Girls’s four-percent seamless bonded stretch bikini undies

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  • seventy eight% nylon, 22% elastane
  • imported
  • system wash
  • seamless bikini panties with a touch of stretch for a relaxed healthy
  • % of four
  • ordinary made higher: we pay attention to client remarks and quality-music every element to make sure high-quality, match, and comfort
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an amazon emblem – seamless bikini panties with a touch of stretch for a at ease fit

amazon necessities is centered on growing less costly, top notch, and long-lasting everyday apparel you can rely on. Our line of women’s clothing consists of cashmere sweaters, fleece and down jackets, and greater, which includes plus-size alternatives. Our consistent sizing takes the guesswork out of buying, and each piece is positioned to the take a look at to hold the highest standards in exceptional and luxury.


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Black, Blue & Pink, Cool, Neutral Mix, Pale, Warm, Earth Tones

8 reviews for Girls’s four-percent seamless bonded stretch bikini undies

  1. Sarah N.

    If you’re here looking for a replacement for the Target G&O’Malley undies that they discontinued, keep looking. These are just… OK. I wouldn’t spend my money on them again. The fabric is soft and smooth and they washed well, but the fit isn’t great. I wear a size 2 jeans, so I ordered a small. I wear a small in Target, Gap, and VS undies. These fit ok except that the seams are tight and binding. If I went up a size, they’d be too big. These aren’t like laser cut undies that don’t show lines. The lines are not only visible with these, but also the binding/bulging/pinching at the seams is visible through regular pants. Sometimes I want the option of wearing a bikini style and not a thong, but it’s totally not worth it with these for the attention you’ll bring- it’s like you can actually make out the entire outline of them through my pants front and back. Lol. If you want them to wear around the house with pjs or baggy pants, they’d probably be fine. Otherwise, don’t bother! Read more

  2. juliem

    There is in fact a seam, a rather thick seam, along the inside bottom. This seam is actually thicker than those found on other products. Thus, if you’re looking for seamless don’t buy this! Read more

  3. Noah Hellhake

    To start, I am Noah’s fiancé, not Noah. I an 5′ tall and 116 pounds. I usually wear a size 6 in underwear (hanes hipster or urbanology) so I ordered a medium. When I opened the package they look much bigger than I anticipated. Also the material is slick but it is not very soft. After trying them on I realized they actually fit pretty well. I have yet to wash them. I will post an update later on how they hold up. The only thing I can complain about is that in the photo one pair looks burgundy but is very much purple in person. Also on one pair the crotch is grey unlike the rest of the underwear. Read more

  4. Brianna Taylor

    I’m actually really enjoying these. I sleep in booty shorts and a T-shirt and decided to try these out since I find seamless booty shorts more comfy. These are definitely more full coverage than what I typically wear but doesn’t cause any discomfort. The fabric is also SO soft and buttery. The price is a little steep for amazon brand at $20 for a 4 pack or $5 each. That’s right in line with Victoria secret underwear prices when on sale. I definitely recommend! Read more

  5. Sunflower

    Sometimes this creeps up a bit but serves well hiding panty lines. I am 5’3 120lbs with some curves. The medium works but I’ll try large next time for more coverage and comfort. Read more

  6. J.M.

    I usually wear my Amazon Essentials cottn stretch bikini undies, but I may have put on a liiiiittle bit of weight during Covid, and the elastic around my legs were causing irritation. So I tried these out. I wear mediums in everything so I got mediums and they’re a litle big, but the small is a bit too small. They’re very soft, and I like the feel of it on my skin, and the cotton gusset, but do have to agree with many other reviewers that the fit is somewhat odd. I don’t know another way to describe it…on my body, the butt area has extra material or something, and feels a little loose. Also it rides up into my crack because it’s cut funny by the back of the leg. But overall I like these and will try the highly rated Amazon lace hipster panties soon too. Read more

  7. nrc

    I was scared to purchase Amazon brand underwear, but these fit pretty nice, and I plan to order the colors next. I like them that much. Read more

  8. Elise M Trendler

    My sister had recommended these to me because I was looking for comfortable seamless underwear with full butt coverage… but I’m a little disappointed. They were not exactly what I was looking for. They are stretchy and comfortable… but they definitely don’t fully cover my butt (in their defense, my bottom is quite pronounced… and for reference, I’m a size 6 in jeans but I bought mediums). They slide out of place quite a bit because they are higher cut like a bikini. The material of the underwear actually also reminds me of a bathing suit’s material. I’m going to keep them but I’m just a bit concerned that, since they’re not made of much cotton, that they won’t be very breathable. Read more

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