Girls’s lightweight gentle bamboo thin get dressed socks group enterprise casual, three pairs, shoe length: 6-9/nine-12

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  • shoe size: 6-nine eighty% bamboo 17% polyamide three% elastane combo.
  • u. S. Layout and eu manufacturing.
  • consolation: bamboo material permits toes to stay cool in the heat and preserve conveniently heat on chillier days. Bamboo fiber could be very breathable and correctly wicks moisture faraway from the skin.
  • first-rate: these aster pink/charcoal gray/bombay brown tender team socks have non-binding top, strengthened feet and heels which make it long lasting. Our socks are stay-up nicely, not too thick or too thin, appropriate for all seasons home workplace everyday use.
  • care instructions: please, wash on gentle cycle in warm water, max 30°c/86°f. Tumble dry on low placing (no longer exceeding 30°c/86°f), but it is better to line dry handiest. The socks may additionally appear to have shrunk after washing but they will regain their original shape when you wear them. Our socks do not without problems cut back or lose their form after washing.
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6-9, 9-12


A Purple/C Grey/Bombay Brown, Army Green, Aster Purple, Beige, Black, Black/Grey/N Blue, Blue, Blue Curacao, Bombay Brown, Brown, Burgundy, Charcoal, Charcoal Grey, Christmas Green, Dark Beige, Dark Forest Green, Fuchsia, Fuchsia/White/Pink, Grey, Hazel, L Grey/ Charcoal/ L Brown, Light Brown, Light Grey, Lilac, Melange Gray, Melange Grey/D Beige/Black, N Blue/Beige/Brown, Navy Blue, Peach Orange, Pink, Pool Blue, Pumpkin Orange, Purple, Purple/Pink/Blue, Purplish/Lavender Grey, Red, Red/N Blue/White, Rose Wood, Rosewood/Navy Blue/Red, White, White/Black/Brown, Yellow

8 reviews for Girls’s lightweight gentle bamboo thin get dressed socks group enterprise casual, three pairs, shoe length: 6-9/nine-12

  1. Suze65

    I’m throwing away all my old socks, because these are seriously THE best socks I have ever worn!! When they arrived, I noticed the softness right away. I was also glad that they were thinner than a regular sock but thicker than a trouser sock, which are typically like nylons or tights, too thin for winter to wear with my skinny jeans and booties. So, the perfect thickness and they come in so many colors to go with just about every outfit I have! Now for the real test – wearing them all day to see how they perform. They were comfortable, soft, and didn’t fall down. Nothing stuck to them like fuzz or cat hair that seems to cling to clothing after I leave my house. I usually check throughout the day for “hitchhikers”, but nothing stuck to these socks. I had read that your feet wouldn’t sweat in them, so last test! After wearing them for eight hours on a long drive and two appointments, I took off my boots when I got home expecting my feet to be at least a little damp. To my total surprise, the socks and my feet were dry as a bone!! I actually said out loud “Oh, come on!!” These are like some kind of miracle socks!!! So I am throwing away all the stupid socks in my drawer to make room for the new socks I’m ordering in every color. Who knew socks could make me so happy?!! Read more

  2. PJT

    The Hugh Ugoli Women’s dress crew Bamboo Viscose casual socks are a very comfortable sock. My 1st purchase was black ones and they are in the laundry every week and wearing well. Best things to know are the material is comfortable, the band doesn’t leave a dent in my leg, and the toe seam has never bothered me. I needed new Navy blue dress socks so this brand was my go to now. Read more

  3. Nicole

    Socks arrived and are perfect. I ordered them because the color and thickness appeared to be what I wanted and they are spot on! It is harder than you would think to get the right shade of gray. Most are either charcoal or are really light or silver. And finding the right thickness is equally challenging—either similar to tights or thick casual socks. Like Goldilocks when she found the perfect middle ground, these socks fit the bill on the both counts! And they are soft and comfortable. I haven’t worn them for many times so I can’t speak to longevity, but highly recommend on all other features! Read more

  4. Middle School English Teacher

    I love my new socks. In addition to black and navy, I purchased army green which is very difficult to find. These socks are super soft, lightweight and wick away moisture, keeping my feet dry, which is why I prefer bamboo socks. They are hard to find in brick-and-mortar retail stores, much like army green–both of which are supplied by Hugh Ugoli! The socks have a woven toe seam which makes sense to refer to as seamless since it is just as flat on the inside as it is on the outside, making these extremely comfortable socks. I will continue to buy these socks that ship free since they are high quality and convenient to acquire in colors to match my wardrobe. Read more

  5. ServeHim3

    What a beautiful pair of socks (3 pair in package). I wanted a ~thinner pair of socks vs bulkier socks to fit more comfortably in my shoes. They are so soft and stayed up well due to a nice ~1″ elastic band at the top (which blends in nicely with the sock). Read more

  6. VK in NC

    I bought bamboo socks at Kohl’s and loved them. I wanted to buy them again and couldn’t find women’s bamboo socks anywhere, so I searched the web and found this company. I bought white, black, brown, and blue and am very pleased with the comfort, softness, healthy benefits, and price. I’ll certainly order more as gifts for my daughters. Read more

  7. catherine husted

    So happy-Love the color BEFORE they were Washed. One washing and they look like old socks!! I feel like I was ripped off!! Would not recommend!! Read more

  8. Sulyn

    I heard bamboo socks were good for your feet and I’d say that’s true. The socks keep my feet dry and cool in warm weather and they are dry and warm in cold weather. I like them a lot. First I bought black and my 2nd purchase was navy blue. They wash well, retaining their color. Read more

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