (8 Pairs), Pink Accent Assorted (8 Pairs), Rose Assorted (8 Pairs), White Assorted (16 Pairs), White Assorted (8 Pairs), Assorted Darks (16 Pairs), Black (16 Pairs), Grey Assorted (16 Pairs), Rainbow Assorted 2 (8 Pairs)

8 reviews for Girls’s performance heel tab athletic socks (8 & sixteen pairs)

  1. Angie

    Before I bought these, I scanned the reviews for a comparison to Bombas. I didn’t see any so I’m writing one for those who may be wondering. These are pretty good socks. I wear a size 9 and still find them slightly looser than my Bombas socks, but I haven’t washed them yet so that might change. My first impressions are, they are thinner than Bombas, but are just as comfy and sit slightly higher on the ankle, which I happen to like. I’ve attached pictures for comparison and for you to see how they sit in your shoes. Overall, I think if you’re looking for a comfortable sock, with arch support, these are a good deal. Read more

  2. katers

    They’re very similar to Balega’s hidden comfort socks, but they’re much cheaper. I don’t run long distances, so perhaps Balega’s may be better in those instances. These are my favorite socks. They don’t slip down in the shoes, but they’re not too high on the ankle. I really can’t praise these enough. They’re incredibly comfortable! I wore them in warmer weather (70-80 degrees) and cooler weather (50-55 degrees), and I was comfortable in both. They may be too thick for any hotter than 80 though. Read more

  3. Lia Ivy

    These are seriously my favorite socks of all time. I first bought a pack of them multiple years ago at a big box store and haven’t been able to find them in stores since then. (Maybe I’m just bad at looking but oh well). I finally found them here on Amazon and was so excited. I have multiple different brands and types and styles of socks and I always find myself reaching for these ones above all my other pairs. They never fall down into my shoe, even when I’m running at the gym or working 9 hour days. I’ve even worn them in winter boots for extended periods of time and they still stay up! Plus even the ones I bought years ago still have no holes and have held up very well. Super happy 🙂 I never thought I’d be so passionate about socks yet here I am. Hahahah. Read more

  4. S. Gillen

    I was very excited when I ordered these socks. Usually socks give you a huge range like these and they still fit very small feet. These socks are really big. I usually wear size 5-6 shoe. I am not able to wear these socks with my running shoes. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    These are true to the photo, BUT the photo is misleading. 3 of the eight pairs have hot pink and neon green tabs. Which is a bummer if you don’t want them to clash with your shoes or outfit 😕. I’m keeping them because I love the fit and feel of Saucony socks, and I can save the colored ones for when it doesn’t matter. Read more

  6. Another Martha

    They are nice socks. I wear a ladies 8 to 8.5. They fit well. I can see that if someone had a small foot that there would be too much sock to deal with. I do wish they were a lit more mesh and thinner, but they aren’t heavy thick socks either. I was looking for a very specific sock to replace some Fila socks I already own that I love. Also – they are not super low cut. SEE THE PHOTO in the listing – they do come up to your ankle bone. So anyone complaining that they show above your shoes is not paying attention – the photo is very accurate regarding that aspect of fit. Read more

  7. Tisismine

    Awesome socks! I wear a size 9 shoe and these socks fit great. I hate when socks slip down into your shoe but these don’t. They are also fairly cushy…not too thin. The only downside is that a couple of the pairs of socks has a colored tab on the back instead of the plain grey that I expected. Read more

  8. Sarah Williams

    Got these socks last week as I needed a good new set of running socks for my half-marathon training. The tab at the back comes up high enough to protect my ankle from any chafing and the arch support is great on these. I’d be a little hesitant to wear them in the summer for running because they are pretty thick, but otherwise, they’re awesome. I’m a size 7 1/2 and got the set that fits sizes 5-10, but they are a little on the long side. There’s a little excess length to manage at the bottom of the sock but once they’re on, you don’t really notice it too much. I will definitely be buying these again when it comes time to replace them. Read more

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