Girls’s jr. Footlight t-strap dance shoe

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  • a hundred% polyurethane
  • imported
  • leather stability sole
  • heel measures about 2. 25″
  • nappa pu leather upper and scored leather-based sole
  • moisture absorbent microfiber lining, foam padded footbed, achilles notch for consolation, folded edges, and slightly tapered toe field
  • closed toe and aspects with a leather buckle
  • 2″ heel with leather-based top raise
  • light shank
  • start with road shoe length
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product description

raise your overall performance within the jr. Footlight t-strap character shoe. Capabilities a non-slip heel with leather-based top carry that creates balance and a greater strike region. Soft microfiber lining is moisture wicking and the foam padded footbed ensures extra comfort. Slim buckle closure gets rid of the concern of the person shoe slipping off in the course of vigorous workouts. 주니어 풋라이트 t-스트랩 캐릭터 슈즈로 퍼포먼스를 높여보세요. 균형과 더 큰 스트라이크 존을 만드는 가죽 탑 리프트가 있는 미끄럼 방지 힐이 특징입니다. 부드러운 극세사 안감은 수분을 흡수하고 폼 패딩 풋 베드는 편안함을 보장합니다. 슬림한 버클 잠금으로 격렬한 일상 중에 캐릭터 신발이 미끄러질 걱정을 없애줍니다.

salvatore capezio become born in 1871 in muro lucano, italy. Tired of following in his father’s footsteps as a creation engineer, he became an artist of his personal right, a cobbler. In 1887, at the age of 17, he opened his keep on broadway and thirty ninth street, diagonally throughout from the antique metropolitan opera residence in new york town. Quickly, the store became a assembly vicinity for dancers who could stop by using to talk about their desires and to get a pair of his footwear. As capezio’s popularity grew, dancers from round the world made it a factor to visit him and purchase his footwear. The innovation of the goods that salvatore capezio created and the camaraderie he shared with the dancers molded the course that his organization would observe. On this photograph, the capezio logo changed into installed to promote and recognize ongoing achievements and participation in dance. Capezio products stay in the vanguard in fine and in technological advances with improvements like the cut up-sole, the stretch-insert, the dansneaker and the tapsneaker. Capezio believes that their fulfillment depends upon the character dedication of every patron to continually set new requirements of creativity and overall performance, at the same time as retaining a popularity for dependability and distinction. Capezio pledges their help and willpower to the advancement of dance, theater and undertaking in groups international.


4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5


Black, Caramel

8 reviews for Girls’s jr. Footlight t-strap dance shoe

  1. Jennifer W.

    I ordered new shoes, they came used. Read more

  2. R P

    Shoes were scuffed up and obviously used. Very angry. Read more

  3. White Elephant of Westchester’s REAL REVIEWS!

    Classic Capezio quality, nice leather that stretches and flexes easily and classic thin leather “dance” sole (not a thick leather street shoe sole because these are first and foremost, dance shoes). If you’re a dancer, you might prefer a tighter initial fit that stretches over time…but if you’re not used to that or using them for a costume, etc, then you might want to order 1/2 size larger than your street shoes. It is not unusual for dance shoes to run small and these are no exception. The only reason I would advise 1/2 size up reguardless of use is because of the narrowing toe (not the rounded toe style) which will never stretch or get any wider over time! If the toe was rounded, I might have wanted to break in the tighter shoe, but no amount of stretching or breaking in can change the shape of the toe! These aren’t pointe shoes! You don’t want your toes in unnecessary pain for the types of dance you’d be using these for…and you certainly don’t need to suffer to use them for a costume or play! Color is true…black is deep and classic and the caramel is a few shades lighter than “nude” color stockings or what most would think of as “skin tone” (unless you’ve never seen the sun or are extremely fair, in which case they just might blend!). Caramel will definitely still give you the nude effect if it’s a concern, but certain more expensive brands (Bloch, et al) are a few shades darker and look more natural. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I have worn these a couple of times for lindy hop since I bought them two weeks ago, and I am IN LOVE. These are my first pair of dance heels, and they are perfect. The longest I have worn them was for about 4 hours and besides a tiny blister almost forming, they were completely comfortable. I never even had to break them in – I wore them for a gig right out of the box. I usually wear a 9.5, but read the other reviews on here and ordered a half size up to a 10, and they fit perfectly. They make my feet look so dainty and make me look oh so classy… shoot. BUY THESE. Read more

  5. Bobbi Sue

    This shoe was purchased for my HS daughter. Her foot is a lil on the wide side, but after reading the other reviews I felt, we would order it and give it a try. It is a very nice shoe, and we liked the style of it very much, but it is a very narrow shoe. Even if we had ordered a half a size bigger, I believe it would still be too small. I recommend this shoe for people who have narrow to average feet. Thank you. Read more

  6. J F.

    We purchased these shoes on August 26 2018. They were worn once per week for an hour-long dance class and four performances in a musical in mid-October (so very little wear). The exterior of the right shoe is peeling and flaking. The shoe appears defective, as this is only occurring on one shoe, but they have had identical wear. There are multiple reviews since we purchased, citing the same problem, so perhaps this is a “bad lot” of shoes. We have never had problems with Capezio shoes before. I am extremely disappointed in this product. Read more

  7. clarecb

    I am an actor and bought these shoes to wear on stage. After very little wear, the heel broke off of one of them. Two years later I needed another pair in this style and the price was good so I thought I’d take a chance that the poor quality of the first pair was a fluke. NO SUCH LUCK. My second pair also lost a heel after exactly EIGHT HOURS total of easy wear. I didn’t run or dance in them, simply walked, and in both pairs one heel just broke right off. Read more

  8. Ashley L

    Absolutely in love with these! I bought them when I started learning Balboa and needed something with a heel. They’re quite comfortable, wore them at a dance exchange, had them on and danced for about 4-5 hours every night. Slight soreness, but that’s too be expected to a point from extended wear. The soles are scored leather and has held up exceptionally well for how much I’ve been using them. Highly recommend. Read more

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