Girls’s la11wb-1 recreation watch

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  • imported
  • game watch with blue dial border, square dial window, perpetual calendar features, and alarm feature
  • 26 mm resin case with mineral dial window
  • quartz motion with virtual show
  • ribbed resin band with buckle closure
  • water-proof

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casio values

“necessity isn’t always the mom of invention, invention is the mom of necessity.” those are the phrases of one in every of casio’s founders. The folks who created casio had been decided to ‘invent necessity’- to create merchandise that met latent wishes with groundbreaking capabilities nobody had ever visible earlier than. Ever given that, casio has been doing just that, bringing new discovery and pleasure to humans round the arena. This is casio’s way of constructing a fair greater wealthy, richly rewarding international.

key features

appropriate for regular use. Will face up to unintended splashes however not suitable for swimming.

product description

the casio virtual women’s watch is a fundamental, durable, water resistant timepiece built with out needless buttons or frills, making it the correct accessory for no-nonsense women. The watch includes a resin case, bezel, and matching band, and functions a mineral dial window that protects the easy black dial face. The face features a quartz-powered digital time display, in addition to a perpetual calendar.

with the release of its first watch in november 1974, casio entered the wristwatch marketplace at a time whilst the watch enterprise had just determined digital era. As a organization with cutting-edge digital technology evolved for pocket calculators, casio entered this area confident that it may develop timepieces that might lead the market.

these days, casio is focusing its efforts on solar-powered radio-controlled watches: the integrated sun battery gets rid of the nuisance of changing batteries, atomic timekeeping means the customers in no way must reset the time. Recently, casio launched a series of bluetooth watches that sync to the users cell telephone to mechanically update the time. Casio is continually shifting time forward.

5 reviews for Girls’s la11wb-1 recreation watch

  1. Brandon Ramakko

    I love this watch and wouldn’t trade it for any other. It suits my purposes just perfectly. It is inexpensive and it is tiny and light (I forget I’m wearing it). It is no bigger than it needs to be. I’m in chiropractic school and I can leave it on while treating patients while my colleagues with their giant watches have to take theirs off. Has a stopwatch and alarm features I rarely use myself. With one button you can quickly check the date (I use this often). The timer is a simple single button press which extends a bar across the top of the screen from 1 to 3,5,10,15,20, and 30 minutes. The bar decreases as time goes on until it is depleted and the timer goes off. If you need a more precise timer then this will not suit your purposes. It does not have a backlight. I know it says women’s watch but it appears to fit on my wrist anyways. I use the 5th out of 10 holes on the band but I do have small wrists for a guy.Read more

  2. Ham

    Best watch ever! At first I thought it was too tiny because I have a men’s digital Casio as well (see my pic of the two side-by-side), which is probably twice as big as this one, but I got used to it immediately and found it to be really cute and functional on my small girl wrist! The timer function at the top of the clock face (1, 3, 5, minutes etc.) is so useful and I like that it has a stopwatch, alarm and date function. I do wish that it had a light to read the clock in the dark but it’s not a big deal at all. I wear it to the gym, to class and everywhere in between 🙂 no complaints!I might even buy the pink version…Read more

  3. Homemaker

    This watch is AMAZING. I have a tiny wrist so I can never find a watch small enough and not childlike that has all the settings I’m looking for. As you can see the watch looks quite large on me but for some it might be too small as it is only around the size of a penny or dime as other reviewers have shown. I wear my watches 24/7 so the water resistance is a must. I have been showering and in the pool for classes all week since I received the watch without any problems. I absolutely love the timer settings that allow me to set a timer 1-30 minutes. I use it several times a day for when I’m cooking or to remind me to take my medicine. I use the alarm to remind me to take my medication and use the timer to add an additional reminder if I can’t take the medicine right when the watch goes off. I plan to buy 3 more of these watches and store them in my jewelry box to use over the years because this watch is the best I’ve ever owned. The only flaw is the lack of a back light but that’s not a make or break for me because the only time I’d use it is when I’m in bed at night and I have a clock in my bedroom already so it isn’t a huge loss for me to not have the light. The button settings are extremely straightforward and simple. It comes with a small manual that is only about 4 pages. This watch is a must! Buy it!Read more

  4. Anderson

    REVIEW:On a daily basis I receive compliments for this watch and it’s size. Compared to the chunky digital watches out there, this casio is small and perfect for causal wear. As I have thing wrists, I was looking for something that doesn’t make me look weighed down. I found the casio brand and knew it was what I needed.MY ONLY REQUEST is that that casio sold watches with leather bands in the US. I had to go to amazon for Europe to find other styles of Casio and they DID not ship to my location in America.If anyone knows where I can find a small leather casio please let me know.I’m happy with the blue and black casio and ALL OF ITS FUNCTIONING, but more style choices would be GREAT.FUNCTIONS:This casio watch has a button on the top right which can be used to set an alarm for 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes.The MODE button on the bottom left of the watch allows for the user to set an alarm. It also is where you turn off (or on) the beep that sounds on the hour. *I DO NOT ADVISE USING ANY OF THE ALARM FEATURES TO SLEEP, BECAUSE FOR ME IT IS NO WHERE NEAR LOUD ENOUGH OF A BEEP. AND THE BEEPING CUTS OFF AFTER A SHORT TIME.*If the user presses the MODE button twice, it takes the user to a stop watch menu.Pressing the MODE button three times takes the user to where you change the HOUR, MINUTE, and SECONDS on the watch. *I was actually able to set this watch to precise time since seconds are counted (which I appreciate)*The lower right button is used to view the date and day of the week. It is the only button that does not beep when you press it- so when I’m bored I can mess with it and not annoy anyone.Read more

  5. Elsie

    I have been buying this watch for many many years. It is by far my favorite watch.The Good:1: I LOVE the countdown timer. It is the best feature. Just one button to push to get a 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30-minute timer. Comes in handy a lot more than I would have guessed.2: It is simple and small and elegant (IMO), not big and bulky like some sport watches. I don’t want to see a watch face that has 100 pieces of information on it. I do not need to know the moon cycle or what time it is in Japan when I glance at my watch.3: Fantastic water resistance: I work with dogs in the water and this watch never has a problem with the water or slobber or trauma it receives.4: Waterproof band: Since the band is not fabric, it doesn’t stay wet or get gross. Since I am in and out of the water, this is huge for me.5: Price, The price is hard to beat.The not-as-good:(1) the band does not last forever. I have to replace the watch every few years because the band breaks (but as I said I am pretty rough with it and I wear it 24/7). I have never had the battery run out. I have kept ones that had the band break and the watch part on those STILL WORKS.(2) It does not have any backlight feature. I sometimes want to check the time in the middle of the night and there is no way to do this without finding a light source.But if you ask me those are TINY TINY downsides. Replacing a 10-15 dollar watch every few years is still better thanRead more

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